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Learning from Mother Nature: The Mind is Boggled

I dunno ... building a fire inside your teepee is a form of airconditioning.

There are some macaques in japan that learned to harness geothermal energy.

Ever notice how some birds turn their breasts to the sunrise in the morning to warrm up ... or spread their wings to cool off.

And what about ant hills where the ants bring their eggs to the tunnels at the surface of the mound to dry them after a rain. Or termite mounds.

The mind boggles.

yes - science has proven that Nature - that life is from Negentropy as quantum non-local information. Plant photosynthesis is from quantum non-local consciousness that is faster than the speed of light - and then converts photons to electrons. Mushrooms communicate with tree roots - the mycelium in the ground - via biophotons. Algae converts UV radiation into electrochemical energy.

Modern science based on symmetric math - defines entropy as randomness as the infrared heat that earth emits after  light from the Sun hits earth. But the huge increase in heat is from modern science using the same entropy physics to destroy life on Earth - the mind of the Earth is the equatorial rainforests. A supercomputer can not model an equatorial rainforest - the connections of ecology are too complex.

So we claim science is "objective" and "rational" based on symmetric math measurements but actually the science is left brain and right hand technology dependent while life on Earth as Nature is left handed amino acids and right brain dominant. So our rational objective science is inherently destroying Mother Nature. Daoist switches this around - so that the right hand for males is yin and the left hand is yang and the right brain is the yang qi energy (the tiger po soul). So any blockages of the upper body are on the right side that need to be cleared out.

So right now the rate of extinction of life in Nature is faster than any previous time of life on Earth in billions of years. The CO2 emission rate is faster than any previous time on Earth - so modern Westernized humans have proven ourselves to be the strongest force of Mother Nature - worse than a comet or asteroid hitting Earth or supervolcanoes or Supernovae explosions hitting Earth. Life on Earth inherently relies on the Moon as an electrogravitic sensor - ONLY humans have our pineal gland synchronized with the moon, as a whole, the reproductive cycle of homo sapiens as primates - and this is the source of the  Daoist training in life force energy of Mother Nature.

By the way - the OP can not read my post since he practices self-censorship. That is hilarious since no one can escape Mother Nature - as the ancient Egyptians stated, the Cosmic Mother as Neith (Nut) or Nut-case - gives birth to the Sun as dawn and sunset. This is the secret of solar gazing - it's actually the NEGENTROPIC quantum non-local energy that creates the Sun. Schroedinger figured this out in the 1930s and so he authored a book called "What Is Life?" So the ancients understood this secret as the Emptiness or Cosmic Mother who is never Unveiled (disrobed) - she remains pure and virginal and yet creates life.

