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James T. Hong and "The Form of the Good" doc film: Resistance only results in obscurity as Taiji Swastika aka Falun Gong

This film is embedded on that link - I thought I saw an earlier version of this movie.

We went to the same high school - that taught Plato in philosophy class. James and I discussed philosophy quite a bit. He no longer replies to my emails. He doesn't use that website with that email anymore - so maybe he just doesn't check it.

But he did visit my house about 15 years ago. So we stayed friends from the mid-1980s - when we performed music together and hung out in Minneapolis - and then we corresponded a bit as we went to different universities. Then we saw each other off and on - and I visited him in San Francisco in 1996. Then I didn't see him again till maybe 10 years later.

So 1987 to 2007 - 20 years of communicating but really only hanging out a few times. When we were maybe 16 to 17, he took me to the Chinese new year's celebration at the University - and to his family's house and extended family's house. He was very nice to me - and took me to the used bookstore by the University. His parents both had Ph.D.s

So yes this film is quite intense as it combines the radical political analysis that we discussed along with radical philosophy. Is it a critique of Plato or a corroboration of Plato? I know now - last I caught up on James - he was more interested in Buddhist philosophy - and maybe even Daoist philosophy. He told me his mom made him sit in full lotus yoga position when he was a kid.

Maybe I am sharing too much personal information but since James no longer contacts me nor responds to my emails - maybe I should be sharing personal information to reach out to him.
 An interpretation of the war on terror through the lens of Plato's parable of the cave.
So James said the US was too racist - and he probably thinks the Western world is too racist as well - as he moved back to Taiwan. He said he used white people to get ahead. I knew he was "using" me but at the same time he shared a lot of his views and culture with me as well - so I will always be thankful. I was glad to be "used" by him. haha.

So he abandoned his Western film website.

But then we can see he has several articles published on that film site.

I considered James my best friend in high school but he spent more time with more "upwardly mobile" people - and then he appeared to have a serious falling out with these Minneapolis friends. I would join them on occasion - during his days at the University - and until he got his Ph.D. (or didn't quite finish it). I guess he finished his Ph.D. philosophy degree but I'm not sure.

Anyway I am quite nostalgic for these times - in Minneapolis - as James got the "top" senior thesis at the University of Minnesota - on Heidegger - but he refused to accept the award since it didn't also have a monetary prize. haha. Still there's a lot of students at University of Minnesota - 50,000 people on campus. So the "top" senior thesis is quite an accomplishment.

The point being - and I didn't know this at the time - I didn't find out till recently that there is another "James Hong" also from Minneapolis who became a famous actor.

So maybe they are of the same family - I am not sure. All I know is James' parents had moved here from Taiwan directly - and when James moved back then he had to teach himself Mandarin  (the written language). James had even given me a Chinese religious item - from a temple in Taiwan - of the left-handed swastika.  We can see this made the news recently in Taiwan - a temple accidentally makes the Nazi swastika - and so meets to reverse it.

one of its Swastikas turned to the right, similar to the Nazi German symbol.

In Taiwan, swastikas rotating to the left (卍) are associated with Buddhism and when placed over restaurants signify that they are vegetarian, for Buddhists who abstain from eating meat.

Yes and when I first met James he was vegetarian and so he inspired me to also go vegetarian. I know I am sharing too much but I'm just stating - he has no ties to Minneapolis anymore - is what he told me - no more family here. And as far as I know he is not nostalgic about his youth (as much as he could not be). But I cherished James' extremely witty sense of humor - and also his sincere interest in truth and morality - despite not flinching at "white trash" culture.

