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If Shen becomes Qi, how does Qi become Jing?

There's different types of qi. So Shen is from Yuan Qi which then has within it the potential of Yuan Shen and Yuan Jing - as Yuan that means that are both primordial and formless. So the Yuan Shen is virtual photons (accessed by turning the light around in meditation).

So then in our womb state - there is a unification of the shen, qi and jing but when the first breath is taken, this causes the pericardium to change its structure at the heart. So then the Lung as Yang Qi energy of the Po Soul then continues to develop the Jing energy as potential hormonal energy. But this energy is still activated by the Yuan Qi - it is just that the Hun Soul also develops as our left-brain dominant conscious mind (thinking with planning based on the lower emotional blockages).

So the Hun and Po souls are both "yin shen" - and the yang shen is then a projection from our yin qi of our thinking mind - the left brain consciousness. This is why in deep dreamless sleep we access the Yuan Qi again when we experience no space, no time and no body and no mind.

So then the generative fluid is yin jing whereas the yin qi is yang jing - and so the yin qi is what powers the yin shen but with our left brain dominance we are unaware that our spirit as yin shen also creates our yang shen (as our awareness of spacetime - as a holographic reality).

So after the first breath - we slowly begin to lose the heart-mind unification with our body - via the central channel - and so the Hun shen develops as left brain dominance and the Po soul develops as subconscious energy based on the subconscious "yang qi." So that yang qi is also the subconscious yin shen. If we turn the "yin shen" around into the Yuan Shen as virtual photons - then we can restore the jing - since matter is created from virtual photons. So Daoist Master Wang Liping says it takes 6 hours of full lotus meditation a day (with the left leg on top, and the eyes closed - without missing ONE day - for 1 year) - to restore the yuan jing from a middle age man to a 16 year old man.

If Shen becomes Qi, how does Qi become Jing?

And where does the conversion of Qi to Jing take place?
I think Jing seems to have a function of storage of energy (Qi?) but where is Jing found? 
So then what happens normally is our Hun Soul causes the separation of the Shen and Qi - and this sends a signal to the Yuan Qi to then create yin jing (generative fluid) from the yang qi - via the subconscious yin shen. So this happens via biophotonic signals of the Yang Shen interacting with the holographic external world - that then triggers - at the speed of light - the pineal gland Yuan Qi to send a signal to the Kidney yang qi (yin shen) - to then create more yin qi (yang jing). So then as this process is activated a person then feels blissful heat in the stomach as the yang jing and yin qi manifests - this is considered "being in love" - as the dopamine increases. And then for the male - since that INITIAL external Hun Soul signal was activated or triggered - that "pre-sets" the yang qi to get lost as the biophoton signal causes a dilation of the gate of mortality - at the genital duct.

So then that subconscious process has to be CONSCIOUSLY reversed - and this can only be done through Quick Fire training - more standing active exercise with deep reverse breathing - to then push the adrenal glands to the sympathetic extreme (thereby reversing the genital gate trigger - the dilation of the genital gate via the prostate). And through the extreme sympathetic then a dialectical opposite PARAsympathetic extreme of the vagus nerve is activated - this then charges up the yang qi again - and sends it back up to the skull. Then through PURIFICATION via the Emptiness via turning the light around - the Yuan Shen that activates the yang shen as a spactime vortex - through the Yuan Qi - then this causes the qi to merge with the shen by rolling the eyes around.

So once the yang qi and yin shen mixes with the yin qi and yang shen (the copulation of the dragon and tiger) then this builds up in the brain as a pressure that overflows out of the sinus cavity as charged up cerebral spinal fluid (the white tiger) - that is then swallowed now as Yuan Qi that is stored in the lower tan t'ien.  So the trick is that the Energy is very close to the COMBUSTION source - so the Yuan Qi is actually the "process" of Fire under Water - the Shen under the Jing - and so it can just as easily be reversed - through the above initial Hun soul subconscious visual trigger (or just a spirit-qi interaction with another person, etc.).

So that is why if a person wants to build up their qi - then they have to close off the lower tan t'ien - and this is why the Jing is considered to be the stored up qi in that sense - but in reality it has to be via the middle Tan T'ien as a full interaction with the Yuan Qi of the Universe - in order to really restore the Yuan Jing.

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The Phonological Loop and the Acoustic Adaptation Hypothesis: Orangutan Matches the musical PITCH of a human and he is WAY into it!!

They asked him to match the pitch of vowel sounds made by a scientist.
"Slightly to our surprise, he was matching things perfectly," Shumaker says.
hear it on the vid!

"The type of control that we need to produce vowels and learn vowels is already present in great apes," Lameira says.
In an earlier study, Lameira found that an orangutan named Tilda could make consonant-like sounds, and even produce the rhythms of human speech.
I wonder if Jeffrey Schwartz is citing this - he is author of The Red Ape

 "He's so into it," Lameira says. "He wants to perform so well so badly that we really need to sort of calm him down, and give him hints that he's not being judged according to his performance."
 These results argue that, rather than being a component of domain-general cognition, song learning is an autonomous cognitive module. 

Song learning is likely an autonomous cognitive module in songbirds.
Birdsong learning can teach us much about the evolution of language learning.
back at the ranch...
 Our results show that great apes spontaneously display primitive conversation rules guided by social bonds. The demonstration that such coordinated vocal interactions are shared between monkeys, apes and humans fills a significant gap in our knowledge of vocal communication within the primate phylogeny and highlights the universal feature of social influence in vocal interactions
 But is it music?
A corpus-based approach investigated rhythmic regularities in children's songs and finds a connection between rhythms in song and non-song speech features (Hannon et al.).

  the activation of an auditory-vocal reciprocal loop, relying on a bidirectional connection between Broca's region with posterior auditory areas via the AF and ventral SLF, enabled the learning of complex vocal utterances by imitation, establishing the basic components of the phonological loop and enhancing auditory-vocal working memory capacity (Petrides, 2014).
  I propose that Australopithecines and early Homo communicated intensely with vocal signals. Darwin already proposed that initially, vocal communication was more similar to music than to speech, which has been updated as the “musical protolanguage,” or prosodic hypothesis (Fitch, 2010; Hickok, 2017). Early humans probably engaged in turn-taking conversations that may have lasted for a long time and served to strengthen bonds, especially between mother and child, but also to communicate emotional states, as seen in marmoset monkeys (Takahashi et al., 2013, 2016).

 On the other hand, the elaboration of auditory-vocal networks and the gradual consolidation of the phonological loop eventually enabled our ancestors to start communicating increasingly complex meanings through the voice (García et al., 2014; Aboitiz, 2017). In later stages, the acquisition of semantics and a primitive lexicon may have been essential for the separation between both kinds of expression, and possibly contributed to the lateralization of these functions, with phonology and speech on the left hemisphere and music/prosody in the right hemisphere, both communicating via the corpus callosum (Sammler et al., 2015).
Ape Chimpanzee Night time acoustic calling
  I also tested whether chimpanzees conform to the acoustic adaptation hypothesis, and produce loud calls during periods of optimal sound transmission.
revealing night‐time activity in an ape otherwise described as diurnal. Chimpanzee loud calls partially, and weakly, conformed to the acoustic adaptation hypothesis and likely responded to social, rather than environmental factors. Call rates accurately reflect grouping patterns and PAM is demonstrated to be an effective means of remotely assessing activity, especially at times and from places that are difficult to access for researchers.
Yep - the Acoustic ancient adaptation to Advanced Alchemy training - it's LATENT!!
 the considerable latent vocal ability that we observe in nonhuman primates is consistent with the hypothesis that a key step towards human speech was the evolution of greater cognitive control of the vocal apparatus (and not the evolution of speech-specific anatomical adaptations).

Nomi Prins: Why Conservation of Ecology is Impossible in the modern Westernized (fascist/communist) world

yes everything is based on "'''Mo Money!" So you gotta "spend money to make money" etc. So if a person is not making money then they MUST be a parasite!! Right? I mean how could humans EXIST without money? haha. Money Money Money!!! So the idea of conservation suddenly Short-Circuits the Money Mind Control because conservation immediately inserts the idea that ENERGY is the real economy - not money. Ever since Victorian economic models in the 1840s - money is inherently based on an "infinite supply" as infinite mathematics!! So that's why MMT is so popular even in the "left."!! Just print MO Money!! No problem!! (Nomi Prins)

The world is sitting on a tremendously larger amount of debt. $325 Trillion of debt relative to GDP. It was LESS than 1 time Debt to GDP before the financial crisis. Now it is about 3 to 1. Basically the ratio from before the crisis to after the crisis has almost tripled. It's over 100% or almost Debt to GDP in the US.
 "AS IT (the interest rate) CREEPS UP A LITTLE BIT everything becomes more expensive, everything becomes tighter, subsidies start to crumble...Debt becomes very expensive and defaults start to come in.