It would change the value given to "pseudo-science meets pseudo-mysticism". 
The Mayo Clinic is the top research medical hospital in the world. That's why the Dalai Lama goes there every year for a check up (along with other world leaders). The study was a randomized controlled (gold standard) study. If you think it's pseudo-science then I guess the Mayo Clinic is doing very well with it - as they are now building a new big expansion. The medical doctor who led the study is an oncologist - I don't think that she is a pseudo-scientist. Also the Mayo Clinic published a textbook on complementary medicine that included a chapter on qigong co-authored by Chunyi Lin and Dr. Nisha Manek. Last time I looked up Dr. Manek she was working with Dr. William Tiller who does paranormal physics experiments.
  6 minutes ago, Desmonddf said:
Everthing this man has in his site and that you have used as explanations go against the most basic of basic elements of TCM and Daoism. 
"This man" did the 49 day cave meditation at Mt. Qingcheng, considered one of the Daoist holy sites. You can also study http://qigongmaster.com for Daoist master Zhang, Yuanming - who is a lineage holder of the Dragon Gate Daoist training. Chunyi said how he went to see Master Zhang when Chunyi visited China - but Master Zhang was in deep cave meditation at the time. haha. I also recommended to you Master Robert Peng and Master Wang Liping (you can read the book "Opening the Dragon Gate" for details on Master Wang Liping's training - and Master Yan Xin.
  6 minutes ago, Desmonddf said:
I won't even enter on the ortodox medical and physical explanations which debunk de choice of mish-mashed words used to try and emulate knowledge about medicine, science and TCM. 
You can just study quantum biology as I have studied it - there are details on my blog http://elixirfield.blogspot and my previous blog http://ecoechoinvasives.blogspot.com so medical scientists indeed are studying this topic. I have corresponded with Dr. Stuart Hameroff for example. I also corresponded with Dr. Michael Persinger - another example - he just died.
  6 minutes ago, Desmonddf said:
Just the idea that doing Horse Stance will solve arousal problems is enough on itself. 
So, lets make a quick test. Instead of the Horse Stance, just stand on one leg on the yoga "tree stance". Tell me what happens to your arousal once you reach the state of having your muscles tremble. 
I'm not sure how your logical error provides your "Strawman argument" for us? You'll have to finish the example.
  6 minutes ago, Desmonddf said:
Oh, right. And to deal with the whole "you'll store more qi if you do the horse stance until your muscles fatigue", Qi is stored on your Sea of Qi, at VC6. Test the tonus of the soft flesh (not muscle) before and after the exercise. Tell me if it is fuller or empitier. 
The Sea of Qi is actually the "false lower dan tien" as my training pdf goes into detail about. It's not the real lower tan tien. (sorry if I'm not  using the Orthodox TM spelling of the TCM-TM qigong terminology.
  6 minutes ago, Desmonddf said:
Oh, right. Third thing. Qi is energy that can be used for exercise. Can you do more (a greater amount) exercise imediately after doing the horse stance ? Or is the FATIGUE something that will make it so you can't do as much?
Again this Strawman ARgument is confusing? You'll have to finish it for us. I do know that in Yan Xin's book he sends qi energy into a muscle man who is then able to do tons more reps on the weight machine.
  6 minutes ago, Desmonddf said:
For crying out loud, that was one of the worst scams I've ever seen. Seems like Mantak Chia saying that QiGong and Daoism are about "surpassing nature" and that his sources are the yellow emperor and others, when the OPENING LINE of the Su When on the HuangDi Neijing says that it's all about men reaching BALANCE with nature and living in accordance to its cycles, NOT surpassing it! 
I am not aware of Mantak Chia saying we can "surpass Nature" - but that's a good point. It may "seem" that way - but I have not seen any indication of this from Chunyi Lin. Sorry.

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An overview of my initiation into the realm of the qigong masters

 Correct me if I am wrong, but I would like to hear more about HOW posters here came to realize the statements that they make and to read LESS casual quoting of others with no perceived attempt to validate/verify.

 HOW they went about validating such statements.

I totally agree with you - there are regular posters on this forum who solely rely on "intellectual" analysis - and even go so far as to "self censor" if someone claims direct experience information. So what I recommend for people is to seek out qigong masters who have strong healing abilities. I first saw a poster on a telephone pole in 1995 - for qigong master Effie P. Chow. I was so skeptical I called the number, asked for a discount for the admission fee. I heard her respond in the background and then the lady on the phone said - "half off" - so I had only to pay $10 for the qi demonstration - and my girlfriend accompanied me. She didn't feel anything but she had serious health problems - so maybe her channels were too blocked up. I felt strong magnetic force pushing my hands apart - after qigong master Effie P. Chow said she filled the room with qi - and she told us to make "qi balls." Then after almost everyone was gone - a security guard wandered in, stating, "Just wondering what was going on in here since the fuse got blown in the room behind you." That was the room just behind Effie P. Chow. Almost no one heard this security guard say this - and Effie P. Chow didn't really respond. haha.

So then I was set on investigating this more and in 1996 I went to S.F. where Effie P. Chow teaches - but I didn't have the money to actually go see her in person. But I did find a couple more qigong books or energy healing books - one called Biosonics. See my background was in music training and my own theory was that music explained this healing energy - a certain kind of music-math philosophy that got covered up by the West.