Anyway let's look at his latest articles.
Resistance only results in obscurity.
This is a fascinating article.
According to Heidegger’s interpretation of Nietzsche’s metaphysics, the course of Western history inevitably leads to a species of technocratic nihilism, exemplified by the pragmatic, American view of technological mastery and capitalist, planetary domination. Stuck in our current predicament, this nihilism can only be overcome within the conceptual language of this very nihilism. Similarly, Marx thought that capitalism could be overcome within the stages of late capitalism as the “negation of the negation.” So perhaps too, the domination of English can only be overcome within this very domination of English as the world language.
In Taiwan, the ideal English teacher is white (regardless of her country of origin), so perfectly fluent Asian Americans and Southeast Asians are discriminated against when applying for English teaching jobs. White English teachers in Taiwan are well aware of this, and yet, for the most part, make no effort to change or address it, while a steady stream of young, inexperienced teachers continues to preserve and participate in this inefficient and openly racist system.
The power of reason alone cannot overcome the baser instincts and sentiments. The only universality is perhaps a Buddhist one: suffering and the cause of suffering. The pragmatic questions are: How can we reduce human suffering when it suits us? And how can we gain from suffering and its infliction?
 So then James has stated he thinks only violence will solve problems - as it negates other violence.
For Rorty, whatever it is that makes us humans is not our ability to know, and we have no principal duty to knowledge. Should we just accept this? Morality cannot be decided by polls. At some point, voting ends, and force begins, because force is the most no-nonsense language.
He reiterates this claim. My position is that Mother Nature is the most violent and so her violence as Kali - or what science calls "entropy" or "chaos" - will solve our current problems - as the reverse of Platonic technology.

And so James' film "The Form of the Good" seems to imply this as well - with the nuclear detention as symbolizing the sun as the truth of reality that is too bright for people to handle in their normal awake view with their eyes open (chained to the delusions of our prison society).

 And so can we sum up my noncommutative phase Logos philosophy argument as simply the left-handed swastika versus the right handed swastika? Maybe.

The clockwise swastika is one of the 108 symbols of the god Vishnu as well as a symbol of the sun and of the sun god Surya. The anti-clockwise swastika (called a sauvastika) usually represents the terrifying goddess Kali, night and magic.

 This is what I was given from James - when I was 15 or 16 or so - as a small pendant - after he returned from a family visit to Taiwan.

In other words if the left-handed Swastika represents Kali - in essence it is left-handed and right -brain dominant knowledge. The right-handed Swastika represents the Solar Gods - including Buddhism and Western philosophy, Krishna, etc.- i.e. "The Form of the Good."

Fascinating article on Plato's Form of the Good in the context of the Matrix film.

And then we can connect Nietzsche's "will to power" to the Lower Tan T'ien.
 For Nietzsche, all interpretations, be they of texts or of one’s own life, betray a fundamental desire for a “will to power.”
And so James gives a recent lecture on this. - Nietzsche's 2nd brain

So we know from studying Daoist alchemy that too much passion as desire damages the stomach.
The Hindus call the swastika, which is the quadrant, "the Good". ..... as God, but he did say that the form of the Good was the way that God manifested, but was ...
 Plato's form of the Good, from which he claimed reality expresses itself, is the quadrant. The Hindus call the swastika, which is the quadrant, "the Good".
So there we have it - the connection is now made by someone else as well.

One aspect quite intriguing on Pre-Socratic Pythagorean philosophy is that life was divided based on 7 and we find this same emphasis on 7 in the book Taoist Yoga: alchemy and immortality. So for example the 7th day of the 7th month is the "valentine's day" as also the secret of alchemy - and serenity is first achieved as Emptiness samadhi as 7 days (fasting) and then 7 weeks fasting (49 days) as the qigong master did at Mt. Qingcheng

So now to quote a 1916 philosophy occult magazine 

The Word: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to Philosophy, Science, Religion; Eastern Thought, Occultism, Theosophy and the Brotherhood of Humanity, Volume 23

Occultists agree the Pythagoreans knew the secret of Yavheh, and symbolized it by the tetractys, ....which is the geometrical basis of many ancient emblems of the Secret Doctrine, including the swastika and the pyramid....the swastika is a solar emblem.
So here we have the major error of Western esoteric occultism - with the right-handed swastika as the solar Calendar Platonic math - that covers up the real truth of Pythagorean noncommutative phase complementary opposites (that has to include the Lunar Kali left-handed swastika as well).