We don't need Conservation as long as the Elite can DEMAND the extraction of profit from people and the planet. So they' keep DEMANDING more profits - via the imperial military (and the local police). And so if anyone wants to be "an adult" then that means being a "debt slave" - to spend money to make money. And you have to keep spending more money to make LESS money. That's where the PROFIT comes form. It's called RENT parasitism. Micheal E. Hudson covers this best - the econ prof. - yes Conservation assumes a physical reality that is limited is what GOVERNS the economy whereas Money MAKES money only by first assuming infinite growth as an ever expanding money supply based on interest rates.

The fact that the US FED can no longer RAISE the interest rates - this truly signals the END of money - it truly is the END of capitalism. Only people are in DeNile about it. No elite is gonna wanna buy US Treasury Notes unless there's a worthwhile profit. The corporate profit rate is supposed to be a 6% average per year. The FED interest rate profit is also supposed to be a 6% average per year. Right now the corporate profit rate is ONLY positive because the FED interest rate is so low - so that the public is completely subsidizing elite profits. And the elite - including the Democratic Party - keeps telling us that the money will "trickle down" - as long as we WORK HARD and be MODERATE and BROWN NOSE, etc. haha. It's the biggest scam in world history - as Nomi Prins exposes about the Federal Reserve

- over 90% of Wall St. profit now is from Buy Backs (previously ILLEGAL) but now the ONLY means to make a profit - and the buybacks are a pyramid ponzi scheme only fed by very close to FREE money. And so as long as the corporation can keep EXTRACTION profit (backed by the military and cops of course) - by keeping wages low and natural resources cheap (via Imperial Genocide).... then the elite are happy and the masses have to play along as wage-slaves. The only thing that is gonna STOP this profit prophecy is what is called the "discount rate" or "discounting the future." So what does that mean? "Given the time value of money, a dollar is worth more today than it would be worth tomorrow." Really? yes so you have financial depreciation and deflation. So it is just like any country caught in a Debt Spending Escalation crisis.

The ONLY way for money to increase its value it to print even MORE of it!! So we keep the interest rate as low as possible - but over time that means that the money is worthless. Conservation is totally impossible in the global capitalist system because it is run by the "surplus value" of money itself which inherently has an Infinite and "zero signifier" value. There can only be an escalating EXTRACTION of wealth (via slave labor or raping Nature) - for money to maintain a financial profit into the future. That's what makes the HOUSING crisis of 2007 so funny. You can not EXTRACT BLOOD from a rock!! So people were given cheap loans - with no backing - and no collateral. And the loans had hidden balloons but until the hidden "bomb" went off then the loan could be given a solid trading value on the loan market. 

So the loans were packaged up - and then people traded AGAINST their value as a derivative. So then when the hidden balloon kicked off - NO ONE was holding the ball!! The original lender had SOLD the loan - so they had no loss. The secondary buyer then bet against the value of the loan. So you had a purely speculative ZERO that was "disappeared" just as time is disappeared in a derivative. POOF. It's a nice mathematical trick - unless applied to the real world. So then the Banks took over people's houses - and sold them off to predatory interests, forcing people to now RENT - and PRESTO you are once again EXTRACTING even MORE profit from the poor people - who thought they were being "helped out" by capitalism giving easy home loan financing!!

TLUD: Operation Water Boil with (next to) no smoke: The Origins of Fire in the original human cultures: Dr. Prof. Camilla Power

Is this thing even "on"?

No smoke!!

Can't be on can it?

So when I quick look under the pot - there is flame and red orange hot - and it's starting to boil. I need a "rolling" boil.

It's only been 6 minutes! Someone said 12 minutes to get a rolling boil....

I think I might have "missed" the rolling boil stage of cooking - and instead I'm now in the "simmering" part of cooking? Still it has not been 12 minutes yet....

And it is boiling - and yet there is NO smoke.

Yes there was a lot of smoke at the first stage of fire - why? The wood was kind of wet since we had a strong rain a couple days ago...

It was well seasoned wood though - so it was mainly dry....

