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Nobel Physicist Brian Josephson asks me to clarify noncommutativity music-math physics to him!

 Noncommutativity Music as Biophysics:
nonlocal, nondual, negentropic, antigravity By
Drew Hempel, MA
Music as radical noncommutative philosophy of physics
The book by math professor Ian Stewart, Why Beauty is Truth: A history of
symmetry, gives a structural overview of mathematical physics as based on
commutative geometry or the symmetric spacetime continuum. We have been
deeply conditioned in Western science training to define reality from an externally
measured symmetric spacetime continuum starting with the introduction of the
term “magnitude” into music theory by Philolaus, the contemporary of Plato (see
Professor Richard McKirahan: Colloquium 7: Philolaus on Number In: Proceedings
of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy, 2012). McKirahan explains
that Philolaus literally flipped his lyre, musical instrument, around to then argue
this empirically not true (as explained below) claim of time-frequency:
(1, 4) = (7, 5) ... In the present case this means that regardless if you
go from string 1 to string 7 via string 4 or string 5, the result is the
same: (1, 7) = 0.
The military engineer contemporary of Plato, Archytas then codified “magnitude”
as a reductio ad absurdum music theory proof of “alogon” or irrational magnitude
incommensurable number ratios, thus launching what is known as the “Greek
Miracle” promoted by Plato (and hence Socrates). See “Incommensurability, Music
and Continuum: A Cognitive Approach by Math
Professor Luigi Borzacchini, Archive for History of Exact Sciences, Vol. 61, No. 3
(May 2007), pp. 273-302 (30 pages) and see also musicology professor Ernest
McClain’s book Pythagorean Plato. Borzacchini focuses on what he calls the
“cognitive bias” that covered up the “alogon” or music ratio origin of
“incommensurability” as irrational magnitude “Greek Miracle” science.
The Liar of the Lyre: Philolaus coverup of
noncommutative nonlocal PreSocratic philosophy
Let’s first “unpack” what I call the Liar of the Lyre, as based on Philolaus claim, (1,
4) = (7, 5), regarding the coverup of noncommutativity through the wrong music
theory as the origin of the commutative geometry Western science.
Figure 2: Pythagorean music theory: diagram show-
ing relations between epogdoon, diatessaron, diapente,
and diapason, which correspond to the Major Second
(9/8), Perfect Fourth (4/3), Perfect Fifth (3/2) and Oc-
tave (2/1), respectively. Pythagorean length ratios in this
figure are the multiplicative inverse of frequency rela-
tions as used in this article. (source:
So that source above does what I call the “bait and switch” by giving the
pitch of Perfect Fourth and Perfect Fifth as number ratios without the actual
Pitch geometry of C to F (undertone of 2/3) or C to G (overtone as 3/2) or C
to C (harmonic ratio as 4 to 3) or harmonic ratio of 3:2 (C to G). The
difference between overtone or undertone and “harmonic ratio” are key to
understanding noncommutativity in music theory.
The above image is from Boethius who tried to understand Philolaus and the
averaging of the magnitudes (doubling without squaring) but Boethius could not
crack the Philolaus code. It took Professor Richard McKirahan (in 2012!) to
properly translate Philolaus. Andrew Barker states, “Boethius has already told us,
in fact (Inst. mus. 3.5), that Philolaus identified the komma [531441 : 524288 aka
the Ditonic Comma] with the unit, 1,” (The Science of Harmonics in Classical
Greece, 2007). “Since Philolaus seems clearly to recognize that the tone cannot be
divided in half, it is rather surprising that he apparently takes for granted—what is
false [my emphasis] in terms of the Sectio – that there are half ‘dieses’ and half
‘commas.’” (Source: Christopher Charles Whiston Taylor, From the Beginning to
Plato, Routledge, 1997, p. 269.)
Clearly, as the above Pythagorean tuning image shows, the wavelength as inverse
to frequency is not symmetric with the number ratios. For example,
"This musical property is the counterpart of the principle mathematical
characteristic of the Pythagorean diatonic, very Pythagorean indeed, constituted
by the fact that each interval of the scale is expressed by the ratios of type 2 to
the m divided by 3 to the n or 3 to the m divided by 2 to the n. " (Fabio
Bellissima,"Epimoric Ratos and Greek Musical Theory," in Language, Quantum,
Music, edited by Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara, Roberto Giuntni, Federico Laudisa,
Springer Science & Business Media, Apr 17, 2013) In physics wavelength is inverse
to velocity (momentum) while frequency is inverse to time as period, but this
distinction already covers up the underlying noncommutative time-frequency
nonlocality as Alain Connes explains (and Louis de Broglie rediscovered with his
