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The Three Gunas of No Guna as the secret of the Three Musical Strings

11 hours ago, dwai said:
The closest I've come to the gunas in Daoist tradition is (and its my personal opinion, fwiw) --
  • Rajas - Yang
  • Tamas - Yin
  • Sattva - Balance between yin-yang

Slavoj Zizek made the mistake, back in the early 90s, of dismissing New Ageism as based on Harmony as a false believe of "balance." So I wrote a 1996 essay critiquing Zizek - stating he didn't really understand music theory and so therefore he misunderstood nonwestern philosophy. I sent it to him and he responded with a postcard, "After a quick glance it looks very interesting. I'll read it and get back to you." Instead his answer was his 1997 book called "The Plague of Fantasies." This was his "strawman argument" against my critique of him. He just doubled down on his claim of the New Age view being this false sense of balance.

Unfortunately this error of balance is deep on Western philososphy - built into the wrong music theory creating irrational geometric magnitude math. So as math professor Abraham Seidenberg points out - it originates from the Zoroastrian and Vedic math - to center the wheel of the chariot. So the word balance has that meaning as  "ákṣa" based on a chariot axle.

But in reality the "three  gunas" are older than the Vedic philosophy and so are from nonwestern music theory. Here is the proper definition of "balance" as the three gunas:

During the potential condition of Prakrti (Cosmic Substance) the three Gunas are in a state of constant motion within themselves without affecting one another. This inherent subtle movement is the nature of the Gunas and exists without effecting any objective result. Because of this inherent movement, no external cause is neces-sary to upset this triune state of balance.

And this is explained through basic nonwestern music theory - but we call get brainwashed by the square root of two that is taught in Western math-philosophy from the wrong music theory.

So the paradox is that Rajas as Yang Qi is actually 2/3 and 3/2 at the same time - as C to F subharmonic and C to G overtone harmonic. This creates a NEW octave with the 1 as the 3 now - called in music theory the "Phantom Tonic." This is what Ramana Maharshi calls the "three in one unity." In science it's called "time-frequency uncertainty" - actually Sri Aurobindo recognized this paradox of meditation as being the same as found in quantum physics also. But since Aurobindo took on the Freemasonry or "external path" as Vivekananda called it - then the UNESCO yoga philosophy was subsumed into Western "Golden Ratio" Platonic ideology based on symmetric "balance." haha.

And so the "balance" is actually what is called the "three gunas of NO guna" as an eternal process of time that we can logically infer (but not visually see as say the center of the chariot wheel).

This "Three gunas of No  Guna" is from music theory. I'll get the reference.

The Vibrating Universe - Page 144 - Google Books Result

Nr̥siṃhacaraṇa Paṇḍā - 1995 - ‎Philosophy

p. 381


Isvara (God) is the Great Musician. His musicial instrument or the Vinya is Maya with three strings - sattva, rajas, and tamas [Octave, Perfect Fifth and Perfect Fourth].... The musical tones that we perceive and enjoy are not real although those are not nothing.
When these three gunas are in equipoised, prakrti remains in a dormant state or quiescent state. 
Prakrti is the three gunas, having no gunas.
Although the primal prakrti is not unchanging, the change is homogenous, from similar to similar.

p. 17

18 hours ago, Still_Waters said:
While all that you wrote is quite interesting, I am sufficiently aware that I will never probe the depths of quantum physics as you have done nor to I intend to do so. My pathless path is to "Know Yourself" and to become as firmly established in the stillness as possible. Wilbur's compilation of mystical writings from the Nobel-Prize-winning quantum physicists and Capra's Tao of Physics (albeit geared more simplistically for the masses which include me in this respect) have served their purpose in convincing me that there are no significant contradictions between modern physics and eastern mysticism. Perhaps, that is all I need to know with scantier details than you felt necessary for your own unfolding.

Well actually what you say is true but with the irony that in fact Zoroastrian and Vedic philosophy are actually the foundation of Western science! This is proven by math professor Abraham Seidenberg's essays on the "ritual origins of geometry." So when you say "eastern" - science has now proven with DNA studies that indeed there was a Brahmin "invasion" of India - via chariots. So actually the "three gunas" philosophy is like Daoism - they are an older philosophy. This "chariot" culture also invaded Western China. So modern physics and so-called "eastern" mysticism are very much alike in the sense that both rely on symmetric logic - what Ramana Maharshi calls the "I-I" that emanates out of the heart. So there is a kind of "vanishing mediator" effect when reading Ramana Maharshi - this is why Westerners do not understand him. He spoke in Tamil which is a tonal musical language - the older languages are more musical - and he did fall back on the "three gunas" philosophy. But Westerners instead project their own Platonic deep mind control onto Ramana.

18 hours ago, Still_Waters said:

Despite the typo that you noted (:)), I do subscribe to the theory that "Silence is Golden" and have made that inner silence a significant element in my practice.

It is my understanding also that Nisargadatta did not DEMONSTRATE shakti power but I do not interpret that to indicate that he had not experienced sahaja (seedless) samadhi. I recall a cute story about some one who asked Nisargadatta if he could tell the weather in New York. He responded "No" but he added that, if he wanted to do so, he could although it required special training and practice. There are some powers/siddhis that just do not command interest and it is my understanding that a sage can hold back the shakti/shaktpat at will.

Yes this is precisely why reading the book "Measuring Meditation" by Bill Bodri (and Master Nan, Huai-chin) - a book that critiques Ramana Maharshi. There is a paradox in what you are claiming - that a sage can "hold back" the shaktipat at will. I will give you an example. Qigong master Chunyi Lin took part in a medical healing research study but the doctor, a university professor, required the qigong master to do "fake" healings. The problem with this is that when the qigong master detects the energy blockages then he also is doing healing of the energy blockages at the same time! Why is this? Because for the Shakti energy - this is the Yuan Shen or the "light of no light" - and so the Advaita or Jnani does not experience any space or time while in the Emptiness. So this means that it is the Emptiness that does the healing and not the "will" of the Jnani. So for Ramana Maharshi he had to meditate non-stop for 9 years to achieve "eternal liberation" as a jnani - but this is not acknowledged by David Godman, the main promoter of Ramana Maharshi in the West! haha. So after physical death is transcended - then with each breath, the spirit goes beyond death. As Ramana Maharshi described - his spirit as light disappeared when his heart stopped and he just was in bliss as energy for 15 minutes with no heart beat - and then a strong shock was experienced on the right side of his heart - causing his spirit to manifest on his left side.

So this is the same as Daoist alchemy - the Yang Shen is the left eye as we experience physical perceptions as "external" reality through the left brain but it is the yin qi energy - while the yang qi energy goes to the right side of the heart to access the Yuan Qi beyond physical death. So this is actually based on a resonance of complementary opposites as the goal and the path of the meditation. So Ramana Maharshi argued that music mantras become just mechanical and create just a trance state while left brain logical enquiry is able to maintain Nirvikalpa Samadhi to get to the root of eternal liberal - beyond all the astral realms of the spiritual ego (with the spirit leaving the body). Indeed as Jim Nance told me - you could be a qigong master with your third eye fully open but still not have achieved the deep heart enlightenment. So he had to go on "sabbatical" to meditate nonstop to then achieve this state. But this secret of complementary opposites, as Mayahana Buddhism emphasizes, includes the body as well - and this is detailed in the Daoist alchemy training, also Kriya yoga gives the details.

So Ramana Maharshi had to rely on the volunteers to take of his body while it wasted away - this is the legacy of the Brahmin Vedic caste system. So you have the warrior caste, etc. The Daoists and Ch'an Buddhists relied on self-sufficient farming and charging money to do healing - and then also trained the physical bodies to fill up with the Yuan Qi energy stored in the lower tan t'ien. Ramana Maharshi - in his 1947 edition of his "Who Am I?" Book - so it's not online and most Westerners do not know about this book - Ramana clearly shows an image of the necessary kundalini energy that is first required to achieve Nirvikalpa Samadhi. So as Master Nan, Huai-chin points out - unless this kundalini energy is activated so that the body channels are first open, then the real Emptiness as Nirvikalpa Samadhi can not even first be achieved. Vivekananda also clearly explains this in his series of books on yoga - Jnana Yoga is the highest level AFTER Raja or royal yoga based on full lotus padmasana.

18 hours ago, Still_Waters said:
 My sense of Ramana is as you stated and I too feel that he meditated years after his nirvikalpa samadhi experience at the age of 16 but obviously do not know for sure what was actually happening with Ramana at that time.

So as the book Taoist Yoga explains - you can achieve Nirvikalpa Samadhi as the Dao - but then it can not be "stabilized" - also called "Laying the Foundation" - there has to be a very strict protocol followed to maintain celibacy and continue buidling up the energy. This requires fasting also. So this is why Ramana refused to even see his mom and he meditated non-stop. This is not appreciated by Westerners - instead people just want to "believe" based on the words, etc. The Shakti energy manifests naturally as part of the delving deeper into the Emptiness - so the Power IS the Emptiness. This is why Poonjaji experienced the Yang Shen of Ramana Maharshi and then Ramana told Poonjaji - you can't see God. haha. Similarly in Daoist alchemy - the Yang Shen "vaporizes" just as the physical body also "vaporizes" - it goes back to the Fa Shen which is the boundless body of Yuan Qi or the "Ether-Knowledge" as Jnana - the OM-power of the light.

18 hours ago, Still_Waters said:
As for healings, I am often suspicious of those who do healings publicly for prolonged periods of time especially if they do it for money. However, as in the case of the instantaneous multiple-personality-disorder "cures" and my own NDE, I am very aware that the mind is a major component in healings. This is one area that I have researched without drawing attention to myself.

Thanks for your input. I am now shifting away from more detailed research into quantum physics and proceeding more with the process of "Know Yourself" and becoming firmly established in the stillness. My sense is that this is most appropriate for me at this point in time. Thanks again for your input.

Yes so it's only necessary to understand complementary opposites. So the original human culture achieved all of this - the San Bushmen - and the training spread around the world. The deep right side vagus nerve - the dorsal vagus nerve - activates and stores up the kundalini energy. So this goes to the right side of the heart - as the "secret" pinhole - the direct path that Ramana Maharshi emphasized. This is also the secret discussed in the Taoist Yoga: alchemy and immortality book. So there is an eternal process of complementary opposites energy that flows as future time and past time - and the Yuan Shen is at the speed of light that is turned around. So for the Jnani - with the light turned around - there is a Zero/Infinite rest frame but since light has no rest mass, there is still a "heavy" light as relativistic mass also called the "noncommutative spacetime" source of the light. So this has to include relativity as much as quantum physics. So this is why qigong master Zhang Hongbao called this secret from Einstein as the Golden Key as superluminal matter - "the golden key" - is superluminal yin matter. So Master Zhang realized that Einstein relativity just had to be expanded. In fact Einstein was proven wrong - he couldn't believe in what he had called "ghost fields." haha. There is indeed this non-local field - also called the Phononic Field - or Mouna Samadhi.

18 hours ago, Still_Waters said:

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