Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Does the RadioFlyer wagon All Terrain wheel Model 22w really have thinner steel than the model 32z?

 Here is the 22W RadioFlyer model:

Highlights: Color : Red Material: Steel Dimensions: 16-1/4" W x 9-1/2" H x 37-1/4" L Recommended Age: 1-1/2 year Weight Capacity: 200 lb
Here is 32z:
 Radio Flyer Pneumatic Tire Wagon, 37-1/4 in Length, 18-1/2 in Width, 9-1/2 in Depth, Steel/Wood, Red, For Ages Over 1-1/2 Years
AH so it is 2 inches WIDER.
I could actually sit in this 32z wagon - I just put it together so the dog can pull me.
But will the steel hold? Is it really stronger steel?
 Also the model we received is model 32. Some people received the model 22w. These two model are different. The model 32 is about an inch bigger all around and the metal lip is an inch longer making it much easier grip and he metal bin seem much more heavy duty comparing to the 22w.

Well according to the specs it is the same length and depth but it is two inches wider.

So I got lucky because the 22W model is sold at the SAME price as the 32Z model - it seems no one notices the difference between the two models!!

Also some people report the tires offgassing a terrible toxic death smell while others don't notice any smell. I also got lucky with no smell noticeable. So my guess is that is based on the different models as well.

This 22w spec is definitely more narrow - 3 inches! Also shorter in length. 

  • Height: 20"
  • Length: 34.5"
  • Width: 15.25" 

So it seems the different Chinese factories making these wagons have different specs and different quality of materials.

 So a lot of people complain the wagon arrives all dent up - so that must be the thinner metal 22W model.

Platform length (in.)
33-5/8 in.
Platform maximum height (in.)
5-1/2 in.
Platform width (in.)
15-3/4 in.

Right so Harbor Freight sells the smaller model for a super cheap price - it's way cheaper than what I paid - but if it is thinner metal and not as wide then it simply would NOT work for my intended purpose.

I put the shipping box cardboard into the wagon to displace the weight better - the "double wall" cardboard with the air insulation holds 60 to 150 pounds - so it's good to help displace the load on the metal of the wagon. So the wagon held so far!!

 Also the cheaper version has the wheels made of plastic (or at least some very noxious rubber) and that's why they smell so toxic.

Just because the wheels have air in them doesn't mean the wheels are not plastic!! 

The more expensive wagon that I bought has rubber wheels - not plastic.

 Now how do we find the steel thickness? Let's try Alibaba - I have reverse engineered chinese factory parts using Alibaba before.

Sure enough - here is the CHEAP model of the imitation Radioflyer wagon that Harbor Freight sells

 So they pay $34.50 per wagon and sell them for $60.

So these are the ones with very thin metal and very noxious smelling tires.

I thought I recognized that factory - they made my fertilizer spreader also! That fertilizer spreader is good enough to do the job...

Another factory sells the wagon for $15 each!! Wow.

Here's a third company selling the same time of wagon.

No wonder the quality varies so much.

two more companies!!

This one has a much better handle design

 Still don't know the thickness of the steel.

I should have looked up what factory was on the box!! Oops.


11)Tray thickness:0.6mm

 OK this one is definitely higher quality

 It's not the RadioFlyer wagon but it's similar. So what's that rating for steel?

23 gauge? Wow... what's duct pipe gauge?

24 gauge.

So yeah that's some seriously thin metal. Only a bit thicker than Duct Metal!! Hilarious.

So what's fascinating is that all these different wagons use the SAME accessory parts for the axles and steering, etc.

Here's the supposed "Classic" RadioFlyer wagon - it has PVC wheels!! Egads!!

 Here it is marketed on Amazon for $122

What's the "classic" wholesale price from Alibaba? $18 each!!! hahahaha.

Quite the markup!!

Well I couldn't find the particular RadioFlyer model but it's maybe the same factory that makes that "classic" PVC model.

 Durable PVC pneumatic wheels with a quiet ride

 There you go - that's why people's wheels stink so badly!!! Crazy - the "air" wheels are PVC!!

Luckily mine are not pvc tires.

Monday, June 27, 2022

Second Sound as novel spin current: Andrija Puharich on the Julian Schwinger Magnetic Monopole from the inherent asymmetric noncommutative time-frequency proton energy

 Commentary to this vid discussion on antigravity


 sonoluminescence in ferrofluid-based hyperbolic metamaterials, ... According
to Eberlein, sonoluminescence occurs when the rapidly moving surface of a microscopic bubble created by ultrasound converts virtual photons into real ones. Like in the Unruh effect, the resulting sonoluminescence spectrum appears to be similar to a black-body spectrum. , the sound waves in hyperbolic metamaterials look similar to gravitational waves, and
therefore the quantized sound waves (phonons) look similar to gravitons


   Dr. Andrija Puharich referenced Schwinger on magnetic monopoles. So Puharich's claim was recently corroborated - the quark inherently is asymmetric in the proton - with the antimatter dominating. The definition of "symmetry breaking" already assumes the amplitude squared "collapse" of the wave whereas time-frequency noncommutativity is inherently asymmetric based on the imaginary number as quantum algebra before any creation of spacetime. 

