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Males have been Domesticated by TechnoFeminism! Music meditation is the way out of the Matrix

from Anthropologist Shelly Ornter's book Making Gender: The Politics and Erotics of Culture (1996) on the domestication of men.

"At the same time, there is a great shift in the ideology concerning women. Before they were dangerous, but now they are said to be in danger, justifying male
protection and guardianship. Before they were polluting, and this had to be defended against, but now they are said to be pure, and to need defending. At the same time, one finds for the first time symbolic idealization of woman in their mother-aspect, rather than in the sexual-reproductive aspect. Eventually, as the symbol system gets itself together in one part of the world with which we are all
familiar, the ideal women emerges as all the best things at once, mother and virgin.

Now the way in which I've described the pattern, and the way in which it might, at first glance, be viewed, is in terms of the domestication of women, a sort of
Neolithic of the sexes wherein women, like plants and animals, were brought under control in the service of the race. Actually, however, my thinking is to envision the process in terms of the beginnings of the domestication of men, as part of a larger pattern of systemization of hierarchy and control in the evolution of state structures. I will return to this point later. (p. 50)

(p. 53) The family became in a sense an administrative unit, the base unit in the political-economic structure of the state. The husband/father was no longer simply
responsible to his family, but also for his family vis-a-vis the larger system. It became the base, and often the only base of his jural status. The reluctance of males to be involved with their families except on terms of
distance, respect, and submission of the part of the other members is still I think to be seen in most of the world today, and the domestication of men is still largely

Male initiation rites virtually disappear in state societies.... In many cases marriage itself becomes the only rite of passage, and thus manhood becomes equated with responsibility for wife and children, part of the pattern described above. The pivotal point of such analysis would be that men were not only 'domesticated' as part of the crystallization of authority structures of the state; they were also juvenilized -- vis-a-vis women, senior men, and the rulers and overclasses of the system. Note that I have not tried to postulate motives for either women or men in this process. I have suggested that men were 'reluctant' about being domesticated, but I would imagine that women had equally mixed feelings about the greater presence of male authority in the family unit.

The way out of the puzzle, I would suggest, lies in stressing the stratified nature of the state as a totality, and seeking the dynamics of the process in the interaction
between elites and lower strata. In particular, my analytic instinct is to look at patterns of hypergamy (up-status marriage, virtually always between upper men
and lower women) in state systems, and to consider very centrally the possibility that one of the significant developments in stratified societies was the shifting of
marriage from an essentially lateral transaction, between essentially equal groups, to at least a potentially vertical transaction, wherein one's sister or daughter is
potentially a wife or consort of a king or nobleman, or could be dedicated to the temple and the services of the priesthood."
 yes music is an amazing music of subjective individuality as well as structural math and it is also a science of emotions. For example it is now proven that if you go to a culture that has never heard Western music and then you play them a minor chord - they will know it is "sad" and if you play them a major chord they will know it is "happy" and if you play them a diminish chord they will know it is "scary." So actually as nonwestern healing realizes - our emotions are electrochemical frequencies that are tied to the organs of the body. So if a person is sad that is actually a lung blockage. Anger is a liver blockage. Fear is a kidney blockage. So smoking causes depression. Western civilization does not understand that smoking causes depression. Alcohol causes anger. Coffee causes fear.

Now for music - if you have subharmonics - check out subwoofers and female orgasms on youtube. The males put in subwoofers and realize it gives the females orgasms. But they don't understand the science! they try to explain that maybe the clitoris is vibrating. haha. No it is because the subharmonics resonate the vagus nerve. CIA mind control scientist Dr. Andrija Puharich figured this out. So did Tesla - he used to make Mark Twain have to run to the bathroom. Because when we get the "shit scared out of us" this is also from the subharmonics.