Law of Phase Harmony critique of relativity). It was Philolaus who relied on what
was called the “Greater Perfect System” of “doubling the octave” to coverup the
noncommutativity and thus “contain” the magnitude as an irrational magnitude or
“ratio of ratios” not dependent on the order of time and frequency.
See for example Cartwright, J.H.E., González, D.L., Piro, O. (2021). Dynamical
Systems, Celestial Mechanics, and Music: Pythagoras
Revisited. Math Intelligencer 43, 25–39 stating, “For example, the Pythagorean
intervals within the octave satisfy this property: the fifth is equivalent to that of
the fourth if reversed compared to the octave, and vice versa.” This quote again
based on the “bait and switch” is derived from the Philolaus lie that replaces a
listening process to time-frequency in music with a visual external measurement
physics of ratios! Both Kepler and Newton were directly inspired by Archytas who
built on Philolaus.
In contrast Alain Connes whose grandmother was a piano teacher, and thus
Connes trained in music from an early age, (rewiring his brain to increase his
corpus callosum), emphasizes listening, instead of an external visual
measurement. So, Alain Connes is emphasizing we do not hear the scale as just a
symmetric ratio that adds and subtracts the "harmonics" - rather we hear the
ratio as a multiplication or power factor and thus to reverse the order is the
noncommutative reversal of the exponentiation. As Connes points out, the
Pythagorean Comma is 3 to the 12th against 2 to the 19th while reversed back
into the octave scale it is 3 to the (1/19th) against 2 to the (1/12th). Another way
to state this is the inverse of the Perfect Fifth as 3/2 is not commutative since 2/3
is C to F and 3/2 is C to G and therefore 3/2 x 2/3 does not equal one as the root
tonic (see the below Wikipedia image for this error discussed further)! Connes
points out that the exponential difference (19 minus 12) is also noncommutative
inverse since the Perfect Fifth (3/2 or 2/3) is the 7th note of the 12 note
Pythagorean music scale of the octave.
So, in terms of Pitch if we assume "C" as the root tonic or unison then the Perfect
Fifth is "G" and the Perfect Fourth is "F" clearly showing a reversal of time in
direction as noncommutative since the "F" is derived from the octave as a reversal
against the root tonic, i.e. a Perfect Fifth in the other direction as an undertone.
The only way this can be justified in terms of the overtone series assuming a "root
tonic" as the starting point in time is to use a DIFFERENT root tonic as Philolaus
did yet covered up! So therefore the true "wavelength" of the root tonic must
assume a double octave with the ratios doubled as the common denominator. So
therefore 4/3 is now derived from a 0 to 8 wavelength with a 6/8 wavelength for
an 8/6 frequency. So, the ratio of wavelength is indeed the same as 3:4 but the
root tonic or "fundamental tone" (0 to 8 and not 0 to 12) is different therefore
creating noncommutative geometry instead of symmetric as the fundamental
"ordering" process of listening to frequency via time. There is an inherent
asymmetric shift in time inherent to pitch processing. The first logarithmic
equation was created from music theory based on this "Liar of the Lyre" Philolaus
flipping his lyre around so that 0 to 12 fundamental tone root tonic is 3/2
frequency as 8/12 wavelength and thus the Perfect Fourth (8/6) PLUS the Perfect
Fifth (12/8) = the Geometric Mean Squared as 12/6 (again assuming geometric
ratio as symmetry is definitive and NOT the ordering of time via listening!)
Ph.D. Pythagorean philosopher Peter Kingsley focuses on how Aristotle and Plato
misrepresented the PreSocratic philosophy and thus wisdom was lost from the
West, ironically at the same time PreSocratic Wisdom was used to construct
Western science. (See also “What can music tell us about the nature of the mind?
A Platonic Model” Brian D. Josephson & Tethys Carpenter In Stuart R. Hameroff,
Alfred W. Kaszniak & Alwyn C. Scott (eds.), Toward a Science of Consciousness.
MIT Press (1996) stating (passim):
specific forms that appear to be favoured in music,…. an intuitive ability
to be aware of the creative potentials of particular patterns of
sound even when considered in their most elementary
forms,...intelligence would be the product of a collection of adaptations
capable of being specified by a coding system related to that of
music.... intelligence of the individual is the consequence of preexisting
ideas in some mind-sphere.... the idea that there is a fundamental
connection between sound and form is an ancient one, dating back
thousands of years in the Eastern philosophical tradition.
We can now consider traditional Eastern music tuning to demonstrate the
inherent noncommutative in listening to the source of the root tonic!