 So I opened the primary vent and then the flame kicked into "high" mode and I got a rolling boil (but with some more smoke).

So I closed it back down and added the pasta - but it caused the rolling boil to go away. So now it is open as one quarter a way.


Operation Rolling  Boil a big success 

 So now that I know the "science" of the stove - I was not afraid to open up the primary - get the flame up - and then when I had it down to a quarter open - it still went into a rolling boil! Now I closed it fully since I'm just heating up the sauce....

Ok the sauce was boiling - so now I just have a heavy cast iron pan covering the opening hole - so that the fire can burn down with again no smoke.

So basically to get a "rolling boil" I had to open up the primary again and so I got more smoke. But it didn't last long and I was able to closed it and still maintain the fire. Why? Because I used SMALLER pieces of wood - and packed more in there. As simple as that. Again - now that I studied the "science" of the stove - I can mess with it a bit.

 OK so I got my dinner - and checked the Hunter stove - and it was smoking. So I opened up the primary vent. Still smoking. So I took the pan off and then the fire kicked back on strong. But it went out when I closed it - something like that. I got the fire back going - then closed it just a quarter of the way with the pan on top. No there is NO smoke again but the pan is smoking from heat and cooking off whatever bits are in the pan. Oil  -smoke

 OK so I took the pan off to stop the oil from smoking. Then I have the primary vent closed - because Dr. TLUD says that SAVES the metal from overheating in the bottom of the stove. So now again there is NO smoke - even though there's no pan on top. I guess since the wood is so low - then the secondary and tertiary vent holes are burning off any smoke.

Camilla Power: Myths of the Origins of Fire, 9 April 2019

 Women's Reproductive Signals - and cooperative Breeding Networks as the Revolution origin of sustainable human culture By lunar synchronized menstruation - is a sex strike - a female picket line using ochre red pigment - a cultural indicator signaling NO to any outlying males. So the males have to "invest" in raising the big-brained baby by providing meat through long distance hunting. Professor Camilla Power - Eland Bull dance ritual - the animal is taboo for the males to eat - after hunting the male has to bring it back - just as the female is taboo at menstruation as a group sex strike.

 according to the Australian aborigines - fire originates from the female's reproductive organ. It's the men's singing that "steals" the female's power - so that the men become the healers. The females then just have their wombs left - with the redness menstruation as the secret source of sacred fire. Women no longer control the healing rituals. The men instead mimic the female's menstruation while the female provide the food for the males. So the females have to still control the food in order to also control the fire and healing power of the males.

Easter is about the first Full Moon after the Equinox

So, it appears that I argue from an unsafe position ... that is, I am unable to shed enough of my western bias in attempting to understand what you have presented. However, you have left enough clues for me to pickup and follow ... perhaps get an inkling of what you are saying. I will try to remember to delve into this when I have finished my excursion into the world of metaphor.
For me this discussion lacks a frame of reference that I can latch onto for grounding ... and, in a way, points to the reason why I have had such difficulties with mathematics. If I can not relate to something more tangible then it begins to lose meaning for me.
As an old philosopher once said ... " I yam what I yam."
Thanks for taking the time.
yes the "western bias" is actually hard-wired as left-brain and right-hand dominance. So Michael Corballis, another prof. I corresponded with, has figured out that human language developed BECAUSE of tool use with the right hand. So in the original human culture - the healing trance songs were purposely using GIBBERISH for words because this N/om or Qi or Prana energy is based on our deep reptilian right-side vagus nerve to the 2nd brain (the gut). So with strong music training on an instrument - before the age of 7 - science has proven that this is the only Western practice that dramatically increases the corpus callosum that integrates the right and left brain. So the right side vagus nerve connects to the left side of the brain and music as frequency melody is right brain dominant. But the left side language brain vagus nerve does NOT connect to the right side of the brain!! So when we listen to music - especially with the eyes closed as visualization (our "attention" is also right brain dominant) - then this "empties" out the left brain via a deep right side vagus nerve activation of the left side of the brain.
So the syllogism, "I am what I am" is a circular tautology - that defines God or Brahman - and think of the "I" as the ONE and the AM as the 2:3:4 of music harmonics. The "that" is the 5th dimension that can not be seen - a Klein Bottle demonstrates this. So this is an ancient reference to the Bull as the last wild animal to be domesticated as a work animal. The wild bull that was NOT used as the work animal to pull the plow - was then ritually sacrificed in honor of the Solar calendar. But originally the wild Bull was the oldest religious training on Earth by humans - the Eland Bull trance dance at the first menstruation during the New Moon. So the female is Yang internally since the female via the vagus nerve orgasm, then naturally sublimates her male "yin qi" (yang jing) energy. Whereas the male has to be "initiated" into this secret of the female psychic lunar pineal gland energy via the deep right side vagus nerve activation. So in the original human culture ALL males were required to train in trance dance as "staying power" - with a month of fasting during the height of puberty - so that the life force energy was reunited back with the spirit to access the N/om of the Universe or Cosmic Ostrich Egg cracking open - the Tai Chi.
So Western science is actually not a "bias" but a structural drive of the elements on Earth - of fire as the Solar calendar taking over the Lunar psychic energy. The illusion of male patriarchy is then "hard-wired" as a lower back blockage - the inability to sit in full lotus yoga position then manifests this lower back blockage as a 2nd brain blockage. So the modern male is thereby controlled by their lower emotional drives as a subconscious drive of Science itself. This means that the technology as Machine is taking over - as Metal via Fire tries to wipe out Earth and Wood. But the WATER is macroquantum and governs life on Earth. So in the end the secret of the Single Perfect Yang is hidden within the Water energy as alchemy - to create new matter as the "golden key" - or from virtual photons from the future.