So the Schumann Resonance is the ELF subharmonic that is also the alpha brain waves. So trance drumming around the world is 7 to 9 beats per second and trance dancing causes the legs to shake and vibrate at 7 to 9 beats per second. This activates the right side vagus nerve as orgasmic female kundalini N/om energy. So it also activates fear. So this is called the FREEZE response by reptiles playing dead. But as Dr. Stephen Porges points out "Involuntary Immobility is NOT complicity." This is why rape by male ejaculation addiction is also psychic rape because the male is feeding off the stored up psychic lunar pineal gland Qi or Prana energy - it is stored in the 2nd brain in the small intestines (more neurons than the heart). The male perv-predator ejaculation addiction then causes the FEAR reaction that also triggers an orgasm but so as the male can SUCK off the female energy so the male can ejaculate. Or if a male is being raped - then both the males ejaculate by the male predator sucking off the energy to ejaculate. Ejaculation triggers the stress sympathetic nervous system. The subharmonic (woofer) ELF resonance builds up the deep relaxation vagus nerve energy.

 all human cultures use the Octave, 1:2 and the Perfect Fifth 2:3 and the Perfect Fourth 3:4 - and not just human cultures. It's pre-wired into our neurology for all animals. The Hermit Thrush "chooses" natural harmonics. Acoustic Ecology is proven - life is based as an orchestra of real music. Western music though is against Nature - it is based on equal-tempered tuning that "approximates" the Perfect Fifth, Octave and Perfect Fourth. This "approximation" seems like no big deal but as Sir James Jeans points out in his book "Science and Music" the error multiples up to a quarter note in tuning for a stretch of the octave. And more importantly this tuning compromise was the origin of the wrong logarithmic math that became Western civilization aka "the Greek Miracle" that math professor Luigi Borzacchini calls the "deep pre-established disharmony." The problem with Western music is that it is - as indigenous native professor writer - Ojibwe writer - what's his name? he wrote a book called Word Arrows - Gerald Vizenor.

Yes Vizenor points out that Western music is for nostalgia. This is true. The major mode is for military might imperialism and the minor mode is for nostalgia. So Plato promoted just these two modes. There is a deeper Phyrgian mode contained in the slow middle movements of classical music - I have playlists on this on my youtube channel. Yes the problem is people do not take music seriously enough. So it is proven if you train on a music instrument seriously from before age 7 then your corpus callosum is signicantly enlarged - connecting and harmonizing the right and left brains. Listening to music is right brain dominant while rhythm as timing is left brain dominant. Try taping a rhythm with your hands. Your left hand will "keep the beat" as in the timing. But timing as rhythm is controlled by the Cerebellum which also controls Emotion.

This is why trance dancing is so critical. It's proven that music activates the deep brain - this is why music therapy heals brain damage because suddenly people remember their deep memories and their brain gets activated and they become lucid. So for example if a person has a stroke and can't talk - they can still SING their words! because again singing is right brain dominant. So the trick is that the right side vagus nerve connects to the left side of the brain but the left side vagus nerve does not connect to the right side of the brain. So trance dancing activates the deep right side vagus nerve that harmonizes the lower emotional blockages and goes up to the right side of the brain and then clears out the left side brain blockages - when the energy gets strong enough. Western trained musicians are shown to be more left-brain dominant since Western music is written down - whereas learning music by ear is far superior. It's called the Mozart Effect - so when the rhythm is 60 beats per minute this synchronizes the heart vagus nerve right brain energy - and so creates alpha brain waves for vast memorization skills as holographic spirit memory storage. This is the waking REM trance state used in nonwestern healing. So the problem is Western civilization does not take music seriously enough. In Ojibwe healing culture - certain songs were considered to powerful to sing in normal situations. In the original human culture the healing songs use GIBBERISH for words. Whereas Western civilization considers the words more important than the music! Amazing.

 O.K. consider the femme fatale -- in my opinion a real man needs to learn to move beyond having his heart broken and being disposed like a sex object. That's what the femme fatale teaches. This is discussed in Camille Paglia's tome "Sexual Personae" and also how Western civilization is actually homosexual -- the men are not real men.

