Saturday, October 19, 2019

Spooky-Looky Land: CIA, and "negative frequencies" and paranormal physics

Most scientists dismiss the paranormal as woo-woo. Why? because most scientists are not advanced enough in physics! And the advanced physics gets classified! The CIA classifies both advanced physics and paranormal studies! pdf

Costa de Beauregard - I have quoted him stating that physicists deny the paranormal since they would lose their science funding grants.

But we also need to realize that the paranormal plus physics enters the realm of what what of my professors called "spooky-Looky land."

So we have reverse time and negative frequencies!!

De Broglie discovered this way back in 1923!! And it is STILL denied as woo-woo. Hilarious.

And so Costa de Beauregard makes some very fascinating comments about ASYmmetric time - i.e. noncommutative phase!!


 So this is the key "hidden factor" of esoteric physics and parapsychology - noncommutative phase as asymmetric time-frequency energy (as I have emphasized).

What is fascinating is to see what the CIA underlined in this paper of Costa de Beauregard!


The French theoretical physicist Olivier Costa de Beauregard also made several visits to the FFG. By the time he had visited Puthoff and Targ at their SRI psi lab in 1975, de Beauregard had published a well received textbook on QM, and had become a sought after speaker in physics departments in Europe and North America. He also served as director of research at  the French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), and often dropped hints in his mainstream physics articles of possible connections between Bell’s theorem and Psi phenomena, and joined the French equivalent of the American and British Societies for Psychical Research.

Member of the Institute of Advanced Study at Princeton: