Friday, October 12, 2018

Why Airport Trans Techno-Feminist Unisex bathroom symbols are a sign of Eco-Apocalypse

 Females have TONS more oxytocin love neurotransmitter receptors - so don't believe all this "trans" b.s. -

oxytocin (OT) and their receptors in the brain are involved in the regulation of various social behaviors... OT-immunoreactivity is consistently higher in females compared to males (Table 7).

Table 7

Summary of studies in which OT system parameters are higher in females than in males
OT measureSpeciesRegionReference
OT-ir neuronsBrandt’s volesPVNXu et al., 2010
Mandarin volesPVN, LH (dominant and subordinate voles) SON (dominant voles)Qiao et al., 2014
Chinese striped hamstersIntermediate MPOAWang et al., 2013
Mongolian gerbilsIntermediate MPOAWang et al., 2013
CD micePVN, SON, anterior hypothalamic periventricular nucleusHäussler et al., 1990
OT-ir fibersCD miceLS, BNSTHäussler et al., 1990
Mandarin volesLHQiao et al., 2014
OTR bindingP. maniculatus & p. californicus micehippocampal CA1Insel et al., 2001
ICR miceVMHTribollet et al., 2002
Prairie volesmedial PFCSmeltzer et al., 2006
Montane volesmedial PFCSmeltzer et al., 2006
CSF OTHumansn/aAltemus et al., 1999
Plasma OTSprague Dawley ratsn/aKramer et al., 2004
Prairie volesn/aKramer et al., 2004
Mandarin volesn/aCao et al., 2013
Humans (adolescents)n/aMiller et al., 2013
BNST, bed nucleus of the stria terminalis; LH, lateral hypothalamus; LS, lateral septum; MPOA, medial preoptic area; PFC, prefrontal cortex; PVN, paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus; SON, supraoptic nucleus of the hypothalamus; VMH, ventral medial hypothalamus; n/a, not applicable.

yeah becuz being a female means being hard-wired to experience the huge heart love at child birth - the oxytocin blast. Dolores O'Riordan described this - Cranberries rock star. But even though she had children - her private jet lifestyle did not allow her to escape the TechnoFeminist approach to patriarchy.

So now the Airports have "Trans" signs as symbols in the "unisex" bathrooms - but the population crisis from everyone flying all over the planet on airplanes is not discussed at all in the corporate-state media. We live in this techno-fix age but people are in denial about the basic sexual biology of females. Hilarious. The original human culture is based on only female human primates synchronizing precisely with the lunar cycle via the pineal gland. Chimpanzees are not even close.

But the original human culture females would KILL their new babies if the mothers were still breastfeeding - which they did till 2 years old. So they made sure to keep their population low so they could live in ecological harmony. Now the word "ecosystem" does not even apply to ecology - instead it means some kind of business system or computer system. All males in the original human culture trained in "staying power" as celibacy spiritual energy. But now celibacy is considered a symptom of ejaculation addiction priests.

Western civilization does not know how to train males in true celibacy "staying power" healing energy. It is to be like a female - based on the right side vagus nerve connection to the reproductive organs. So modern females never even experience the N/om healing energy of the original human culture (called qi in China or prana in India). Left-brain dominance is mass mind control. Females are more right brain dominant as PRofessor Robert Nadeau's book "S/he Brain" detailed. For example females have a much better sense of smell due to higher oxytocin levels and smell is an alpha cerebrum REM dream state perception (right brain dominant).

Most of nature does not need males. Parthenogenesis is real. Bacteria and Archaea do not use sex for reproduction. They live in "harmony" without relative conflict. Life on Earth will go back to this original female state of Nature. The whole "trans" trend is a TechnoFeminist trend to use patriarchal technology to try to address symptoms - without even engaging with what it really means to be females. If males want to train to be like females then males need to open up their heart energy via the deep right side vagus nerve connection to the reproductive organ which then goes to the right side of the heart as oxytocin energy.

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