My position is that this goes back to our primate origins with female chimpanzees using spears so they're not dependent on male chimps providing meat. Why? Because the male chimps will rape the female chimps if the female does not agree to take the meat in exchange for sex. So the female chimps learned to use spears to get their own meat so they won't be raped by the male chimps if the females want meat but don't want sex.

So actually technology used by primates is essentially a means for females to protect themselves from rape. The question is does it work? Not really because despite the feminist movement this does not change the psychophysiology of why rape happens. As Professor Robert Sapolsky points out when the male ejaculates it triggers the stress cortisol hormone and Sapolsky studies primates. So this is a very deep issue. The bonobo primate males ejaculate very rarely but the male scientists don't understand the physiology because the male scientists ejaculate! haha. The Bushmen males, 90% of human history, had to train to sublimate their sex energy to have female vagus nerve orgasms internally. Consider that science didn't discover the vagus nerve connection to female orgasm until around 2004.

So for a man to be a real man the Bushmen trance dancers go all night long -- dancing until their sympathetic stress nervous system goes to its extreme so there is a "rebound" to the opposite relaxation parasympathetic orgasm system. What happens is that for the usual male ejaculation the dopamine of the parasympathetic system switches to cortisol stress but for the vagus nerve internal orgasm without ejaculation then the dopamine switches to serotonin that bypasses the blood brain barrier through vagus nerve ionization.

So for men to do this they have to first build up their kidney energy through rigourous physical exercise -- and even fasting -- and this is why qigong meditation is only after men become martial arts masters. Now consider the "old school" kung fu movies -- in those the females also train to be martial arts masters and also females can be qigong masters. But as the Bushmen culture states the men can not handle the pain of child birth while the females can't handle the pain of training to be a healer. What happens is that as the serotonin builds up then the left side vagus nerve connects to the heart and so the serotonin converts to oxytocin as the love hormone.

For the male and female to experience real love there needs to be at least 30 mutual climaxes to build up the serotonin into oxytocin but this is impossible if the male external ejaculation causes the male to trigger his stress cortisol hormones. So instead for the modern male the electromagnetic focus of the body is stuck in the lower body since there is no vagus nerve internal sublimation of the neurohormones as happens with female orgasm. So the modern male continues to psychophysiologically be like a cry baby even though they may try to have a tough exterior - and also the true feelings of love are unknown. So the females have to rely on technology to protect themselves from male rape because the males have lost the true secret to love.

 For the male to really understand true love then he has to study the female orgasm intently while most males during sex are not that interested. First is required "staying power" and this is why the male Bushmen training is done in solitude with fasting for a month during male puberty when the sex energy is strongest. What happens instead in the West is that when the males get together they don't really understand how to ionize the sex energy. So even if celibacy is practiced it just gets perverted into homosexuality -- and this is why if a young male joins the miltary then they'll become a sex slave by the other males. I have a relative that had this happen in another country -- working for the U.S. in a client state for the U.S. empire he joined the military at age 14.

O.K. so as Cynthia Enloe points out in her excellent feminist analysis of international relations Bananas, Beaches and Bases -- the women are actually more productive for the U.S. empire because they work with the technology requiring nimble fingers in sweatshops. So the women are providing the "hard currency" for exports to the U.S. to pay off the developing countries loan shark loans from the IMF-World Bank. But since the male's can not handle the idea that they are not adding to the productivity of the country -- that they are deadbeat dads so to speak -- then the males use the earned "hard currency" to build "white elephant" construction projects that don't really make money. This is called the "Edifice Complex" or as Dr. Helen Caldicott calls it -- "Missile Envy." In other words the whole military-industrial complex is just the "toys of the boys" who have not really learned to be real men.

So consider in the martial arts training -- for example Jim Nance was a black belt -- he is a big African-American former professional basketball player. So he would always win his black belt matches and he said that he saw things in slow motion like the Matrix - so he knew the opposition's moves in advance. So he would always win but then he would also feel the opposition's pain when he attacked the opposition. So he would win but he would be weeping. He didn't understand this and then the Chinese master visited and told Jim Nance it was time to train in "internal martial arts." Why?