The thesis can be expressed in the following way: If two drones either
a fourth or fifth apart are sounded, one of these will 'naturally' sound
like the primary drone. It is not always the lower of the two which
will sound primary, but the one which initiates the overtone series to
which the other note (or one of its octaves) belongs. By amplifying a
prominent overtone the secondary drone lends support to the
primary and intensifies its 'primary' character. Ma [Perfect Fourth as
4/3], although consonant to Sa (root tonic), is alien to the overtone
series and is not evoked in the sound of Sa. On the other hand, Sa is
evoked in the sound of Ma, since Sa is a fifth above Ma and is its
second overtone.
For this reason it can be argued that the tendency to view Ma [the
Phantom Tonic] as the ground-note has a 'natural' basis. The same
cannot be said for Pa [Perfect Fifth] as Sa is not part of its overtone
series. (source: Jairazbhoy N. A.,1995. The Rags of North Indian
Music: Their Structure and Evolution, Popular Prakashan.
Noncommutative music theory (the true Pythagorean Logos), as detailed by Fields
Medal math professor Alain Connes in his regularly repeated lecture, “Music of
Shapes,” has thus restored the true meaning of music as a PreSocratic Wisdom
philosophy. Connes (from his lecture, “Music of Shapes” that has several versions
posted on youtube, and in this case, Connes, A. (2011). Transcript of a conference
given by Alain Connes, Duality Between Shapes and spectra, given at the Collège
de France, on October 13, 2011.)
The 12 comes from the fact that there are 12 notes when you make
the chromatic range. And the 19 comes from the fact that 19 is 12 + 7
and that the seventh note in the chromatic scale, this is the scale that
allows you to transpose. So what does it mean ? It means that going
to the range above is multiplying by 2 and the ear is very sensitive to
that. And transpose is multiplication by 3, except that it returns to
the range before, i.e. so it is to multiply by 3 / 2, that agrees.
Well, that’s the music, well known now, to which the ear is sensitive,
etc. Okay. But... there is an obvious question ! It is "is there a
geometrical object which range gives us the range we use in music?".
This is an absolutely obvious question.... Due to the exponential
growth of this spectrum, it cannot correspond to a familiar shape but
to an object of dimension less than any strictly positive number."
Connes explains again elsewhere, “Because if we calculate its size using
what I told you before, we obtain that it is an object of dimension 0, an
object of dimension 0 in the sense that its dimension is smaller than any
number, not zero but positive.” (Connes & Prochiantz, 2018, interview, )
Connes makes this distinction between Western tuning and Pythagorean
tuning (discrete noncommutative) elsewhere also, stating, “The fact that
the ratio log 3/log 2 is only approximated by the rational number 19/12 is
responsible for the difference between the ‘circulating temperament’ of
Baroque music (e.g. the Well Tempered Clavier) and the ‘equal
temperament’ of XIX century music” (Connes & Marcolli, Noncommutative
geometry, quantum fields and motives, 2007, p. 388).
Now Connes is explicitly talking about noncommutative time-frequency
based on listening! Connes (another version of “Music of Shapes” talk in
The shapes on the sphere are different, the sound we hear is the
same. [my emphasis, Isospectral but not isomorphic]. And that is
what we call spectral multiplicity, that is to say that in the spectrum,
what will happen is that we will have the same value, but it will
happen multiple times. I will come back to this for the musical shape,
that, we will see that later....
(source, p. 6, in Connes, A. (2011). Transcript of a conference given by Alain
Connes, Duality Between Shapes and spectra, given at the Collège de France, on
October 13, 2011. )
This Pythagorean Connes connection is noted by math professor Micho Durdevich
citing Connes, with Durdevich stating, "On the other hand, the ancient
Pythagorean musical scales naturally lead to a simple quantum circle.... The
oscillating modes ...will be quantum (noncommutativity of the algebra V).” see M.
Durdevich, “Music of Quantum Circles” 10/2015 in The Musical-Mathematical
Mind: Patterns and Transformations (Gabriel Pareyon,
Silvia Pina-Romero, Octavio A. Agustín-Aquino, Emilio Lluis-Puebla. Springer, Oct
20, 2017).
When we think of music as noncommutative philosophy (only Alain Connes
figured out this noncommutative music secret that I was also calling in my
University of Minnesota master’s thesis “complementary opposites” as
“soundcurrent nondualism” based on my young music training insight), we also
need to realize that time is no longer defined as a “function” of space or
“commutative geometry.” Connes emphasizes that all science thus far has been
