Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Location of the Lower Tan T'ien in Daoist alchemy - BEHIND the navel: Quegu shiqi fang (Methods to Abstain from Grain and Eat Qi

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2nd century BCE - teaching to "ingest" or "imbibe" yang qi from the Universe (instead of yin qi from food)....
Quegu shiqi fang (Methods to Abstain from Grain and Eat Qi

Since life and death are measured in proportion to the heavenly and earthly vapors, the restoration of life means regulation of these vapors. This principle gave rise to the macrobiotic hygiene practiced in ancient China. Associated with earth, the grain produces the yin vapor. So, the longevity-seeking individual is advised to eliminate the consumption of grain—the earthly product that leads to decay—by practicing the austere purifying dietetic known as “eliminating the grain” (bi gu ). He is urged to “eat vapor” (shi qi ), the product of heaven, by practicing breath culti-vation.95 The goal is to let out the stale yin vapor and supply the body with fresh and invigorating yang vapor.96 “The essence of ultivating vapor is to exit from death and enter into life (zhi qi zhi jing, chu si ru sheng , ).”97

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Lead (true lead = white tiger) is Metal within Water (black lead)
Mercury is Silver within Fire


taihe zhi jingqi If you wish to fill your belly, first empty the mind.