Because in "internal martial arts" it is learned that external reality is a holographic extension of our internal reality -- so that any external pain caused is experienced internally because the pineal gland transmits electromagnetic healing energy that then transduces and receives the electrochemical emotional status of the people around us. So that is the secret of true love -- that the heart creates electromagnetic energy after the oxytocin builds up -- and so the heart then transmits the built up electromagnetic energy and as the frequency increases then it goes into light energy that is coherent like a laser and creates spirit energy.

All of this has been lost by modern males and females. Females are attracted to big muscle males because muscles are stored electromagnetic energy -- that is why electric fish use their muscles to store electromagnetic charge. So that when the muscles synchronize then the potassium versus sodium ratio enables a charge to transmit.

 So really all this technology does not really touch the heart of the problem which is the psychophysiologically training to be a real man. Yes feminism has caused males to be boys but this was a trade off for women to get more meat to increase their iron lost from having big brain babies. So human language was developed with the synchronization of females' menstrual cycle with the lunar cycle and this enabled females to cooperative to fend off male primate raping. So by controlling the ability to hide when the females were reproductively fertile -- by having internal ovulation that is not visible by primate estrus -- then the females could also control their availability to males by having an organized "sex strike" synchronized with the lunar cycle. So the males have to provide meat for the females -- without raping the females -- because now the sexual success of the males' sperm is put into question. So then language co-evolved with this human cooperation system so that males could go long distance for meat hunting in league with the females ensuring the males sexual success for reproduction.

So in the Bushmen culture the males have to provide for the females' family for three years before the male and female even have sex. So the original males actually had a much more strict discipline for economic priority. But what has happened is that the females relying on technology to ensure they are not raped by males -- by essentially an elitist female group aligning with military technology to expand a technofeminist empire. This means that there continues to be a vast oppressed female underground in sweatshops and sex slavery but this is to actually support an elite empire of techno-feminists. This was even proven for the Inca when they conquered the matrifocal lunar cultures -- so the males in order to get married had to be in the military for the Incas, and had to farm the land to pay taxes to the Inca empire. Otherwise the males could not get married. Sherry Ortner, the anthropologist, has argued that indeed it is the males who really are the victims of imperial marriage relations.

I was just reading about how farming used to be matrifocal for gardening horticulture - using the hoe -- but then when the plow was used starting around 6,000 BCE suddenly the males created male gods, etc. This would appear to be patriarchical but when the females were doing the farming labor then they appreciated polygymy because it meant more females shared the labor of farming. The females actually had their economic value stronger when they lived off the land through horticulture. So after the plow-based system took over depending on the male for economic strength then if a family wanted their daughter to get married - the female has to provide money to the male. In other words now the female is no longer an economic asset but a dependancy and so the female's family has to make up for their daughter by paying off the husband's family.

 What has happened with this extension of male technology -- the plow to the nuclear missile - it is really a homosexual projection as a phallic or penis sword fight without really addressing this deep physiological problem of real love for human primates through trance dance music training. So the females rely on technology to protect themselves from the "spoiled thug" males but then the females also lose touch with their inherent electrochemical female power -- called N/om and expressed through the female voice -- and tied to the lunar cycle and to the fertility of the land. So the technofeminists are against ecofeminists since the technofeminists think all females should be liberated from doing horticulture gardening and living in self-reliant communities, etc. But what happens by relying on technology is that now even the males are obsolete because the technology is taking over everything. The biggest cause of job loss in China is automation -- not to mention the real cause of job loss in the U.S. is jobs going overseas since automation allows outsourcing through computer networking, etc.

