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What makes Humans "special" - Human Paradox of Rhythm and the Dendrophilia Hypothesis of W. Tecumseh Fitch, Ph.D. researcher professor

To see "tree structures" where ever we go - especially musically and linguistically.....

This is his lecture. It is completely fascinating and backed up with lots of research.
 I have argued that Darwin’s model for language evolution, “musical protolanguage,” suitably updated, provides a compelling fit to both the phenomenology of modern music and language, and to a wealth of comparative data.


Ravignani agrees, citing working memory as one example of a biological constraint that could shape our musical preferences. If working memory can process just five to seven elements at a time, as many scientists say, it would be impossible for our minds to keep track of 12 beats in any given moment. But if we transform those beats into regular groupings of smaller, repeating elements, then we should be able to compress the information to fit the limited capacity of our working memory. “This is the best working hypothesis we have,” says Ravignani, who adds that the biological hypothesis “dovetails nicely” with other research in cognitive science and psychology.
And so Bird Brains are as smart as human brains!!

 Some birds achieve primate-like levels of cognition, even though their brains tend to be
much smaller in absolute size. This poses a fundamental problem in comparative and
computational neuroscience, because small brains are expected to have a lower information-processing capacity. Using the isotropic fractionator to determine numbers of neurons in specific brain regions, here we show that the brains of parrots and songbirds contain on  average twice as many neurons as primate brains of the same mass, indicating that avian brains have higher neuron packing densities than mammalian brains. Additionally, corvids and parrots have much higher proportions of brain neurons located in the pallial telencephalon compared with primates or other mammals and birds. Thus, large-brained parrots and corvids have forebrain neuron counts equal to or greater than primates with …
 And back to Dendrophilia:

Miller's hypothesis suggests not only that humans are able to go beyond regular grammars, but also that human observers are biased to view sequences as hierarchically structured, even when the generating algorithm is a serial, finite‐state system. Because all stimulus sets generated by finite‐state grammars can also be parsed by context‐free grammar, this may be a cognitive example of the aphorism “to a man with a hammer everything looks like a nail.” We might think of this bias as a form of dendrophilia—an inordinate fondness for tree structures—in our species.119
 pdf - the Human Paradox of Rhythm






So this is what I called the Zeugma-Smegma model - a joke on Chomsky but something I discovered over ten years ago. I'm glad a well-respected scientist has made the same discovery! What I argued is that the triadic music interval stucture is the same as the Noun-Verb-proposition triadic structure of syntax that Chomsky relies on.

Rigorous Intuition (v. 2.0): The Unnameable
Nov 5, 2007 - Chomsky's zeugma = lack of smegma in his brain. .... and other indications, and was eventually able to "see" the vessels as they drew near.

 By the way -- Chomsky' Zyegma also is a 3 in 1 function but since he's using logarithmic-based deriatives his analysis, like Corballis, is limited to symmetry, and therefore inherently flawed. Western math is derived from nonwestern music..........

 The connection between opposable thumbs and language is answered by Professor William H. Calvin's amazing book: "The Ascent of Mind."

Corballis argues that left-brain-right hand dominance coevolved since bipedalism makes an unstable and unsafe situation while left-brain language and right-hand function protects the left-side asymmetry of the heart (the most important organ of the body).

What Calvin adds to this is Darwin's perception that adaptions can have multiple functions -- so sequential time functions (eye-hand precise throwing) and sequential syntax actually use the same part of the brain, byproducts of the same adaptive function.

Calvin errors though in suggesting the music was a side-effect of the above two functions. In fact, as Dr. Daniel Levitin and now Professor Oliver Sacks emphasize, not only did music start as the first language but it remains essential for proper brain-body function, as the processor of electrochemicals.

If we take into account Dr. Jeremy Narby's argument that DNA is an information transductor for superliminal visions and that DNA uses a 3 in 1 language code, just like nonwestern music and that psychotropic training relies on music to guide the visions -- then we've solved the whole

retarded western language as globalcide condundrum.

By the way -- Chomsky' Zyegma also is a 3 in 1 function but since he's using logarithmic-based deriatives his analysis, like Corballis, is limited to symmetry, and therefore inherently flawed. Western math is derived from nonwestern music.

 Professor Michael Corballis has an article in the New Scientist a couple issues back stating that what makes humans unique is our ability for recursive language. He used birdsong as a counter-example, stating it was “repetitive.” I emailed him — he’s in New Zealand — stating that I had emailed him previously but he hadn’t responded (after I had read his “the Lop-Sided Ape” book several years ago). My previous email was along similar lines and that he was imposing Western harmonics onto bird-song, thereby rendering it “repetitive.” I pointed out that most of the bird-song is actually in ultrasound.

He responded almost immediately — does ultrasound make it recursive? Well my response was too cranky for him to reply but essentially the definition of recursive relies on symmetrical form whereas natural overtones of bird-song are asymmetrical. Besides the fact that there are several human languages now found to not be recursive — much to the chagrin of Noam Chomsky and his “universal grammar transformation” or whatever. He and I corresponded as well.

