Thursday, October 11, 2018

Ex-Transcendental Meditation people speak out! Dr. Christoph Simon on quantum consciousness

"...[W]idely promoted by TM as 'The Maharishi Effect,'...[is] group TM meditation impacting crime...."  (p. 101)

"...Utilizing raw data from the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program released in September 2016, [a real estate platform] reported...'The crime rate in Fairfield is considerably higher than the national average across all communities in America from the largest to the smallest....' "  (p. 106)

Dear Dr. Simon: Thanks for your excellent article. (pdf)In terms of needing "zero spin" - to store memory - this is a fascinating issue. I would take into account entropy due to symmetric mathematics, externalized as the ecological and social justice. So consider instead a noncommutative geometry model. Dr. Andrija Puharich, called "greatly under-appreciated" by Dr. Michael Persinger, actually had a fascinating model of memory storage. I would agree with Astrophysics prof. Paul S. Wesson that reality is actually 5D and so in terms of light, everything is happening at the same time - the future as well. This means precognition is real. I wrote a recent informal book on this - you can find it linked on my blog for free. So in terms of noncommutative geometry - we should consider Dr. Jack Tuszynski's model on the serotonin and the gut brain - and how it's tied into the microtubules. So the right side vagus nerve is crucial for this intersection of serotonin and the pineal gland. Nonwestern cultures had this figured out. In other words time-frequency uncertainty originates from noncommutative algebra - math professor Louis Kauffman is good on this. Time is discrete by noncommutative. Alain Connes, the Fields Medal math professor, also has the details.

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Hi David: Thanks for getting back to me and glad to hear they contacted you also! I was discussing with Dr. Manfred Euler his idea of the phase coherence between the right and left ear as a "double slit" acoustic interferometer as de Broglie quantum coherence consciousness. This was Hampshire College quantum physics professor Lawrence Domash's view, that the mantra created a laser type coherence that is accessing noncommutative phase as non-local consciousness. Then Stanford Linear Accelerator Center physicist Eddie Oshins wanted to test out this same hypothesis of noncommutative phase spin as consciousness - using the Josephson Junction SQUID devices. Ironically in my conversations with Nobel physicist Josephson (who practices qigong meditation at Cambridge), at first he said he didn't understand music theory enough to comment on my research. Then when I tried to point out the noncommutative phase paradox in music theory, he told me I didn't understand music theory. haha. Hilarious! I hope someone can figure out how to test this. Dr. Harald Atmanspacher specializes in this noncommutative consciousness but as he says, he is not testing the neuroscience directly. He's just relying on brain wave studies based on people who meditate, then maintaining a "bistable" gestalt perception - based on right/left brain coherence. I guess this is tied to suppressing the "monkey mind" of the Default Mode Network, as "Mindfulness" meditation studies have emphasized. 

Anyway since I'm not a scientist, it's not my problem! haha. Have fun being busy - I was just hiding in my tepee in northern minnesota - playing with my clay wood stove (trying not to breath in too much smoke, etc.). 

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