 In East Asia it has been named the wàn 卐 / 卍 / 萬, meaning 'all things',
 The translation of swastika in Chinese is "ten thousand" (萬), in addition to its phonetic translation. Ten thousands implies perfect. Either or is in use, but mostly . I attribute it to being either created by right handed or left handed person.
Key Wu, 20 October 2016

 So when we realize that the Swastika is translated as the Daoist phrase from music theory - it is tied to the Taiji.
So I translate the below from Mandarin:

In the Tripoli civilization, Taiji diagrams and rotating patterns are widely used in clothing, everyday appliances, etc. They express observations and insights into natural phenomena in various patterns, such as changes in day and night, and changes in the seasons. Everything is moving in their eyes, and it is the change brought about by the movement of time.

The seemingly simple patterns contain amazing wisdom, and their mastery and use of astronomical and astronomical changes are equally astonishing. Perhaps, the near-original, original lifestyle is one of the ways they are closest to heaven.
Scholars also found that there are similarities between Tripoli's Taiji diagram and China's Yangshao culture. In the Tripoli culture, there are six carvings in the outer ring of the Taiji diagram divided into four grids, much like the four images of Yijing. There are two circular maps in each grid, which are divided into eight circular maps, just like the gossip symbol of Yijing. The pottery pattern of the Yangshao culture in China, such as the Banpo human face fish pattern, is also divided into four equal parts.
The 10,000-character [swastika] is regarded as a culture common to all of the world, and many scholars have conducted research. The tens of characters are drawn on the appliance and embroidered on the costumes. They can be expressed as straight, that is, the four corners are square and square; they can also be expressed as round, that is, the four corners are painted into a soft curve.

The Tripoli, Ukrainian civilization is only a drop in the history of the vast East and West. From the large number of unearthed cultural relics in the archaeological community, in the prehistoric civilization more than 7,000 years ago, tens of thousands of years ago, and even longer, East and West The ancient civilizations that emerged have unique feelings for astronomy, the universe, and human life.

Where does human civilization come from? Why in the ancient times without electronic technology and electronic measuring equipment, humans can accurately measure the operation of celestial bodies and accurately grasp the operating laws of celestial galaxies. These contain high-civilized achievements. Where do their wisdom originate? There is a saying in the academic world that "human civilization comes from space." Do you agree?
 Image result for Trypillia ukraine yangshao


 So that's from the Ukraine and now this:

A comparison with Yangshao pottery - almost identical yin-yang symbols!!

so now we go back to the Mandarin translations

What are they stating?

When you observe the interplanetary magnetic field map, you will not find the particularity of this pattern. But when Figure 1 is redrawn into the form of Figure 2, leaving only the Earth (planetary) orbit, the pattern becomes a complete Taiji diagram. When redrawn into the form of Figure 3, canceling the planetary trajectory is a perfect four-character pattern. The original pattern of Figure 1 shows an incredible miracle. The interplanetary magnetic field on the entire ecliptic surface constitutes a Taiji diagram and a 10,000-character pattern. In addition, the observer's angle is different, and the direction of rotation of the taiji diagram and the 10,000-character is different. From the opposite perspective, the direction of rotation of the Taiji diagram and the 10,000-character are opposite.

hmmm. fascinating.

When the solar wind brings the surface magnetic field of the sun out with the wind, the magnetic lines of force remain connected with the surface of the sun on the one hand, and deformed by the rotation of the sun on the other hand, and become a spiral. Outside the ecliptic plane, the magnetic lines of force are generally spiral, and each spiral is located on a cone that is centered on the axis of rotation of the sun. The pattern of the entire interplanetary magnetic field revolves with the sun. The strength of the interplanetary electric field closely related to the interplanetary magnetic field is proportional to the sine of the velocity, the strength of the magnetic field, and the angle of intersection of the solar and magnetic fields.
So that brings us back to Plato's Sun metaphor.... fascinating.

Therefore, the pattern formed by the Taiji diagram and the 10,000-character is a symbol of the composition of the material of the universe. The space fields represented by the Taiji diagram and the 10,000-character are inseparable, and the two are indispensable. From the structure of the figure, there is no 10,000-character spiral, nor can it be in the form of a taiji diagram. The Taiji diagram and the 10,000-character reflect the essence and true laws of the universe, and are the symbol and representative of the entire macro-world and micro-world. This is an objective existence. It can be said that there is a material existence, and there are the existence of a taiji diagram and a 10,000-character pattern.

In religion, Taoism used the Taiji diagram as the representative symbol of the martial art. The Buddhists used the 10,000-character as the representative symbol of the martial art, which is a representation of the Taiji diagram and the 10,000-character in real space. The Taoist and Buddhist scriptures record history for only a few thousand years. The reason why they use different representative symbols is that they observe the universe and its material properties from different angles, and then they will show different patterns.
Wow - very cool.

It is very important that the Taiji diagram and the Wanji character are not an artistic pattern conceived by modern people, but a form of expression formed by material characteristics. As can be seen from Figure 1, when the orbit of the planet is not considered, there is only a 10,000-character form, and the form of the taiji diagram cannot be seen; when considering the orbit of the planet, and dividing it into yin and yang according to the orbital period Only the form of the Taiji diagram is revealed, but the form of the 10,000-character is not visible; when viewed from a more macroscopic and more holistic perspective, the Taiji diagram and the 10,000-character are interdependent, and the two are inseparable.

Other authors believe that the painted pottery came from the West where it occurs definitely earlier than in the Far East; some investigators went so far as to regard the Indo-Europeans as the parents of that civilization.
As we find people who spoke an Indo-European language in the Far East in a later period, they tend to connect the spread of painted pottery with the spread of Indo-European-speaking groups.  As most findings of painted pottery in the Far East do not stem from scientific excavations it is difficult to make any decision at this moment.  We will have to wait for more and modern excavations.
From our knowledge of primeval settlement in West and North-West China we know, however, that Tibetan groups, probably mixed with Turkish elements, must have been the main inhabitants of the whole region in which this painted pottery existed.  Whatever the origin of the painted pottery may be, it seems that people of these two groups were the main users of it.  Most of the shapes of their pottery are not found in later Chinese pottery.

So truly we are looking at the common origins of East and West. And this info is from Falun Gong! Wow.

This fact shows that the Taiji diagram and the 10,000-character are produced with the birth of the universe, and human understanding and records are only a short history. Some people may still not believe that the image taken by the satellite is true, but how can the ancients fly to the sky to observe? How can I see the Taiji map? The ancients said "Heaven and Man are one". Taoism regards the human body as a small universe. Everything exists in the body. Why should it be observed outside?

As mentioned above, this not only confirms that the Taiji diagram and the 10,000-character are real, but also confirms that the "Falun Graphic" that Master Li Hongzhi said is scientific and is a real truth. Master said in the fifth round of "Zhuan Falun" "Falun Graphic": "The mark of our Falun Dafa is the Falun. The functional person can see that this Falun is rotating, and the same is true for our small Falun. He is spinning. We are guided by the nature of the universe according to the true, the good and the forbearance of the universe. According to the evolutionary principle of the universe, we are doing enough. In a sense, this Falun figure is the universe. The epitome of Buddhism, the Buddha’s view of the Ten World is a concept of the universe, in all directions, in eight directions. Some people may see that there is a pillar of power above and below him, so plus the top and bottom, just the world of the ten, constitute the universe. It represents the Buddha's generalization of the universe.

In 1995, Chinese authorities began looking to Falun Gong to solidify its organizational structure and ties to the party-state.[53] Li was approached by the Chinese National Sports Committee, Ministry of Public Health, and China Qigong Science Research Association (CQRS) to jointly establish a Falun Gong association. Li declined the offer. The same year, the CQRS issued a new regulation mandating that all qigong denominations establish a Communist Party branch. Li again refused.[13]
Tensions continued to mount between Li and the CQRS in 1996. In the face of Falun Gong's rise in popularity—a large part of which was attributed to its low cost—competing qigong masters accused Li of undercutting them. According to Schechter, the qigong society under which Li and other qigong masters belonged asked Li to hike his tuition, but Li emphasized the need for the teachings to be free of charge.[46]

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