based on commutative geometry and thus noncommutativity is considered
“strange” and a “nuisance.”
For example, Nobel Physicist Roger Penrose has realized with his new “palatial
twistor” model of reality that indeed, citing Connes, the foundation is
noncommutativity. Yet Penrose also admits he is not good at noncommutative
geometry aka quantum algebra math and Penrose does indeed consider
noncommutativity a nuisance (mentioned in his talks posted on youtube). Physics
Professor Basil J. Hiley (he helped Penrose coin the term “twistor”) considers
noncommutativity to be a necessary “radical” restructuring of physics at its
foundation (as per our several email conversations), and thus Hiley points out that
even Richard Feynman and Paul Dirac are both wrong about the foundation of
reality. Hiley to me:
However non-commutativity is deeply ingrained in quantum
phenomena and is not, in my opinion, “only mathematics”. The early
pioneers of QM, such as Heisenberg, Born, Jordan, Dirac and others
showed this feature of non-commutativity in great detail.... It [Hiley’s
physics] is a very different approach which is based on an exploration
of non-commutative geometry, in the same spirit of Alain Connes but
using more physical intuition. (Hiley email to author, February 22,
Hiley: “I am writing my take on the relation of his [Alain Connes’] work to what I
have been doing. It [noncommutativity] is really deep stuff which moves us well
away from the way physics is normally presented.” (Hiley email to author, Sep 25,
2022, 11:20 AM) quantum theory in the context of a non-commutative
dynamics... They [particles and trajectories] appear as projections
from the noncommutative phase space into space-time. This
structure leads us to a more radical view of quantum processes
involving individual particles.... This approach is radically different
Hiley, B.J. (2014). Foundations of Quantum Theory in the Light of Bohmian
Noncommutative Dynamics. The Finnish Society for Natural Philosophy 25 Years
K.V. Laurikainen Honorary Symposium 2013
How does Hiley explain noncommutativity in layman terms? Consider his
interview with the science writer George Musser:
Basil j. Hiley: In noncommutativity. Every day in our life, we always
have to be careful of the order. You’ve got a cup in the cupboard.
You’ve got to open the cupboard door before you can the cup out. All
our experience is doing things in the right order, so our activity is
noncommutative. It comes into quantum mechanics because
Heisenberg sought to explain atomic energy levels and what he found
was he had to make his objects into things that didn’t commute with
each other. The order was vital....
It seemed to me that he [Heisenberg] was actually discussing a
process. He was talking about how something goes from one to the
other, and he called that a momentum transition, and a position from
one position to another. In other words, it wasn’t x and p, p and x. It
was rather x0, x1, p1, p2, and so on.
The even stronger key insight of Professor Basil J. Hiley is that
noncommutativity does not require a “collapse of the
wavefunction” paradox aka the “quantum measurement
problem” and thus noncommutativity can self-amplify or
resonate into the macroscale!
Hiley points out in his 2022 paper with neuroscience professor Paavo Pylkkänen,
“Can quantum mechanics solve the hard problem of consciousness?” that indeed,
the whole problem of quantum biology thus far has been ignoring
noncommutativity and thus, wrongly assuming that quantum coherence is lost at
the macroscale:
This is not the place to discuss these proposals in detail but we feel it is
essential to draw the reader’s attention to this rapidly developing field
[quantum biology] which has been held back in the belief that “wave-
decoherence” is the fatal factor that destroys quantum effects in living
systems. This negative outlook traps us in a totally obscure notion of
“wave-particle duality” and all the conflicting images that throws up.
As math professor Luigi Borzacchini has pointed out, in our correspondence
discussions regarding the hidden music origins of Western science, this
noncommutativity foundation of reality means that the paranormal is normal!
Noncommutative at the macroscale was the emphasis of Stanford Linear
Accelerator Center (SLAC) physicist Eddie Oshins who coined the phrase “quantum
psychology.” see
Oshins called macroscale noncommutative as mind-body meditation or “neigong”
to be “self-referential motion” based on the secret of the noncommutative Dirac
Dance. For example, the outside of the hand is yang and lower body is yin while
inside of the hand is yin and upper body is yang. The oldest philosophy of India,
“three gunas of no guna” is based on the same music theory secret of
noncommutativity as is found in Taoism. (see my free book, Ancient Advanced