So the elite females aligned with technology -- the technofeminists -- are also "spoiled thugs" out of touch with reality. But it's really the responsiblity of the males to learn how to be real males. Even though the Bushmen relied on hunting technology it was the trance dance that required the males to heal the females -- and this was the secret for males and females to experience true love. Nowadays only breast-feeding enables a female to experience true love as the oxytocin levels are so high from breast feeding. Essentially the males were able to hunt better to increase their food supplies and then around 10,000 BCE the males built megalith religious structures to praise their hunting success. This led to farming based on the solar cycle instead of the lunar menstrual synchronization that relied on the female electrochemical N/om love energy for healing. So the males lost their psychophysiological training requiring them to learn how to have internal female climaxes without male external ejaculation. So then with plows and a new male-centered reality of solar gods there was this myth that males could control Nature. The females went along with this because it was technology originally that enables females to protect themselves from rape of the males -- from being dependent on the males to get meat for them. So this original trade off using limited technology with trance dance love healing was lost -- the last remnants are the tantric kings and queens -- the sacred marriages of West Asia -- with the plow and the earth symbolizing the male and female sex organs. Without the males really training to sublimate their sex energy into electromagnetic energy then the art of being a true male was lost except in the secret societies.

 The BIG missing factor here is that Simone de Beauvoir did not have her first full orgasm till she came to the U.S.

Also de Beauvoir does excellent class analysis imo -- but the big missing factor here is:

nonwestern ecofeminism.

So it's doubly ironic that a female with male working standards -- i.e. can do construction work, etc. -- can then claim that feminism is wrong -- when in fact it was due to feminists of the early 1970s that broke the ground for women to learn "male" job training -- (not just like the assembly work women of WWII).

O.K. so you take a female who has trained for male work standards and now claims feminism is not needed -- fine -- but again this completely ignores the hidden aspect of feminism as

sexual liberation.

The gnosticmedia interview didn't even get into that!

It's as if suddenly sex was REPRESSED again!!!


So Simone de Beauvoir proves that point and more so it is the hidden secret connection of sex as kundalini energy tied to lunar synchronization -- and this is only found through ecofeminism.

It's even beyond ecofeminism but at least ecofeminists hint at it.

So the Left like Soral -- but the U.S. equivalents like Doug Henwood bashes the ecofeminists Helena Norberg-Hodge and Vandana Shiva in Henwood's critique of Wall Street (based on Marxist analysis).

O.K. same with Zizek bashing ecofeminism and anything that hints of nonwestern shamanism -- just dismissing it as bourgeois new ageism, etc.

O.K. so yes this type of expose of bourgeois elitist feminism obviously has a role and is important but it is also dangerously regressive if the factor of sexual liberation is left out.

I know Karen writes "erotica" but this leaves out the psychophysiological fact of the male external ejaculation creating stress -- and of course this factor is not even recognized in ANY social movement of feminism (that I know of) - - except maybe in yoga, etc.

I mean I wrote what I wrote and there's someone following me around writing ad homimens against me --

calling me a "fucking retard" and a "moron." etc.

Of course I could read this was a male with a lower chakra blockage -- a closeted thug!

And what of Camille Paglia stating that all of Western civilization is really homosexual! What does that make of Marxist class analysis which is still dependent on the Oedipal Complex -- or what Jung called for females trying to be like their dad (and secretly in love with their dad) -- I have the term in one of my earlier books.

 Women Wielding the Hoe: Lessons from Rural Africa for Feminist Theory and Development Practice (Explorations in Anthropology) [Paperback]
Deborah Fahy Bryceson (Editor)

So this "Readings on Gender in Africa" completely challenges Western feminism but does so -- NOT from a "white male" working class perspective (whereby white women who learn to be white males no longer need feminism!). haha.

Yeah so let's consider men raped by men in the military.

So that is a post-feminist issue?

I mean the problem is still the male.

So what if females represent the solution? haha.

There is a deeper solution that this "post-feminist" or "anti-feminist" analysis is lacking.

Nevertheless if a female claims she doesn't need feminism and then she marries a man who was raped in the military as a young male -- do you think she will still no longer need feminism?