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Flame with a Punch! TLUD Silverfire Hunter biogasifier stove grilled cheese cooking experiment: PROOF in 10 pages of photos: PLUS the TLUD "Champion stove" in India wins award!

There's the set up - I've got cotton balls dunked and smeared in Petroleum Jelly or whatever it's called...then sticks that I gathered...

Here you can see the holes in the rim of the steel - where the biogas comes out of the secondary air chamber and then is burned off - once the pot or pan is put on top of the Hunter stove.

So there is that ring of holes and then another about 4 inches down - is another ring of holes.

That is where the secondary air comes in - once the front air is closed off - so then the air gets preheated.... I'm talking about those tiny vents. The big hole on the top is for the chimney pipe....

So the chimney is missing two top sections  (for now) - so that means I don't get as much of a vacuum draw from the hot air sucking up, as it expands while rising.... But I still get a chimney effect, as I'll show.

This is the Swedish fire started - I think it's called "Light my fire"  and that square metal has an "edge" to it just on one side. So you need to make sure that edge is facing the magnesium rod. Then that magnesium metal is somehow stronger than the usual magnesium. But you still are scraping off a spark that then lands on the cotton ball.

So the cotton ball petroleum jelly is burning nicely.

So at first you keep the bottom front vent open to have a lot of air flow to get the wood burning.

So you can see smoke coming out of the chimney because the front vent is still open.

Now with the vent closed there is now no smoking (hardly any) coming out of the chimney!! Presto - the fire is still going inside but the biogas vents are burning off the smoke.....

Pretty awesome.

Proof that the fire is still going.

Second grilled cheese sandwich cooking - and still NO smoke out of the chimney!! (hardly any) So the fire is indeed still going and yet no smoke!! Is that cool or what?

Hunter Specifications:
Cooking Fire Power: ≥ 1.5 KW
Thermal Efficiency: ≥ 35% (StoveTec/EcoZoom 30%)
Emissions Concentration (smoke): ≤ 25mg / m3
SO2 ≤ 20mg / m3
NOx: ≤ 120mg / m3
CO: ≤ 0.1%

Still no smoke as that 2nd grilled cheese sandwich finishes up.

OK so there you have it folks. A Biogas TLUD cooking stove in action.

Now the mistake I made was to try to take a photo of a "blue flame" out of the Hunter stove. What happened is the air inside got too cold - and some of the wood was probably damp.... and the thing just went out and was smoking. With the top open then the secondary vents blow the emissions back down into the fire so that the fire goes out.

 You should see no smoke unless operating the stove incorrectly, or you have damp fuel. Airflow control is extremely easy with this stove. You top light it like a candle and it burns down. The ventilation door should be closed after the flame is established. You also do not have to tend this stove like a rocket stove during high fire power operation....I used eight 3/4 inch by 3/4 inch scraps of hardwood flooring each about 5 inches long for fuel. Once started, I didn't touch the stove except for an occasional peek at the progress until the fuel was exhausted...
But that was due to operator error. Can we get a photo of a blue flame from the biogas vents on the Hunter stove? I know we can from the Survivor rocket stove (that also has biogas secondary vents).... Let's see.

I see that some have complained about smoking and/or the fire extinguishing mid-burn. I wonder if that might be caused by some types of fuel. I have only used sticks or small pieces of scrap dimensional lumber. Under these conditions smoking has been very minimal and fire die-out has been non-existent.
Ah - my fuel size was wrong!!  I had either too big or too small
  the TLUD operates optimally using granular fuels that are between the size of cat food and walnuts. Smaller fuel constricts the draft and can't sustain a flame, and larger, looser fuel has too much air flow, and yields more ash.

This review on youtube might show blue flames

Not really. In fact he lights the stove the wrong way!! You're supposed to light it from the Top down - after it is fully loaded! Amazing how many of these "reviewers" (business promoters) do NOT even understand HOW a gasifier stove works!!

 From the Silverfire website: Introducing the SilverFire® Hunter, a lightweight, portable natural draft chimney stove designed for both indoor & outdoor use! The Hunter is a top lit updraft gasifier (TLUD), powered by twigs, yard scrub, or any flammable biomass (why buy fuel?). TLUD's stoves utilize a batch fed combustion chamber. It is simple to operate. Vent the chimney outdoors to eliminate all household emissions. Insert vertical positioned fuel into the combustion chamber; next place a little tinder on top and light! To fine tune your flame adjust the ventilation door at the bottom of the stove. That's all there is to it! The portable SilverFire® Hunter model opens up a new frontier in biomass clean cook stoves. You now have the capacity to eliminate all household emissions! TLUD technology has been around for over 100 years. Primary air passes through your fuel as it combusts in the combustion chamber and becomes carbon monoxide gas. The carbon monoxide gas is then burned and mixed with the preheated secondary air, above the fire. The secondary air combustion appearance is like a gas stove and is know as a Chinese burner. The end result of your biomass fuel is to produce minimal amounts of ash, soot, and bio-char, which is required to be removed from the stove after cooking for maximum stove performance.

  I used a 3 inch elbow and a 3 inch to 6 inch adapter to hook it up to a chimney I was using for a wood stove I no longer have installed. The only downside is cleaning the stove, the only way to clean out the ashes is to turn the stove upside down and dump the ashes out, to do this you have to disconnect the stove pipe, the stovepipe will have fine ash inside and you have to be careful not to make a mess you will have to clean up, best to have a bucket close by to set the end of the stovepipe in....
 Yeah I was thinking of getting a 6 inch adapter....

  In the event you want to slow the cooking process down (e.g. slow cooking with cast iron) add thicker, dense fuel into the combustion chamber. Dense material takes longer to burn, ideal for slow cooking. Combustion in the Hunter produces very little smoke or soot, if using dry fuel. The beauty of the Hunter is that the first 20 - 40 minutes of cooking is high fire power (boiling operations, browning meat, etc...), then for the next two hours a wonderful diminishing, simmering heat is present (low fire power cooking). The stove is dialed in for maximum cooking performance. At any time, you can also just add more fuel and primary air to stoke the stove back up to high fire power cooking too! Just add fuel and open the ventilation door a couple of fingers to add primary air is all that is required.
 But one has to be very careful....
only burn the dryest, smallest split wood you can find, ALWAYS use fire starters, newspaper is not worth the hassle. Do not use this inside a structure, unless it is vented and fanned, or you LOVE the smell of wood smoke, and mayhaps the sound of cursing.
 Another youtube review

So that review wrongly emphasizes the need for space between the loaded wood - for air. See my quote below from Dr TLUD himself that emphasizes - the whole point of the biogas stove is that the air does not come into direct contact with the burning fuel - but only with the secondary gas from the burning fuel (separated by the biochar). We shall see the details on this.

So after studying the below TLUD business in India - they emphasize the need for primary air to remain - not too much wood in the bottom. (Oh wait - that was a DIFFERENT stove - not the gasifier Champion stove - just a rocket stove).  This Hunter stove review - he keeps the primary fully open the whole time.

3rd review on youtube

 This stove cooks with a cadence that is wonderful when understood: the first 1/2 hour or so utilizing high firepower, then the following period is lower fire power with heat still coming out of the combustion chamber a couple hours later if densely packing with twigs. There are 3 levels of combustion and it is significantly faster cooking and more efficient than a primary combustion rocket stove. The Hunter stove does not go out when used correctly. There are lots of videos on the SilverFire website demonstrating correct operating procedures. The number one advantage is you do not have to tend this stove after you light it, unlike a rocket stove. Longer duration burns are achieved with denser fuel.
Biomass Biogasification stoves in India - wins sustainability award - youtube

Servals TLUD biogas stove in India - youtube - similar design as Hunter stove!

TLUD in India - vid Anganvadi

Servals wins the Sankalp 2010 Award in Clean Energy

I am happy to announce that Servals are the proud winners of the Sankalp 2010 award in the Clean Energy Sector.

 We won the Sankalp award for our energy solution around the TLUD Gasifier Stove.
 TLUD stove in India - details - vid on youtube

SERVALS champion biogas stove

So we can see this is almost precisely the same claims as the Hunter Silverfire TLUD stove!!

So this has this "spill tray with telescopic connector" as a Damper on the flame heat level.

The Hunter stove does not have that capability.

Instead you get three levels of heat based on what stage the fire is at - a primary burn at the top, a primary burn at the bottom or a charcoal burn.

TLUD means Top Lit Updraft. This is different from most of the ordinary cooking stoves which are Bottom Lit Updraft. There is a lot of interest in TLUD technology around the world since this saves around 65-75 per cent fuel material compared to a traditional 3-stone fire wood stove.
It also reduces the cooking time by half.
So Dr. TLUD helped design that stove in India...  here is his keynote talk in 2012... on TLUD stoves...

Gases from Biomass. Biogas is a well known term. It's rotting manure and everything like that. It's anaerobic digestion. It's giving you a very clean gas, that can be burned very very cleanly. And they took the name biogas. When you take some solids, some wood and you're gonna be pyrolyzing it - it is technically Biogas. So we use the term "wood gas" or Pyro gas or these types of things like that.

Now the KEY element here for its cleanliness is they are gases being burned. The reason that these Microgasifiers are cleaner burning stoves is that the oxygen that is coming in for doing the combustion ONLY has contact and mixes with GASES. It's not out there mixing with the wood or the other fuels and things like that. GASIFIERS separate the creation of the gases from where thoses gases are being combusted. That separation might be a matter of a few centimeters or a matter of a few milliseconds. However it is separated and it greatly facilitates the mixing and the turbulence and stuff so you can get a clean burning into there.
So that means there is NO NEED to create "air" within the wood pile in the stove. Fascinating! Several of the youtube reviews do NOT understand how the Hunter stove works - and so think you need AIR space between the wood - when loading the stove.... BUT NOW WE KNOW THE TRUTH from Dr. TLUD himself!!!

things which are locally available in rural areas. To get a fast ignition we are now creating these gases right in the very top in there. Those gases come up and they give you a flame with a punch... just as if it's the last of that burn or the middle part and the last of that particular burn.
We light it. We have high heat in the beginning.
This is not the raging fire at the top.....It does not make this chamber glow red hot. You get to the bottom and you let that Primary Air flow in with full force - You can make that metal glow red hot on the bottom and it will shorten the life of the stove. I've been saying for years TAKE THE CHAR out. Dump it out...

For over a hundred years scientists and engineers have known that combustion of biomass is cleaner when the air is well mixed with only combustible gases, instead of having the combustion occur in zones where solid fuel is still present. The creation of combustible gases that are separate from the

combustion of those gases is a clearly distinguishing characteristic of a true "gasifier".

Practical gasification in small devices (i.e., micro-gasification) was not achieved until

1985 when Dr. Thomas B. Reed conceptualized and accomplished what is now called

"Top-Lit Updraft" (TLUD) gasification with batches of biomass fuel. In 2004 Dr. Paul S.
Anderson created a variation of traditional updraft micro-gasification with continuous-
operation, being called AVUD for "Another Variation Updraft" to distinguish it from
conventional updraft gasifiers. To achieve these advances, Drs. Reed and Anderson
mainly do practical experimentation based on combustion theory and principles*.

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A 15 inch (38 cm) riser or "pre-pot internal chimney" is needed to achieve the
natural [UP] draft, but additional chimney height is needed at elevations above 3000 feet (1000 meters).
Gasification 101 - you only want 1/4th the amount of oxygen needed for a complete burn