Saturday, March 2, 2019

The Floodmag invites me to submit an article: Until Civilization Collapses

 I received an "invitation" email for submission from a radical spiritual journal:

So I uploaded my submission to this "marketing" site.

Also I will repost it here.

Until Civilization Collapses: The Anatomy of Asymmetric Alchemy and the Eco-Apocalypse


Drew W. Hempel, MA

In Westernized education, a style that covers most of the planet now, we are brainwashed by Platonic symmetric "materialistic idealism" logic as taught through our math classes. No one would "question" the Pythagorean Theorem since it's used any time someone does building construction. Little do we know that, as math professor Abraham Seidenberg revealed, science is a religion with math as the secret "ritual origin." 

So we should not be surprised at just how serious our situation is today in terms of what I dubbed the "rotten root" at the foundation of Western civilization - this is based on the secret music origins of math, from what math professor Luigi Borzacchini calls the "deep pre-established disharmony" that is the "guiding evoltive principle" of Western science.

But what other alternative do we have? Well actually humans, us modern biological humans, all originate from the San Bushmen culture that survived the Mt. Toba super-volcano explosion, 70,000 years ago. So our common DNA modern biology is from a "genetic bottleneck" of just a few thousand humans - and so 90% of our modern biological history is actually directly attributable to this original human culture. And yet even in the midst of our high-techno info age hardly anyone really knows the details of the original human culture, the San Bushmen culture. Only Dr. Bradford Keeney has been accepted as a "master healer" (not the exact term) or a "Big Doctor" - in the San Bushmen culture. You see all the males in the original human culture are or were required to train in spiritual healing.

So this truth of science is quite radical and the secrets of the San Bushmen culture have been rediscovered, with the logic again based on music theory but only now expressed in science through what is called "noncommutative phase" or asymmetry logic - a type of unified field theory science. So it was physicist Eddie Oshins while tasked to study "quantum psychology" - a term he dubbed - Oshins realized that in fact the secret of noncommutative phase logic was also the secret of nonwestern alchemical meditation training. Oshins worked at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and so he was upset when his research was co-opted into the more New Age "marketing" of 
spirituality - while the real "noncommutative phase" logic was missing from the New Age analysis.

What does this all mean for us modern humans? Our psycho-physiology is all wrong. But there has been a couple traditions that have continued on the San Bushmen healing culture - like the qigong Neigong Daoist training for spiritual healing or various meditation yoga traditions of India, for example. But again Westernized education not only does not include the yoga training but the West is based on symmetric logic, built in the math of the continuum, as a materialistic idealism. It's not until you investigate relativistic quantum physics, based on this noncommutative phase logic, that then the direct connection to our original human culture is realized.

But unfortunately time is "running out" for us humans and the biosphere that we evolved out of. So unfortunately there is an escalating crisis of lack of resources. Such has been the amazing cost of Westernization - a tradition that actually goes back around 9,000 BCE. A good book that reveals this training is the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" - it is free online. The book takes years to study and it's a very intense read. I mean it takes years to figure out all the fancy terminology and how it is all interrelated. 

So what I did is I tested out my qigong training (that I did to finish my master's degree in 2000, from the University of Minnesota) and I tested this qigong meditation against strong psychedelic healing medicines - while I was in full lotus yoga position. Also I was able to study directly from the assistant of the Chinese qigong master who taught us - So I mean - Jim Nance who was the teaching assistant of Chunyi Lin of so Jim actually healed my mom when she had been barely able to walk. He healed her while he was talking to me on the phone.

That is all I will share for now. In effect we need to question everything we've been taught. But also this does not mean that this spiritual body-mind (anatomy) training is not deadly serious. In fact on a serious level then the healer transcends death. So I know for a fact that ghosts are real. Before now I was a strong environmental and social justice activist. But I realized that the core origin of today's problems actually runs deeper. So if we go before Plato - to the PreSocratics - then we can get hints as to the proper training for real true success.

So maybe we have just a couple years or a couple days - until civilization collapses.

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