So I kept studying this on my own and then I started practicing Yan Xin qigong with the chinese community at the U of MN - also I was celibate- and I was asked by the organizer, if anyone had felt anything. I stood up to the microphone and reported I felt get heat in my belly. I had no idea that this was supposed to happen. haha. So that was 1997. I also went to see a Tibetan monk give a lecture. When I got home I thought I had a headache which I never get. Then I realized it was a peculiar force sensation just in the center of my forehead. I had been listening to the Tibetan monk with great concentration - so I realized that the energy point must have gotten activated.

So my friend at the house told me about how she had practiced qigong meditation with Chunyi Lin and a philosophy professor - at a community college. I didn't think too much about it until Chunyi then gave a talk to my graduate class on spiritual healing. I had read David Eisenberg's book "Encounters with Qi" that reports telekinesis. Chunyi looked just like the qigong master that did telekinesis in that book. Also I felt heat from Chunyi as I sat right next to him talking. I didn't say anything but then he said, "If you sit nearby me you will feel heat." That surprised me - like he had read my mind.

So then when I took his community class - it was at St. Thomas University - and he said he would walk past us but not touch us - as we did "moving of yin and yang" and he did the "sword fingers" to send energy into us. He said we would hear a shaking sound from his fingers moving. So as he walked past me - my eyes were closed but suddenly as I heard the shaking sound - I saw a bright yellow light and my heart filled with this amazing love bliss. When my girlfriend picked me up (a different one) - I had to admit to myself that the love and bliss I had experienced was better than anything I had experienced with my girlfriend. haha.

So then I kept studying on my own and was determined to study with Chunyi Lin. http://springforestqigong.com

So around this time in 1999 - I started reading Mantak Chia and also I started reading the book "TAoist YOga: Alchemy and Immortality" - so it turns out that book is very dense. I highly recommend it. It gives great details of the qigong training. And then I finished my master's degree by doing intensive "self-directed" research through the African Studies department in Nonwestern Philosophy by doing the qigong meditation.

So then I had been reading tons of meditation books as part of my research and I took more classes and I meditated. So at the Level 2 class - Chunyi said how he could read what percentage someone's organs were blocked. So during the break I went up to him and asked him what percentage my right kidney was working. I had been feeling some heat in my right kidney. But as he stood facing me - he looked THROUGH my body and I felt a strong LASER bliss just precisely on the right kidney. Then he said - "about 70%" - and I just got this big smile and said "thanks."

And so to prepare for the Level 3 weekend retreat to open the third eye - as I read the Taoist Yoga book it states when the heat gets very strong in the lower tan t'ien then you can enter into serenity - the first level - as a fasting. And the Level 3 class also teaches fasting as "qigong feasting" or bigu. So being a nerd - I thought I would "skip ahead" on my own to prepare for the class. So I fasted for a week, just taking a half glass of water the whole time - and my qi energy kept getting stronger and stronger! The top of my skull got soft and pulsated with qi energy. I had very strong bliss and also created a water that flowed down - seemingly from the Ether - from the pineal gland - that I would then swallow. I did not experience hunger and I needed less sleep.

So when I went to the retreat - there was a man in the front who smelled like death - like rotting flesh. I wondered how anyone could stand to be in the same room with him but then Chunyi said that "qigong masters can smell cancer" and it smells like rotting flesh. So also I saw ghosts float in from outside the room - yellow lights shaped as humans - and hover around Chunyi as he sat in full lotus doing healing meditation. I did not say anything to anyone but again Chunyi explained - that he regularly heals dead people as spirits that come to him. I had read about this in the biography of the most famous Thai Buddhist master Phra Acharn Mun - so it made sense. Also I saw Chunyi CREATING spirits that broke off the top of his head and then floated out to heal students.