This anti-feminism just assumes males going into the military do so as sacrifice for females. haha. What if they really do so due to closeted homosexuality?

Try out "Deliver Us From Evil" the award winning 2006 doc on how the church is full off pedofile child rapist molesters.

The irony being these "priests" are supposed to be the highest moral standard of Western civilization -- of course it's all males.

The problem is the West lacks yoga so that the priests in no way are able to truly control their lower bodies and in fact the opposite is the case - the institution like the mafia or a cult is a cover-up for heinous crimes against humanity.


So here we have a rare minister who spoke the truth he discovered about his church - how it relied on sex crimes to commit mass murder against non-westerners -- why? for materialist greed.

So obviously things like "false rape" charges are a problem but part of a much larger problem. To stop "false rape" charges does not address the root cause of the problem -- the inability of males to control their lower bodies.

Biologically Nature is female -- most of nature reproduces through parthenogenesis. Males are here to provide DNA diversity but otherwise are unneeded. Civilization is a con-job created by females in an attempt to use technology to protect females from male rape, as is the common problem for chimpanzees. The bonobos in contrast use female solidarity to use sex to control the males in a peaceful manner. In bonobo society the males rarely ejaculate yet have sex all the time -- why? Well the male scientists don't understand since physiologically they don't know how to have internal climaxes via the vagus nerve. haha.

Still the original human culture, the Bushmen, required 90% of the males to train for a month in isolation from females so that the males opened up their pineal glands to transmit electromagnetic energy back into females to activate their vagus nerves at a distance. This Bushmen culture was peaceful with no warfare for 90% of human history -- from 100,000 BCE to 10,000 BCE.

O.K. so also the Bushmen culture had no gay males -- much to the shock of our "liberal" aka "liberated" modern culture fixated on male ejaculation. haha. Robert Sapolsky reveals in great physiological detail as he is a Stanford professor on primate physiology - the male external ejaculation triggers the stress cortisol sympathetic nervous system.

So no morality needed - it's a biological truth of evolution.

We're all from the original human culture, the San Bushmen, who do not even know that homosexuality existed! I have corresponded with Dr. Elizabeth Marshall Thomas about this. She lived with the uncontacted San Bushmen tribe in the 1950s - before they were enslaved by the Bantus. So to not even know what homosexuality is does not mean they are discriminating against ejaculation addiction does it? haha. Psychophysiology has proven that ejaculation spikes cortisol stress. This is why the original human culture required ALL males to train in "staying power" as celibacy spiritual healing. I am advocating what our original human culture practiced - that we are all genetically from. There is no proven genetic source of ejaculation addiction. Sorry. Rather Professor Camille Paglia's tome "Sexual Personae" details how Western civilization is based on repressed homosexual ejaculation addiction. Dr. Helen Caldicott's book "Missile Envy" expands on this point - how Western civilization will destroy Earth due to ejaculation addiction. So I am against ejaculation addiction and I am for celibacy training as the original human culture taught since they lived without rape, without war and with ecological sustainability due to a culture focused on spiritual healing.

 Yes I got my master's degree in "radical ecology" from University of Minnesota in 2000 and then I read one scholarly book a day for 10 years while working at Clean Water Action. I have gotten some policy changes achieved and I have organized some coalitions and some campaigns and I got arrested 8 times for civil disobedience. Yes I post online as a joke - a kind of post-apocalypse retirement option. I worked for Greenpeace, and Citizens for a Better Environment and I was a union steward for the DEAF relay phone service and I worked at Resource Center of the Americas for human rights against US genocide - and I worked for University of Wisconsin-Greens. I used to be listed in the Earth First! journal as the "local contact" - and also I was investigated as one of 12 top "Eco-Terrorist" suspects in the US by a private firm called "CyberIntelligence" or something. The charges against me was that I was a "multi-sector" and "habitual" activist. haha.