Acoustic Alchemy pdf for details). So, the Dirac Dance (a demonstration of the
720-degree spin of the measured electron from noncommutativity of ½ spin) - is
practiced as the Silk Reeling exercise in Tai Chi as Eddie Oshins points out in
collaboration with his Chinese Neigong researchers!
Inhibition of the Neurons leads to deeper Nonlocal Nondual
Protoconsciousness that is Precognitive Negentropy of Reality
Sir Roger Penrose uses the term protoconsciousenss that appears to have been
coined by quantum physicist Bernard d’ Espagnat to refer to a nonlocal active
information as the foundation of reality (what is called “formless awareness” or
the Absolute Void or Emptiness in nonwestern philosophy aka the “Cosmic
Mother”) This is also the focus of David Bohm and his collaborator Professor Basil
J. Hiley who both emphasize that quantum physics is not “mechanics” at all but
rather an organic process of a deeper implicate nonlocal “active information” as a
“novel force” from noncommutativity. Hiley points out that the Moyal algebra of
1949 made the same physics equation discovery as David Bohm in 1952 with the
quantum nonlocal potential being just a part of normal quantum physics
Classical physics thus “emerges” as the limit of the noncommutative math (Math
Professor Lou Kauffman lectures on this same noncommutative foundation of
reality) but Hiley again emphasizes classical physics does not have to be the case!
It was Pascual Jordan who first realized, in the 1930s, that noncommutativity
enabled a quantum biology that self-amplified into the macroscale. And so, in
terms of the quantum algebra noncommutative mathematics this is also called
“fundamental time” by Roger Penrose (a term from Lee Smolin who had Professor
Herbert J. Bernstein as his first quantum physics teacher, just as I took Bernstein’s
class when I also attended at Hampshire College for my first year of college).
Bernstein teaches the “Dirac Dance” to demonstrate nonlocality and Eddie Oshins
then relies on the Bernstein example to explain the noncommutativity of
selfreferential mind-body motion. Math Professor Lou Kauffman produced a video
also based on his Dirac Dance collaboration research with Eddie Oshins. Oshins:
In a manner similar to Bernstein’s resolution of translational human
movements into Fourier components, I hope to attempt a
decomposition of motion of a Chinese “internal” (image-based)
martial art (such as Pa Kua Chang or T’ai Chi chuan) into normal modes
having rotational symmetries, such as (spinor) spherical harmonics or
Bessel functions in order to demonstrate integrated movement and an
adaptive economy for certain natural motions....
Then again, this property of “noncommutivity” in itself might be
valuable in some way.... momentum is a vector operator and thereby
does not commute with the angular momentum.... addition of turns is
noncommutative... the noncommutivity of the addition of turns”
(Oshins, E. 1993. A Test for Classical Psychospinors. In Abdullah, F. (Ed.)
Conservation and Invariance. Cambridge, UK: Alternative Natural Philosophy
Association). Oshins also directly makes the connection to PreSocratic philosophy,
(see Oshins, “The experience of nature from Anaximander’s apeiron to Oshins’
quantum psychology, invited March 30, 1994, talk at 90th annual meeting of the
Association of American Geographers on panel: Relativism I, Roots and Varieties of
Relativism in Human Studies; MRI.TAPE.1994/Q- .03a.1.)
The term “primordial time” is used by math Professor Louis Kauffman (Lou) - again
referring to this “almost mystical” (Kauffman) active information from the future –
an asymmetric nonlocal time shift of the future and past overlapping. The term
“primitive time” is used by Alain Connes to again refer to this frequencytime
algebraic process that is “more dense” than the symmetric spacetime continuum.
So instead of distance to measure space, rather gravity emerges from a
fundamental time-frequency nonlocality as noncommutativity, most easily
explained by music theory, what Connes calls, “two, three and infinity.”
Professor Basil J. Hiley has pointed out that in fact the “weak measurement”
experiments that have been the focus of Yakir Aharonov (who collaborated with
David Bohm) rely also on noncommutativity. And these weak measurement
experiments also demonstrate a “gravitationally repulsive” active information as
well – just as Alain Connes argues. Connes, 2015 talk to physicists:
There is an overall motion. ...I always hesitated to give this talk. It's an
intuitive idea. It's based on mathematics....the intuitive idea is that
there are factorizations with infinite degrees of freedom that they
generate their own time and of course it's related to
thermodynamics... (Alain Connes, Temps et aléa du quantique, 2015)
The source of the gravitational potential energy originating in quantum nonlocal