OK so then I went home and I went to work on Monday - and I had some very wild intense experiences that week. I won't go into all the details - but later when I told Chunyi about some of them - he said I had an enlightenment experience. But also he said my mind was confused. I realized I had thought of the Emptiness as this "static" spatial realm - as Westerners are prone to do - when actually the Emptiness is eternal motion that relies on continual purification and harmonization of the energy. I was then studying Master Nan, Huai-chin - and more books. Then I read one scholarly book a day for 10 years - of Western science - to try to convert my experiences back into Western science. Then in the end I returned back to the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" which was the only book that was able to explain my experiences. Also the only 2nd level qigong master Jim Nance - of Chunyi Lin's former assistant - he also explained my experiences to me - as I was able to study with him directly for a couple years. He is at http://guidingqi.com

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The Keeneys: Holy work requires the invisibility of self.


I sent my research to these healers and they were reading my blog recently. I'm gonna take their advice then, to focus on my expertise in meditation. You can read the essay for details - it's great info.


For details on the secret sacred pipe - talked about in the Keeney's above article - you can read my free pdf book.

A letter titled Alain Connes new music composition (but I make no link to his music composition). haha.

Dear Professor Emeritus Stephen Braude: Thank you for our previous correspondence. I did my master's thesis on music theory and paranormal philosophy. Then I finished my Liberal Studies master's degree at U of MN doing intensive nonwestern philosophy through the African Studies department, based on Pythagorean music theory as Daoist-African, etc. through http://springforestqigong.com a qigong master healer, Chunyi Lin. OK so that was in 2000 - and the experience was a very deep life change. So then I read one scholarly book a day for 10 years, in an attempt to convert my experience back into Western science. I had discovered Alain Connes stating that music theory provided the formal logic for his unified field math - this was around 2003. His book "Triangle of Thoughts." He discussed orchestration - something I had studied. Anyway I wasn't sure how metaphorical he was being until his lecture on music theory was posted on youtube. I transcribed his discussion of music theory - in the lecture. Otherwise he's talking about Dirac spinors, (etc. - stuff I don't know too much about). haha.

I hope I'm not boring you. I had been calling my theory "complementary opposite ratios" and then trying to explain it to people - publishing articles for a site called - what was that? Some paranormal site. Anyway I realized my term was the same as what Alain Connes calls "noncommutative phase." This is something I had intuited in my private music studies while I was in high school. In fact I secretly rejected the Pythagorean Theorem but then I took quantum mechanics my first year of college, at Hampshire (the experiment tutorial school). So I realized that quantum entanglement was what I was getting at - but still not sure. So I have corresponded with philosophy of science professor Ruth E. Kastner - at U of MD I think - same as you? She focuses on quantum physics but she is also a musician.

OK so then I discovered Eddie Oshins, a quantum psychologist working at SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center). He, like you, dismissed Karl Pribram's holographic model. But Oshins actually worked with Pribram and Oshins tried to explain the same noncommutative phase logic to Pribram. But I guess Pribram could not follow the math. Yes but Oshins also taught Wing Chun martial arts and so Oshins realized the secret of Daoist Neigong (paranormal alchemy) was from the noncommutative phase logic! I had to really search to discover Oshins but I've seen corresponded with his collaborator, math professor Louis Kauffman.

So you can see how things kind of came full circle. My blog compiles this research http://elixirfield.blogspot.com

Thanks for your time.

P.S. one of the specific discoveries I made is that the so-called Pythagorean Comma as Wiki (and Academia) defines it actually is a mathematical lie!! The real Pythagorean philosophy is noncommutative phase logic and so the "comma" as it is typically defined assumes that the octave can be symmetrically divided back into the fifths. But Sir James Jeans, in his book, "Science and Music" did not make this error about the Pythagorean Comma! He defines it as the ratio of 129.5 to 128 (I think). I go into the specific math in one of my blog posts - I'll get it. https://elixirfield.blogspot.com/2018/06/why-hertz-hurtz-as-ditonic-comma-lie.html
So this is one example - you have to scroll down past the quotes...

Oh yeah my master's thesis was also on "radical ecology" - so I call this math-philosophy lie the "rotten root" - literally as the "Lie of the Lyre." Meaning - the ecological and social justice crisis are symptomatic of this foundation lie of Western civilization, the "Greek Miracle," etc.