So also I studied conservation biology and sustainable development for a semester in Costa Rica, 1992. So a third of my undergraduate degree was in biology, and a third in economics and political science - it was a new "environmental option" of International Relations in 1994. Then my master's degree was self-designed as part of Liberal Studies - so I did my master's thesis on music theory and "sound-current nondualism" philosophy and "radical ecology" - called "Epicenters of Justice" from Ralph Nader. But I realized my master's thesis was not radical enough! haha. So that's why I had to keep studying - but that was only after my "enlightenment experience." I finished my degree through the African Studies Department doing intensive meditation with a Chinese spiritual qigong master who trained at Shaolin, etc. - Chunyi Lin. Yes that was in 2000. That's when I saw ghosts and smelled cancer and did a lot of intense healing. I accidentally pulled this old lady's spirit out of the top of her skull - without touching her. She immediately burst out bawling. Us modern Westernized people are total idiots indeed.

 Which incorporated homosexuality and transsexuality as a beneficial asset to the tribe."
Yeah so this is a lie. You reject Elizabeth Marshall Thomas as a source? She is a Ph.D. in anthropology and she lived with the only uncontacted original human culture from 100,000 years ago. Of course since she is a female then her book "The Harmless People" has been defamed by many anthropologists, and other so-called scientists. The books I listed are mainly by anthropologists so why have you not read them? We are talking about 90% of modern human biological history. The Late Mayan civilization pederasty culture and the anthropologists complaining that queer activists are promoting this pederasty as a good thing? Why do you think central america is the most violent region on EArth? Ejaculaton addiction! Hey good luck with your queer activism! I am aware that anthropologist Richard Lee did discover some San Bushmen who had discovered male group ejaculation sex but as anthropologist Richard Lee points out none of these San Bushmen actually practiced sodomy nor were they born to practice sodomy.

Also the queer activists have LIED about the San Bushmen cave paintings, claiming they represent sodomy when in fact the cave paintings show astral spirit energy exchange. It's just that Western materialistic ejaculation culture could not image such things as being true! haha. The core focus of San Bushmen culture is celibacy training as "staying power" as spiritual astral energy called N/om. As Primatologist Professor Robert Sapolsky points out - ejaculation triggers the sympathetic nervous system as a spike in cortisol. So the original human culture required ALL males to train in the parasympathetic orgasms called N/om energy - without ejaculation. As for homophobia - yeah I think there's good reason for young males to be scared of older males sexually abusing the younger males. Just as prison rape turns males into "bitches." No thanks! And if this is the defining trait of the culture - as it was for the Late mayans - then it's no wonder they over used their ecological resources. To define a culture based on materialistic ejaculation as the goal is obviously to disregard the fact that Nature does not need males. Nature is primarily female.

 yes I was a literal book worm. I knew we were doomed since 1995. I kept this secret to myself since I knew no one would believe me. But already by 1995 I was a book worm. I did my own research of Slavoj Zizek and Noam Chomsky and I wrote a "monograph" called the Fundamental Force in 1996. This got a nice response from a University of Minnesota professor - Richard Leppert. I used his letter then to get into graduate school. My degree was self-designed and I just kept doing activism. I used to have boxes of files in my room. I had to get rid of those boxes of files - cardboard - since they get infested. My next room I had all the walls covered in books that I had read. I donated all the activism books to Clean Water Action - so created their own library. Then after my master's degree - I began reading one scholarly book a day while I sat in full lotus - in public. I read in fast food restaurants and in parks and in public libraries. I bought the books used but I also speed read books in the libraries. The Twin Cities has a lot of libraries. I've been to all of them pretty much.

I used to just bicycle around to go to libraries. So I had no friends during this time but I constantly had psychic energy exchanges with people in public as I sat in full lotus. This was strange but by sitting in full lotus I was able to clear out lower emotional blockages so my mind remained clear to focus on reading. Because if we have a lower emotional blockage then our mind gets stuck in word loops - as we fixate on the emotional blockage be it fear, anger, worry, sadness or lust. Yes so anyway I realized as the more I read then the more I had to "unlearn." Finally I returned back to one of the first books I read. It's called "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality." That is a very intense read. It's written for males - for meditation celibacy training.

