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Unboxing the "Ultimate DuluthFlex Fire Hose Overalls" designed by Duluth Trading Co.

Duluth Trading vid on the overalls I just got for my b-day

So TWO button options for sizing the sides of the overalls! Wow.

Flexible canvas - for easier moving. Yep.

17 pockets!!

Including a side cargo pocket for fast access to nails and gear...

NOpe - this one doesn't have the cargo pocket - so they must have gotten rid of it.

Crouch Gusset - that's the specialty of Duluth Trading - "gives you extra room where it counts."

 Crouch Gusset® means no binding when you crouch or lunge

So the loop in the back to hang up the overalls. Good to know!

They're loaded with 16 handy pockets placed to keep a toolbox's-worth of gear readily at hand.

So now they have 16 pockets - meaning they got rid of that side cargo pocket.

 front organizer pockets and side leg tool pouches
Now for the reviews!
 He also loves the knee pads that slip in. No more straps behind the knees!
 the shoulder straps on the overalls constantly loosen.
Seems like you could just PIN the straps! No big deal.
 The elastic shoulder straps on these constantly have to be readjusted. The shoulder straps and the adjustment buckle are similar to what would be on child's clothing. I was very disappointed in these in comparison to other reputable brands of overalls. Also I would consider these to be more of a light duty clothing. If you're looking for a pair of work overalls, look elsewhere, if you want to look like a working man and just like wearing overalls, these may be for you, but your gonna be adjusting the shoulder straps all day long!
Yep that's me!
 The new strap buckle break as often as the old buckle, In the last year I purchase about 14 pair of Duluth overalls and had 4 buckle failures.
  the straps keep popping off I've tried everything and the only thing that works is using electrical tape to keep them from popping off other than that they fell great and very comfortable.

 Wow - fascinating.

the 2 part buckles break very easily. We have had to return 3 pair in the past 6 months. The non flex bibs have a solid buckle. Why not put them in the flex ones too? They also should not use the stretchy elastic straps. As another reviewer said they have to constantly be adjusted.
Well the straps in my Colonel Dickies overalls - I have to use a cross-connection to keep them on. 
  One down side and unfortunately it has become a deal breaker for me after purchasing two pair - the shoulder straps. They would be 5 stars for me but the shoulder straps don't even come close to wearing as long as the the rest of the bib. They are elastic and will stretch when you bend over however...... they loose their elasticity way too fast and CONTINUALLY need to be adjusted. It is actually frustrating to continually adjust the straps - takes your mind off what you are doing. The comfort of wearing bibs goes away.
So ...
 they are more wind resistant than denim so they work great for riding my harley in the cool weather, but yet they are not hot to wear.
It seems a little spandex goes a long way!
  The Duluth Flex Fire Hose are the best fit, most durable, and most comfortable overalls I have ever owned. I recommend them to everyone. They are half the weight of everyone else's and they are more durable. I remove concrete day in and day out. They are as tough as our job. Like concrete, they don't come apart easy.
So no reported strap problem!
 Great tape measure loop on side also great for a hammer or small pipe wrench
 I love my bibs, 2 pair of each color. Wear them every day. The pockets. Oh, my. The pockets are grand. But when I walked I to Duluth Trading Company to get them I was wearing stonewashed blue With solid straps, having already shunned a brown-bib elastic-strap Company. I'm trying to say that these overalls are superior, in my opinion, to The Brown Work Pants company.
So I guess Carhartt's have an elastic strap also...
 The only downside is these DO NOT have pockets on the legs like the last edition. All the other bibs have cargo pockets but these. I would like Duluth to return to the cargo pockets in the future.
 The Only reason i didn't give them 5 stars is due to the Elastic straps. You have to constantly re-adjust them. I fixed that with a safety pin. Second issue is the elastic straps don't hold up as long as i think they should. They should last as long as the fabric. I wear several styles of your Overalls, and the only issue i have ever had are the strap adjustments, slippage and the buckles breaking. Probably 2 out 6 pair. Work on those issues and and you'll have a 5 star Product!
 Like I said - just pin the strap sliding thing.