So Professor Basil J. Hiley calls it "PreSpace" and Penrose calls it "Fundamental Time" while Louis Kauffman calls it "Primordial Time" and Fields Medal math professor Alain Connes calls it "primitive time." If you study Puharich's final book - he goes into Schwinger - the pdf of that book has the pages mixed up. So I had to print out the pdf and the recollate the pages. haha. I should have scanned it and reuploaded it so the pages were collated properly. 

Yeah my book quotes the Puharich Schwinger research. Strange Vibrations: Why Noncommutativity explains the truth of reality via music as meditation is free pdf on academia site Puharich citing Schwinger: 

 "the protonic "GO" command to divide......This has now been identified as the magnetic fields emanating from the magnetic monopoles residing in quarks within the proton as omegons (also called preons). …The current density pulse besides metering out "quanta" of chemical transmitter material has another function which is to act on pernineural water shells with a hydrolysis-like action. This effect on water protons becomes, in my theory, the basis for memory....I find that a magnetic basis for matter, as proposed by Schwinger, is required in order to explain l[left-handed]-amino acid molecular asymmetry of life processes operating through proton magnetic asymmetry. …life asymmetry reflects the weak violation of parity that exists in the cosmos. ..I believe that if the proton-proton spin coupling exists in DBP [direct brain perception] it should be possible to shield a sender from a receiver in a telepathy experiment…. The distinctive aspect of this scheme is that protons form the storage, and hence the gestalt of the system; while input and output access is mediated by quantum electronic and photonic pulses."

 From the equivalent quasiparticle point of view, spin waves are known as magnons, which are bosonic modes of the spin lattice that correspond roughly to the phonon excitations of the nuclear lattice.


 Second sound is a quantum mechanical effect manifesting itself as a wave-like (in contrast with
diffusion) heat transfer, or energy propagation, in a gas of quasi-particles. ....Here, we report observation of a
room-temperature magnonic second sound, or a wave-like transport of both energy and spin angular momentum, in a quasi-equilibrium gas of magnons undergoing Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) in a ferrite film. Due to the contact of the magnon gas with pumping photons and phonons, dispersion of the magnonic second sound differ qualitatively from the phononic case, as there is no diffusion regime, and the second sound
velocity remains finite at low wavenumbers. Formation of BEC in the gas of magnons modifies the
second sound properties by creating an additional channel of energy relaxation.

 This allows one to excite the magnonic second sound coherently, by an alternating magnetic field of a sufficiently low frequency
lying inside the spectral gap, which makes this signal incapable of excitation of regular magnons (magnonic “first” sound).
Besides, from a less general point of view of modern spintronics, the magnonic second sound would be rather interesting, because the propagating magnonic second sound transfers not only the energy (heat) but, also, the
spin angular momentum. Thus, the magnonic second sound wave represents a novel type of a spin current, that is neither purely ballistic (carried by regular magnons) 28,29 , nor diffusive 29 , and, also, rather different from the
magnonic supercurrents manifesting themselves in a room temperature BEC of magnons 21–24
vid explanation of Spin Waves as Magnons - Dr. Jashangeet Kaur


 This can be achieved via polarity switching: when an electric field is applied to the complex plasma that is alternating with a
frequency much larger than the microparticle plasma frequency (10–100 Hz) and much smaller than the ion plasma frequency (about 10 MHz) [45], the microparticles experience an averaged electric field depending on the duty cycle of the polarity switching. If the duty cycle is selected carefully, small residual forces such as that from a gas flow can be compensated, trapping the microparticles in the tube.

 So in fact this is the quantum beat "negative resonance" as Spin Current or Magnon Second Sound.

Very wild corroboration of the same concept I have been promoting.

This is some Russian-Indian science collaboration that is published in Nature also.



A Ph.D. on it!

Oh that's just a summary of the Ph.d. with only one mention of the Russian/Indian "Second Sound" research

[91] V. Tiberkevich, I. Borisenko, P. Nowik-Boltyk, V. Demidov, A. Rinkevich, S. Demokritov, and A. Slavin, “Excitation of coherent second sound waves in a dense magnon gas,” Scientific reports, vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 1–9, 2019.

 Uncompensated Magnetic Moment - vid explanation

 The synergistic effects among the metamaterial and ferrite layers may enhance the absorption feature and would be useful for satellite communication applications.