Maybe I speak alien after all.

 So W. Tecumseh Fitch makes the same point - that the term "recursive" is actually not accurate!!

 Gerald Hawkins' crop circle analysis is considered definitive. He as an astronomy Ph.D. from Boston College and he published an article in a math journal challenging anyone to reproduce the secret music proof he found in Euclid.

No one could respond -- in fact the proof he relies on is well-known in music theory. For example the 3-4-5 triangle is 3:4 as the Perfect 4th and 4:5 as the Major Third.

Even still Hawkins doesn't understand that those ratios are ASYMMETRIC (unlike Euclid's symmetric-based proof). So the music intervals C to G as Perfect 5th equal G to C as a Perfect 4th, thereby violating the commutative principle which Euclid relied on.

Hawkins is just reproducing Western math -- but since it's gematria the New Age scene eats it up.

As far as my 3rd Eye goes -- it's just like a geiger counter. The vagus nerve just pulsates and it makes a clicking noise against my jaw. If there's strong yin (3:4) energy then the yang (2:3) energy just automatically flows into it.

For men who have their consciousness focused in the lower half of their body (because they are controlled by the commodity fetish Matrix) then they get confused real quick, although they also get their energy recharged. So the synapses get rearranged.

Wow!! This is the earliest example of my formal realization of the noncommutative phase secret.

11/06/2007 06:04:00 PM

 This is especially funny since science has always developed as a ritual-based solution to plagues. For example the Pythagorean Theorem originates with Brahmin ritual sacrifice altar geometry -- specifically to cure plagues and specified by the god being appealed to. The application was, of course, for chariot technology (to center the wheel) for expansion into plague-free territory, circa 3000 BCE.

Then Archytas developed the precise "doubling of the cube" based on using his geometric mean equation -- because the Delphic Oracle stated that only be achieving such a precise result would a plague be stopped in Athens. The practical result of course being translating complimentary opposite harmonics of Pythagorean shamanism into logarithmic-based phonetic axioms (Euclidian Geometry) for catapult technology -- 5:4 as the cube root of two -- so again territorial expansion of the Athenian empire could move into plague-free regions.

Then, of course, there was black death and the import of Arab-Asian technologies to begin Western colonialism (mainly the Venetian trade as the religious crusades to again expand into plague-free regions).

Finally there was Newton's discovery of "gravity" during the plague in the 1600s. He was literally hiding in his home where there was a huge pile of shit in his basement (because at that time it was believed that shit actually kept the plague away!!).

So avoiding shit like the plague is an excellent Freudian oxymoron.

Read the book "Nanotechnology and Homeland Security" -- nothing like a microchip to reconfigure your blood chemistry based on satellite signals once the plague-terror hits again.

I'm glad that any qigong videos online are apriori "bogus" -- because this is the trend of the internet -- everything has regressed back to hollywood and boob-tube material. It's just like UFO videos.

So how can we even trust the written word? Isn't that the focus of this blog post? Well what if, on occasion a scientist zeroed in on the secret and just about discovered it -- so close but yet so far. As it happens last night I had such another encounter. This is from "Programs of the Brain" (Oxford U Press, 1978) by JZ Young, FRS (Oxford or Cambridge physiology chair or something) -- :

"It is the relative position of the formants that are important. Each vowel sound can be produced at any pitch of the human voice. The vowel sounds are thus the result of the balance of higher and lower frequency components irrespective of pitch-shifts. There may be an anology here with Land's discovery that colours are reported as the psychophysiological products of contrasts of higher and lower wavelengths irrespective of their position in the frequency spectrum (1959). Perhaps we shall find brain mechanisms that respond to such relationships in all the sensory fields (Ohe 1962)."

Yes PERHAPS ALL the sensory fields (like proprioreception, telepathy, telekinesis, etc.) -- if only one understands that the "higher and lower frequency components irrespective of pitch-shifts" and the "higher and lower wavelengths irrespective of their position in the frequency spectrum" ARE RESOLVED BY UNDERSTANDING OVERTONE HARMONICS AS COMPLIMENTARY OPPOSITES. Pitch started from violation of the commutative principle from the Law of Pythagoras, the ratio 2:3 as an infinite transduction of energy, through the empirical truth of natural overtones. C to G is Yang as the Perfect 5th (2:3) while G to C is Yin as the Perfect 4th (3:4) and yang turns into yin, through the whole energy spectrum, thereby creating all the sensory fields, and starting from LISTENING to female formless awareness. The source of the I-thought as the source of 1 is an asymmetric resonance into female formless resonance, resonated back as the octave: 1:2. This "pitch-shift" is asymmetric so that the 7th octave, as the 12th perfect 5th, does not return to the same frequency, but transduces, in continuation with the complimentary opposites of yang, 2:3, turning into yin, 3:4, thereby violating basic symmetry of western logic. C x G does not equal G x C just as momentum x position does not equal position x momentum in quantum mechanics.

And so another scientist stumbled on the truth, only to wander off wondering what production value it had as a Nova special.

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