I bought a 36 x 30 and the straps are long enough to fit someone that's 7' tall! I'm 5'-8" and I have to take them all the way up and I could stand to go up another 1/2"- 1". I'm going to have to have them altered so that I can use them appropriately. Someone did not think this all the way through. Other than this, I love my overalls!
 Wow - just like Colonel Dickies overalls - there is a strange maladjustment of strap to length ratio...
  I could buy two pairs of Dickies work pants for the price of one of Duluth's pairs but the right knee would tear in a year.
  I like my Duluth bibs more than my carhartts.
OK I put them in the wash on cold since I was starting to feel a rash setting in from whatever toxic chemicals were used to waterproof the garmet....

Yes my Dickies overalls are all torn up from use....and it has not been a year yet I don't think...

 A year ago someone said the clips break. Someone else said the newer overalls have newer buckles. I'll check to see if the clips are the same or improved...

This new style is a poor design compared to the old style, no cargo pockets, no pocket flaps to protect items in your pocket, no front top zipper and fewer smaller pockets. One improvement is a better strap buckles that may not break, (the old buckles would break ),
 Ah so they got rid of the cargo pocket but improved the buckles! A trade off.

Two days ago, I received the newest Duluth catalog....ALL of the pants, (jeans included), are IMPORTED.
I contacted Duluth by phone, and they verified this fact.
I got a pair of Duluth pants that were made in Kentucky! But I guess no more!!

 Swamp Fox Bibs - made in USA - but cost $400 and says "sold out" - vid

Adjustable elastic shoulder straps
 hmm. Yeah I actually like the elastic straps but we'll see how they hold up.

Carhartt - still 10% produced in US - vid comparison to Duluth vid

So Duluth still has some made in USA products...

Ah so that big reviewed said to get rid of the cargo pocket! Also said to get rid of the flaps on the pockets!

Abrupt Global Warming = 1 month as 6 minutes of full power microwave oven per each square foot on Earth

1 month = 6 minutes of full power microwave oven (you can boil water in 2 1/2 minutes)... per square foot on Earth = abrupt global warming....

new study on how Ocean warming RATE has doubled since the 1990s

 In a new study, Lijing Cheng and Kevin Trenberth have shown that the oceans are warming (in response to human carbon emissions) faster than anyone believed before." interview with the Chinese scientist on how Western civilization is quickly killing off the oceans

 Most worryingly, a large almost-solidly magenta-colored area blankets the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS), with magenta indicating levels above 1950 ppb."

As El Nino kicks in next year it could easily trigger the ESAS methane bomb, thereby doubling global warming...

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The Fake Flower of Life Circle of Fifths Geometry of Music Freemason b.s. (lies by the New Age without them realizing it!)

the overtone series inherently does not have the Perfect Fourth since 3 in the denominator is not a multiple of the root tonic as the 1. So this is called the "Phantom Tonic" in music theory. To create equal tempered tuning what Philolaus did is rely on the double octave or Greater Perfect System as it was called. This was a new "one" could be used that is then covered up. So that 4/3 is created from 0 to 8 with 6/8 then as the new 4/3 that is then used for the "one" of 0 to 12. This was 8/12 (3/2) plus 8/6 (4/3) = 2 as the octave 12/6.

This enabled irrational magnitude math to be created but it was based on a LIE that changed the original root tonic value. Also it covers up the noncommutative phase or complementary opposites of the Perfect Fourth since 2/3 is C to F as subharmonic while C to G overtone 3/2 is also the Perfect Fifth. So then the "F" is the new octave that is doubled to 4/3 using the double octave to cover it up. So then Archytas realized you can NOT use 2/3 as the Perfect Fifth (C to F subharmonic) even though it is empirically true - because it has to be converted into the Perfect Fourth to create the irrational magnitude equation of 4/3 as C to F (again NOT the overtone harmonic).

 So the Harmonic Series is not the same as the natural overtone series - the harmonic series already assumes these irrational magnitude ratios (and not the noncommutative phase ratios that are the truth of reality). In contrast say the "three gunas" of India or the yin-yang-Emptiness of China does not try to line up 2 and 3 as the octave with Perfect Fifth. So you get different modal scales but without the irrational magnitude "Harmony." What got lost with irrational magnitude harmony then is the infinite resonance of time that is NOT contained - and so the frequency keeps increasing and decreasing at the same time - whereas in equal-tempered tuning the resonance is cut off due to the lack of natural harmonics.

For example in Gamelan music you naturally get overtones and undertones. This is called the Hypersonic Effect and so the ultrasound creates an increase in alpha brain waves - and serotonin. Western music mainly just increases dopamine as its ideal goal (the shivers or chills called frisson).

 the natural numbers are based on noncommutative phase logic. Equal-tempered tuning is a "compromise" against the truth of empirical reality - so it uses irrational magnitude in the attempt to "contain" time into a symmetric geometry (even though 2 does not go into 3). If you want the truth on music theory check out Fields Medal math professor Alain Connes So the wrong music theory created irrational magnitude math with the first logarithm being Perfect Fifth PLUS the Perfect Fourth = the octave. This was a lie - as math professor Luigi Borzacchini also points out. The Flower of Life is a promotion of the wrong irrational magnitude math as Freemasonry - the Golden Ratio is then supposed to replace ecology with a synthetic technology as supposed spirituality. It's evil and a lie. But most New Agers don't realize they've been duped.

I discovered someone using the Circle of Fifths music theory to explain meditation and the chakras but they connected this to the "Flower of Life" - and today the person said they learned this from Drunvalo Melchizedek. As my research exposed - this is the Actual Matrix Plan promotion by Drunvalo Melchizedek to replace ecology with synthetic Golden Ratio "spiritual" technology. Now the Kogi - the Drunvalo tried to assimilate into his Freemason New Agenda - the Kogi are directly facing WEstern industrialization threats - forcing the Kogi into protest and lawsuits to defend their sacred forest land ecology as spiritual training of Cosmic Mother Aluna truth of reality.

So here is a vid on the Flower of Life as music theory - circle of Fifths

This is just one of three examples. One of the three is "teaching" this theory - as a lecture that has been reposted a few times. James Furia

hmmmmm, where have i seen this before . lol
So then way down someone responds:
Must be a freemason
A lot of famous musicians have been Freemasons.

yes the circle of fifths is the secret origin of irrational magnitude logarithmic math with Perfect Fifth plus Perfect Fourth = Octave as the first logarithmic equation. Freemasonry is based on the Golden Ratio as God - which is the slowest converging irrational magnitude equation. This dude is a Freemason without even realizing it. The "flower of life" is promoted by Drunvalo Melchizedek who writes that Nature needs to be replaced by synthetic Golden Ratio based technology as so-called "spirituality." So it's just Freemasonry as the New Age movement and this poor chap has no idea he's promoting synthetic destruction of ecology. oops.
So Tom Cassella is another example of a "teacher" of this fake Flower of Life circle of fifths music as sacred geometry (Freemasonry) b.s.

yes this lecture leaves out the crucial fact that Perfect Fourth is noncommutative to the Perfect Fifth so that the Ear does not hear the difference between C to F as subharmonic or 2/3 as Perfect Fifth when in fact C to F is Perfect Fourth to the root tonic when doubled as 4/3. So the harmonic series does not allow 4/3 since the 3 is not the same root tonic multiple as the denominator. This means that there is an eternal tension as complementary opposites whereby the Yang as 3/2 is turned into yin as 4/3 by the 2/3 being doubled as the new one. The EAR can hear this conversion of yang into yin and yin into yang so that the yin is really the Yang as the One - whereas the visual math conversion (symmetric irrational magnitude logarithms) can not hear this. This is why listening is ten times faster than Fourier Uncertainty of converting time into frequency and vice versa. Our ears are a nonlinear resonance of subharmonics and overtones at the same time. So if you want to learn the real truth of noncommutative time-frequency harmonics then listen to Alain Connes, Field Medal math professor lecture on music theory. 

Peter Ward corroborates qigong master Jim Nance on evolution after mass extinction of life on Earth

So Peter Ward is claiming epigenetics is going to "speed up" evolution after this mass extinction. well yes it's a well known fact that bacteria and virus, etc. and say fruit flies - they have a much faster rate of reproduction and so evolve faster. But it is a bit pretentious to be fixated on what's going to happen after humans go extinct. If humans are extinct they we have no idea of what will have happened anyway. Chaos theory proves that the 3 body dynamics is inherently inpredictable over the long term. Anyway we can all just scale this down to what happens to a human after a human dies or any life form. I knew we were doomed by 1996. So then I did intensive meditation training to see what happens after death.

 I finished my master's degree by doing meditation through and Chunyi Lin went 49 days in full lotus yoga meditation non-stop in a cave - no sleep and no food the whole time at Mt. Qingcheng - just padmasana full lotus. So I did 8 days of nonstop meditation - well I slept about 5 hours a night. Anyway I did not get hungry nor tired - my energy kept increasing! I even accidentally pulled this old lady's spirit out of the top of her skull - without touching her - and she immediately burst out bawling! I also saw ghosts. So as modern Westernized humans we are totally out of touch with the truth of reality - there is a cosmic energy that our spirit or ghost relies on - and it also determines our next incarnation.

Strangely though in the spirit form then spacetime is warped starting at 3 centimeters. This means that 15 minutes in the spirit world - as being dead here - can equal DECADES in the spirit world due to the bending of spacetime. So for most of us - when we die - then it is just like sleep and dreaming - it is uncontrolled thoughts and experiences and our spirit kind of floats around. It then gets "sucked" back into physical form via a 5th dimensional black hole-white hole that is opened up by reproductive sex - this is proven that light enters into the gamete cells when mitosis occurs or whatever conception is. haha.

So the Daoists then state that another spirit also enters right before the fetus leaves the body - or right WHEN the fetus is born - so that is called the Hun spirit. So anyway the 5th dimension enables precognition also - so that our spirit can engage with the future of the 4th dimension that we currently live in. So in the 5th dimension EVERYTHING is happening at the SAME time - the future and the past overlaps and all matter is light and light does not experience space nor time. But light gets its energy from the 5th dimension.

So then I talked to qigong master Jim Nance about this - the soon to be mass extinction of life on Earth. He said that God can create new life forms very fast to replace life on Earth - something to that effect.  I then asked him about nuclear radiation and he said he had healed someone who had radiation burning whereby their skin was like leather. So he healed the skin.

So...another thing that Jim said was how there is a spirit-cave - a portal - in Africa - being guarded by the shamans - where Malidoma Some is from. And these new life forms are in spirit-form but waiting to replace us - and they are like the chimera described in the end of the Bible - in revelations.

So yes life on Earth is gonna get real freaky via the Eco-apocalypse of radiation and toxic pollution and global warming, etc.

yes I'm just trying to point out that Western civilization is quickly destroying ecology. Mushrooms store carbon but mycelium is also being threatened by global warming. points out that global warming will soon be doubling due to the East Siberian Arctic Shelf methane bomb going off - likely after El Nino kicks in later this year. So good luck on your operation. 50% of farms in the US are in the red each year by $1500 at least. I hope to harvest shiitake this spring for the first time from 100 logs.

 I'm just saying that we think it's "More efficient" do to things faster but Western civilization in the past few thousand years has managed to cause the faster extinction rate of life on Earth along with the faster abrupt global warming on Earth. So I'm just pointing out that what what we think of as being more efficient may not be so in a few years. The log growing Shiitake method originated in the Tang dynasty - over 1000 years ago. I'm not sure when it went "commercial" - I suppose that was part of the Japanese Imperialism in the 20th century and now Fukushima is irradiating the shiitake shrooms of Japan. thanks

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Wild Paddlefish, after 200 million years, are now functionally extinct: the secrets of their quantum telepathy signals

Each pore is open to the environment and is connected to a set of electrosensory cells by a long canal filled with a clear, viscous jelly.

In the new study, published May 13 in Science Advances, a team of researchers from UC Santa Cruz, University of Washington, and the Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason investigated the properties of this jelly. They found that the jelly is a remarkable proton-conducting material, with the highest proton conductivity ever reported for a biological material. Its conductivity is only 40 times lower than the current state-of-the-art proton-conducting polymer (Nafion), said corresponding author Marco Rolandi, associate professor of electrical engineering at UC Santa Cruz.

"The observation of high proton conductivity in the jelly is very exciting," Rolandi said. "We hope that our findings may contribute to future studies of the electrosensing function of the ampullae of Lorenzini and of the organ overall, which is itself rather exceptional."

Isn't this jelly lecithin?I guess not but lecithin is also similar:

 The slope of -200/V/°C agrees with the proton conduction behaviour of the lecithin.
 this book calls lecithin, "Ideal proton conduction"

Inside the Photon: A Journey to Health - Page 93 - Google Books Result › books Tony Fleming, ‎Elizabeth Bauer - 2014 - ‎Medical ... such as the elasmobranch fish, which use pores, the ampullae of Lorenzini, on the ... The human brain may be able to sense the biophotons of other conscious beings—not telepathy but a sensory ability to ... send biophotonic signals.

It's good not be sure about reincarnation. The Buddhists call it "rebirth" but don't believe in a soul. It's kind of ironic. So when I found my dad's dead blue body - as my eyes saw it - suddenly my heart felt the greatest love I had ever felt from my dad. I knew he was experiencing that same love. the night before when I had seen my dad - then my pineal gland picked up that he had a heart blockage.