negentropy, as Penrose points out, is this discrete noncommutative precognitive
protoconsciousness. Alain Connes thus explains that indeed our brains are doing a
kind of frequency-time noncommutative transform on spacetime itself when we
then perceive reality in the typical modern left-brain dominant Westernized linear
time and symmetric spacetime perceptual realm.
The Ecological Crisis as imminent “biological annihilation” is
from increased gravitational entropy as commutative
geometry science.
Sir Roger Penrose points out that gravitational entropy is the opposite of the
entropy of matter and that gravitational potential originates from nonlocal
noncommutative quantum negentropy. Our commutative geometry technology
attempt to decrease the entropy of matter has actually increased gravitational
entropy on Earth. Since all matter originates from photons due to ½ spin as Nobel
Physicist Gerard ‘t Hooft emphasizes in his article, “Light is Heavy,” (coauthored by
Martin van der Mark), then the quantum negentropy as a gravitationally repulsive
novel force that is nonlocal is from the noncommutative timefrequency, first
realized by de Broglie’s Law of Phase Harmony critique of relativity.
The abrupt global warming crisis is based on our current CO2 emissions being a
rate 100 times faster than the natural background rate of 12 gigatons per 200
years, as Physics Professor Raymond Pierrehumbert points out. NASA physicist
James E. Hansen has emphasized recently that the main current cause of
temperature increase in the atmosphere is due to the reduction of the Aerosol
Masking Effect and thus a 40% reduction of burning coal (sulfur particles that
reflect photons) heats up Earth another 1 degree Celsius global average. The
Arctic is heating up four times faster than the global average and there is 1200
gigatons of pressurized methane in the world’s largest Ocean shelf, the East
Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS). That methane will double global warming with just a
five gigaton “abrupt eruption” that is highly probable as the methane continues to
accelerate out of the ESAS into the atmosphere.
The Quagmire of Imminent Biological Annihilation is solved by
Music as meditation via noncommutativity thus presents an ancient yet highly
advanced means of restoring negentropy as the origin of life not just on Earth but
in the Universe as well. Professor Stuart Hameroff working with Roger Penrose has
explained the microtubule origin of quantum coherence protoconsciousness in
the brain. Anirban Bandyopadhyay, the Ph.D. experimental physicist has
corroborated the claims of Hameroff and Penrose by demonstrating that
ultrasound activates the strongest electrical conductance of the microtubules, a
3000 times amplification only possible as quantum coherence with the tubulin.
It is in tinnitus research that it was discovered that the highest pitch we hear
externally, when focused internally, resonates as ultrasound in the whole brain.
Normally this type of frequency precision in listening is limited by Fourier
Uncertainty or time-frequency uncertainty, the same origin of the Heisenberg
Uncertainty principle of position and momentum. Physics Professor Manfred Euler
considers the two ears with the two phases to be an analog of the double slit
experiment in physics – in other words the quantum coherence of deep listening
(especially with music training proven to be up to 10 times faster than Fourier
Uncertainty) in phase is a physical demonstration of quantum nonlocality as
negentropy at room temperature; such room temperature Josephson quantum
superconductivity has been proven in photosynthesis for example.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, the quantum biologist, also emphasized this quantum coherence
phase coherence of the right and left ear listening at the microsecond wavelength
(ultrasound frequency) thereby corroborating the direct quantum biology
nonlocality claim of Hameroff-Penrose via deep listening to frequency.
Physics professor Lawrence or Larry Domash also describes this quantum
coherence of listening to the origins of mantras in the brain – a type of attention
in meditation – that then relies on the noncommutativity of the quantum
coherence to resonate the nonlocal quantum potential as about the foundation of
reality. Domash:
...superconductivity within one neuron could become phase coherent
with that in an adjoining cell by virtue of quantum tunnelling, and
this could be stimulated by the macroscopic analog of stimulated
emission (alluded to before in connection with the mantra), that is an
AC Josephson effect. ...At a more interesting level, the quantum
vacuum state may be said to be empty (of excitation) and yet full in
the sense of pure potentiality; it contains "virtual" (unphysical)
representatives of all possible modes of matter and excitation in the