Let me know if you are interested in this analysis, as I have enjoyed reading your critique of Morphic Resonance and also your description of Jazz Improv. You probably saw the fairly recent science on jazz improvisers having their "language" centers activated when they improvise. So your analogy has now been corroborated. haha.


drew hempel

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A canonical Musical Isomorphism (but not Isospectral) - the math-music noncommutative secret to martial arts nonwestern alchemy unified field Reality

It's fun to discover this MUSIC theory equation - embedded into unified field noncommutative math - this originates from Alain Connes Watch/Listen to Connes' new music math vid! music analysis. https://mathoverflow.net/questions/69074/the-origin-of-the-musical-isomorphisms  Marcel Berger says he does not remember...

Spectral Geometry

by B Iochum - ‎2011 - ‎Cited by 5 - ‎Related articles
Noncommutative geometry, mainly pioneered by A. Connes (see [25,31]), is based on ...... x M (or ClTxM using the musical isomorphism X ∈ TM ↔ X♭ ∈ T∗M).

by A Connes - ‎Cited by 326 - ‎Related articles
A. Connes. Sel. math. ..... The abelian locally compact group Ck is (noncanonically) isomorphic to K ×N. where ... We choose (noncanonically) an isomorphism ...... the obvious existence of signals (a recorded music piece for instance) which for.

So it is now "spread" into noncommutative math simply is the phrase:
a canonical (musical) isomorphism

Wiki says they don't know the origin of the term? C'mon! Alain Connes!
In mathematics, the musical isomorphism (or canonical isomorphism) is an isomorphism between the tangent bundle and the cotangent bundle of a pseudo-Riemannian manifold induced by its metric tensor. There are similar isomorphisms on symplectic manifolds. The term musical refers to the use of the symbols (flat) and (sharp).[1][2] The exact origin of this notation is not known, but the term musicality in this context would be due to Marcel Berger[3].
In covariant and contravariant notation, it is also known as raising and lowering indices.



by A Ghorbanpour - ‎2015 - ‎Related articles
The Curvature of the Determinant Line Bundle on the Noncommutative Two Torus, ...... For T > 0, the Berger 3-sphere S3(T), introduced by Marcel Berger [3], is a ... where ♭ is the musical isomorphism with respect to the standard round.


Spacetimes in Noncommutative Geometry: a definition ... - IOPscience

by F Besnard - ‎2018 - ‎Related articles
theorem, any commutative C∗-algebra A is canonically isomorphic to the algebra of .... 1-forms on M with sections of the Clifford bundle, through the musical.

by F Besnard - ‎2016 - ‎Cited by 10 - ‎Related articles
Mar 13, 2017 - Noncommutative geometry, as initiated by Alain Connes, is an ...... ideal in Cl(V ), be a Clifford-module isomorphism, which we know exists by ...... tion of the musical isomorphism defined by g, and the representation ρ (hence.

by M Lachièze-Rey - ‎2005 - ‎Cited by 13 - ‎Related articles
Jul 13, 2010 - It has a (non commutative) algebra structure with respect to the tensor ... a canonical (musical) isomorphism between V and its dual V ∗, which ...

Mar 9, 2017 - First, note that there are many manifestations of the hyperfinite I I 1 factor, but it turns out that they are all isomorphic. I will thus interpret your ...

Oct 30, 2012 - The title of this post, the music of spheres, refers to a talk The music of shapes which I gave in Lille, on the 26th of September, on the occasion ...
Missing: cliffordisomorph

7.1 Crossed products, the T-C isomorphism and the P-V sequence . 109. 7.1.1 Crossed .... CONTENTS. 1. Clifford algebras and spinor representations. 250. 1.1.

by RO Buachalla - ‎2006 - ‎Related articles
4.1.1 Clifford Algebras . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 83 .... terpret all of this work as a noncommutative version of differential geometry was a French ..... On the other hand, let Φ be an algebra ∗-isomorphism from A to itself, and consider the ...... The maps, known as the flat, and sharp, musical isomorphisms respectively, are.