My left brain did not know how to process that heart blockage as I had never experienced one before. then while at full lotus at the computer that night - suddenly I got this thought that my dad had just died. I ran upstairs but his door was closed and I did not want to disturb him (with my obvious paranoid thoughts).

Turned out I was correct - as I found him that next morning. But just to make sure - later on I closed the door and made a relative run up the stairs and down the hallway to the door. I could not hear them running - so I knew i didn't scare my dad to death. haha. No - I know the real reason he died.

But my point is that at the moment of death there is a connection to the impersonal energy of the Universe - call it the Cosmic Mother or God or the Soul, etc. but in yoga it is known to be the "secret pinhole" on the right side of the heart.

In science we know this is the right side vagus nerve that connects the reproductive energy to the right side of the heart. So the right side vagus nerve is the freeze reaction from reptiles - and so it is dangerous for humans as when a human is traumatized then we also have that same reptilian freeze reaction. So the body goes into a deep relaxation state as a strong parasympathetic nervous reaction.

OK this can kill a person from fear! It's called a Hypo-vagal reaction. For example in Vodou of Haiti - Dr Wade Davis discovered that this was the true cause of the Zombie deaths. Anyway - a yogi or shamanic healer - from the original human culture, the San Bushmen - they train to go into deep relaxation through spirit light coherence as a laser. So the light is "turned around" and resonates from the 5th dimension. I was given this experience by qigong master Jim nance he is the African-American spiritual healer and was the teaching assistant of Chunyi Lin

So I was driving the car and he was on the right side. I kept yelling at him about politics - ranting about how evil Cargill was. At first he goes, "But I'm on your side!" And that did not shut me up. So he got real silent and suddenly I felt this strong shock on the right side of my heart - and the shock was from "beyond" my body. So it was both inside and outside at the same time. I was shocked into silence and Jim then says, "I just wanted to see if you were speaking from your heart and you were."

the 5th dimension is Holographic - via light. So in other words when our spirit leaves our body (as biophoton science proves our spirit leaves out of our eyes being open) - so light does not experience space nor time. So when the third eye is open that means that external reality is experienced internally!

All matter is made of light but MASS is different than matter. Nobel physicist Gerard 't Hooft has a good paper called "Light is Heavy" - so this is about the "relativistic mass" of light or secret "hidden momentum" of light that is actually REVERSE time energy from the future! So it is also called the "pilot wave" by Nobel physicist Louis de Broglie (as you know pronounced de Broy). Yes - we always have this guiding wave from the future. So we can LISTEN to it via meditation - but our left brain does not access it.

So then through meditation we can have dreams that are MORE REAL than being awake! So because of resonating with the 5th dimension - this means that all perceptions and conceptions and senses are created from pure energy-information - that is harmonized from the future. So when we have dreams are are not based on our subconscious associations of the past but instead are things we don't know of yet and are more vivid, more scintillating - more lucid - than being awake!! This is a sign of a precognitive dream.

I had one in 1995 - after my meeting of qigong master Effie P. Chow. I woke up at 2:30 am and I wrote my dream down of my Earth First! activist friends on the roof of a house with native Indian activists - holding a banner to protect a sacred forest. A very specific dream. I wrote - I think this dream will come true (because it was MORE real than being awake!). And I long forgot about the dream till THREE YEARS LATER!! I saw a newspaper photo as a photocopy - and it was precisely the same - I immediately got this uncanny feeling and I drove up to my parents to find my old journal from 1995. The "truth" happened in 1998.

But now we have to question what is really true - if we can experience "Glitches in the Matrix" as dreams more real than the truth of our present awake dream state? In fact that which is only true can not be seen - Justice is Blind. We can LISTEN to the Cosmic Mother and then she creates reality that we perceive - from pure time as Kala (Kali) or Eon (Aeon) - Kronos / Chronos - etc.

 yes females are the original healers as nature is mainly female and reality is originally female. This is obviously difficult for males to accept. haha. Yes the cerebellum processes emotions as well as motion - as synchronized music. So we are more like birds since our auditory cortex is very close to our motor cortex - for synchronized dancing. So music is before language and language is from music. Another good psychologist is - a book called the "Haunting Melody" - by Theodore Reik. He was also part of the Vienna Freud scene and he knew Brahms also. He also wrote "The Third ear" - I have not read this.