form of vacuum fluctuations or "virtual particles" (zero-point
excitations of each field mode, assigned one-half quanta of energy,
due directly to the non-commutative property of the field operators).
(Domash, L., 1975).
Domash is corroborated by Professor William Bialek:
It is the presence of this device, a quantum limited amplifier, which
makes the perception of sound [listening] a macroscopic quantum
phenomenon....In the quantum-limited regime the phase of the
signal is translated into the phase of the amplifier wavefunction, as is
clearly true in Josephson junction devices, for example....they must
be coherent....phonon super-radiance provides a natural means of
explaining the macroscopic quantum effects. (“Quantum Effects in the
Dynamics of Biological Systems,” 1983, Lawrence Berkeley
National Laboratory, William Bialek)
This deep music listening as logical inference, “the sound of silence”, is then the
source of the neuron inhibition that Eddie Oshins wanted to examine via MRI,
demonstrating a resolution in quantum psychology, but also demonstrating a
“self-referential motion” of mind-body-spirit noncommutativity. Ernest R. Hilgard:
... A further point is his [Oshins’] emphasis on the role of negation ...
that unconscious processes (primary processes) lack negation.
Negation [prefrontal inhibition], Oshins says is necessary for conscious
processes, for mature judgment and to form boundaries between the
self and others
Antigravity Levitation is a reality in deep noncommutative
Physics has been searching to demonstrate antigravity (assuming the need for a
“nuts and bolts” external engineering approach) on a macroscale yet Professor
Michael Grosso has detailed how Saint Joseph de Copertino was well documented
to levitate, with most of the testimonials as witnesses against Saint Joseph de
Copertino – protesting his levitation ability (see Grosso’s book The Man Who
Could Fly). My own qigong teacher, Chunyi Lin, who was the subject of
peerreviewed research done by Mayo Clinic Dr. Anne Vincent (proving “especially
impressive results”), said he also levitated, spiraling up nine feet while in full lotus
meditation, soon after he left the cave at Mt. Qingcheng where he did 28 days
(about 4 weeks) of nonstop full lotus meditation (with no sleep) - this was in 1995.
So, in fact, antigravity is the key to being alive itself as noncommutative nonlocal
nondual negentropy as Connes has detailed – stating what appears to be random
originates from this deeper noncommutative time-frequency discrete nonlocality.
Professor Basil J. Hiley has emphasized that most physicists cannot handle or
accept nonlocality (due to this noncommutativity foundation) and instead,
physicists try to impose classical commutative geometry physics onto quantum
noncommutativity! Thus, noncommutativity is incorrectly considered to be an
“extension” or “extra wiggle” (in terms of the Feynamn diagrams) to commutative
The focus of our original human culture, the San Bushmen, was that all males are
required to train (called Tshoma) in noncommutative spiritual healing force called
N/om. New DNA science has now shown the Pygmies (sic.) split from the San
Bushmen around 200,000 years ago and the Pygmies (sic.) also practice this same
music mind-body dance spiritual healing training! And it was the San Bushmen
culture that then spread around the world (the music parallels are documented by
Dr. Victor Grauer in his book Sounding the Depths) with even Australian aborigine
“african-trait” humans arriving in the Amazon equatorial rainforest starting over
20,000 years ago! (DNA science has proven this but the Australian aboriginal
African-traits can still be seen in the phenotypes of these Amazon rainforest
tribes, the Suruí and Karitiana people of the Amazon.
As Ph.D. anthropologist Elizabeth Marshall Thomas documented in her book The
Harmless People, based on her living with a previously uncontacted original
human culture, the N/om energy healing training required by all the males
enabled humans to live peacefully without war or destruction of ecology.
Clearly this is a more advanced way of living than the increased gravitational
entropy from the commutative geometry first developed with the ritual origins of
commutative geometry science in patriarchal plow-based agriculture 10,000 years
ago, as detailed by math professor Abraham Seidenberg.
Radical anthropology professor Jerome Lewis who has lived with the Pygmies
(sic.), argues that music does indeed precede language as the true focus of human
culture. Even Professor Noam Chomsky now considers the musilanguage model to
be probable and Chomsky replied to me in a recent email that he wished he could
study noncommutativity if he had the time.
I have provided a free training manual in noncommutative music as philosophy
found in docdroid or academia as

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Tremendous Physical Implications! Inversion Symmetry breaking secret behind Neutrino-Photon energy interaction and Costa de Beauregard's alchemy

solar corona heating puzzle,” says Ishikawa. “This is a long-standing mystery concerning the mechanism by which the outermost atmosphere of the sun—its corona—is at a much higher temperature than the sun’s surface... Our work shows that the interaction between neutrinos and photons liberates energy that heats up the solar corona.”

  inversion symmetry breaking....a parity violating shift of the polarization direction of the photon,... the transition probability of a massive neutrino to a neutrino and photon that is derived from ...are not constrained by masses....

 The electroweak Hall Lagrangian shows a new interaction between a neutrino and photon in magnetized plasma. This causes an electroweak Hall effect between the photon and a pair of neutrinos with the same origin as the electronic Hall effect in the semiconductor. 

 Topological interaction of neutrino with photon in a magnetic field — Electroweak Hall effect” by Kenzo Ishikawa and Yutaka Tobita, 12 August 2023, Physics Open.

French physicist Oliver Costa de Beauregard, Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Institut de Physique Theorique Henri Poincare (Faculty of Sciences, Paris) who is also Director of the Centre National de la Reserche Scientifique (C.N.R.S.). Costa de Beauregard suggests that such transmutations neither takes place through strong interactions, nor through electromagnetic forces, but through the weak interaction. This takes place through the neutral current of the intermediate vector boson, the so called Zo, particle recently discovered by particle physicists. Kervran's reaction for a biological transmutation from Potassium (K) to Calcium (Ca) in germinating oats is thus explained as being Initiated by neutrino capture (from cosmic rays) and the weak interaction follows mediated by the Z, neutral current (the Zo probably existing as a virtual particle):-

 involving the absorption of photons of light from the sun, but also weak interactions that can effect the nuclear structure of matter, activated through the participation of cosmic energy in the form of neutrinos that stream down upon the earth from the depths of the universe.


 neutrinos being the same "v" as in this equation:

not invariant under three dimensional rotations and inversions.
it's a noncommutative Wick rotation!

 parity violating shift of the polarization direction of the photon, Farady


Quantum Faraday and Kerr rotations in graphene

Louis Kervran, "Biological evidence of low energy transmutations", Maloine, 1975
(See "Final Note" by Costa de Beauregard)

Ishikawa, K. (1985). Axial anomaly in three dimensions and planar fermions. Physical Review D, 31(6), 1432–1442. doi:10.1103/physrevd.31.1432

We have revealed, however, how neutrinos and photons can be induced to interact in the uniform magnetic fields of the extremely large scale—as large as 103 km—found in the form of matter known as plasma, which occurs around stars.” Plasma is an ionized gas, meaning that all of its atoms have acquired either an excess or a deficiency of electrons, making them negatively or positively charged ions, rather than the neutral atoms that can occur under everyday conditions on Earth.

 the extra term arising out of the noncommutative
geometry is the direct result of the dark energy which thus also features in
the modified standard model Lagrangian.

 B.G. Sidharth on the noncommutative neutrino

 Examples of noncommutative geometrical spaces
Joseph C. V´arilly






       The presence of negative indices of refraction in one-dimensional (1D) disordered metamaterials strongly sup-presses Anderson localization due to the lack of phase ac-cumulation during wave propagation, which thus weak-ens interference effects necessary for localization [14]. Asa consequence, an unusual behaviour of the localizationlengthξat long-wavelengthsλhas been observed [14–16]. This is unlike the well-known quadratic asymptoticbehaviourξλ2for standard isotropic layers (see,e.g.[17]). It can be seen that the metamaterial configurationshave an effect on the magneto-optical transport propertiesof the electromagnetic waves.The presence of negative indices of refraction in one-dimensional (1D) disordered metamaterials strongly sup-presses Anderson localization due to the lack of phase ac-cumulation during wave propagation, which thus weak-ens interference effects necessary for localization [14]. Asa consequence, an unusual behaviour of the localizationlengthξat long-wavelengthsλhas been observed [14–16]. This is unlike the well-known quadratic asymptoticbehaviourξλ2for standard isotropic layers (see,e.g.[17]). It can be seen that the metamaterial configurationshave an effect on the magneto-optical transport propertiesof the electromagnetic waves.