But frequency is right brain dominant and music is then a bridge to our subconscious. So Reik realized that when we get a song in our head - the music then reveals our present subconscious thoughts - so if we get an ear worm, then when we remember the words, it reveals our subconscious blockages. So with meditation then - this becomes a present time experience. For example a psychedelic shuts down the precortex inhibition of the thalamus - so that our normal subconscious perceptions now flood the brain in a waking dream state. Most people then have "hallucinations" - meaning just as with dreaming then they have a waking vision that they believe is real. But from meditation then we get a permanent magnetized thalamus - called the "Mirror of Heaven."

So this means - science has proven that the magnetic field is generated from the 5th dimension as a spin field. Professor Jack Tuszinski goes into this - he's a quantum biology professor in Canada. So yes also CIA mind control scientist Dr. Andrija Puharich figured this out. So the subharmonic of the quantum brain state is actually the OM sound that emanates from the heart. Master Nan, Huai-chin corroborated my ayahausca experience - stating that when you hear this loud OM emanating from the heart - that is the jing (life force kundalini) being converted into shen (spirit astral realm). So then in that strong psychedelic state you can not move your body hardly at all - same in nirvikalpa samadhi meditation. So there is a deep right side vagus nerve "freeze" reaction - but it is via a synchronized laser biophoton energy - a coherent spirit energy. So yes the OM sound is actually the "magnetic moment" between the proton and electron - when water splits it creates virtual photons (from the future).

Puharich figured out - that the OM is then the subharmonic as the backwards precession or 5th dimension spin. So this is called the proton magnetic moment - and so it is also the SAME frequency as the Alpha-theta brain waves in the REM and deep sleep state. So ideally the water molecule is a tetrahedron dipole bond that creates this OM resonance as a proton-electron gradient. Since it creates virtual photons - qigong master Yan Xin calls this the "virtual information field" - and so there is a constant healing. Lecithin - the life force from celibacy - then is highly conductive of protons (similar to the jelly that electric fish use in the ampullae of Loreninzi - for stunning prey and for communicating - with prey, etc. tracking prey).

 So yes the pineal gland then creates a magnetic 5th dimension portal that enables telepathy but it is powered via the heart (the strongest magnetic field of the body). So then by holding the breath AFTER exhale - this causes the heart to resonate with the lower body - also at this theta brain wave ELF field (the Earth's schumann resonance field). This is also how birds achieve migration - they see blue light but it communicates with their brains via the 5th dimension as a quantum entanglement "free radical" (spin) resonance with the electrochemical energy in the eyes and brain.

Females are Yang internally - so males have to store up their lecithin to achieve this psychic pineal gland energy that when builds up then opens up the heart as a strong right side vagus nerve oxytocin love magnetic field opening to the Cosmic Mother. And then it requires constant purification to keep the energy open. So that's why it's rare for males to achieve this and "stabilize" in it - the spirit shen has to be then built up from the Cosmic Mother ether itself. But the shen when turned internally as visualization then guides the prana or qi or N/om energy. So it is still based on frequency - so that heaven is the higher frequency like blue - while hell is the lower frequency. And then golden is this Spin phase from the future - it ABSORBS blue light from the future - and turns the red blockages into gold - and green is the mediator to do this. So trees are also the mediators - trees are the liver energy in the body. So trees are yin - as forest energy - Mother Nature.

Iron Crotch Qigong Master Tu pulls helicopter, Bus and Truck and more!

First vid in German - pulls Truck

Pulls Bus vid

“Simply put, the pelvic floor muscles and testicles are among the first to be strengthened [via weight hanging] when practicing Iron Crotch, and when these are strengthened to a degree, stunts like these can be pulled off,” Grandmaster Tu maintains.

Iron Finger Qi Gong Master Ho Eng Hui pierces coconut shells with his finger!!

Iron Finger Qi Gong | Master Ho Eng Hui 

SuperHumans episode on Master Ho 

So it's the equivalent of 200 pounds of force - the same as a professional boxing fist - but only it's focused on just his finger tip!!

So then they make him do 3 coconuts in a row - and he almost can't smash through the third one but the 2nd one he did in 1 hit. 

He achieved 70 to 80 G-forces acceleration and so would pierce right through a human body - between the bones.

Qigong Master Ho on Martial Man episode 

 So in 2001 he got the World Record by smashing 3 coconuts in just over 1 minute.