Really only the highest level of science corroborates what is in that book. Meaning nonwestern alchemy meditation was an ancient science, only now confirmed by biophotons and relativistic quantum nonlocality. I had intense meditation experiences and so my goal was to do "intellectual self-defense" as Chomsky calls it. So I could know the science that corroborated my experiences. For example I discovered the vagus nerve secrets based on my own personal experiences with my own vagus nerve pulsating as I sent energy out. One person visited me after reading my rants online. The qigong master first called me up and said I knew this person. So I figured if the qigong master thought he was ok then he could stay at my house. So as I sat in full lotus next to him suddenly the person exclaimed: Your eyeballs are pulsating! Yes I knew they were pulsating as the pineal gland sends out the biophotons via the eyes balls and the eye balls pulsate at the ELF schumann frequency of 7 to 9 times per second. But I just didn't know if anyone else could see my eyeballs pulsating.

This person was a younger male and he had traveled through China and India looking for spiritual masters. He met Master Jiang Feng who did pyrokinesis. But he returned to Minnesota to see Chunyi Lin as he liked the spiritual healing of Chunyi Lin based on love - unconditional love energy. So anyway this person's dad was from India and he parents were in Hare Krishna. So they let him pursue meditation. He talked about going to Burma as based on my research into Burma, someone had actually gone there. So then on my blog I started getting hits from Burma - from the monastery. So this person became a monk in Burma. haha. I used to work with the Burmese refugees here in Minnesota. Anyway I just kept doing science research because I needed to really figure out "why" the qigong energy worked - and what was it's larger context: the basic general principles. So in other words - not based on my personal skill or any "masters" personal skill. The first qigong master I experienced was in 1995 - a lady - Effie P. Chow. I was so skeptical - I called up the number on the poster. I asked for a reduction in price and I could hear voice in the background - half off. Ten dollars. So my girlfriend and I both went. effie p. Chow really filled the room with qi - she said - and then she had us make "qi balls" - and sure enough I felt a very strong magnetic force push my palms apart. Then when almost everyone was gone, this security guard wandered in stating: Just wondering what is going on in here since the fuse got blown in the room behind you." And that was behind Effie P. Chow. haha. It was in the evening at St. Mary's University. Anyway that sent me on a quest to discover the secret of this stuff.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Reviewing the Reverted Elixir (double reversal) alchemy secret as Harmonization: On Wuji as Yellow Soil true Intention as secret of turning the light around

The True Yang...the  Yang principle is born from Zi and is stored in the Gate of Life....As it rises, it merges with Li [Fire], and by replenishing Li, it forms Qian [Heaven]. The yin principle returns where it belongs, the Yang principle is transformed, and one reverts to the origin.
p. 30, Foundations of Internal Alchemy, quoting Wang Haican (Yuan Dynasty).

 By refining the Ji-Soil, you obtain the Mercury within Li, the Sun. By refining the Wu-Soil you obtain the Lead within Kan, the Moon. The Ji-Soil rises, the Wu-Soil descends.
p. 55, Foundations of Internal Alchemy, citing Xingming guizhi

So by comparing those two texts it is very clear that the Ji-Soil that rises is rising up the spine - to replenish the Li. The Mercury is the "green dragon" after it first descends down the front (via the small universe meditation) and then rises up the spine to form Heaven. The Wu-Soil then descends down the front.
The technical terms for this practice are "drifting Wu to reach Ji" and "taking from Kan in order to fill Li". Others call it "using the kidneys to replenish the heart", "reverting the course of the Essence to replenish the brain", .... 
So Wang Mu, author of Foundations of Internal Alchemy is explaining again that to replenish Li from Mercury, the Ji-soil rises up the spine (not the front).

As someone reviews my blog research, this related post was reviewed.

 So "true intention"
operates throughout the entire alchemical process: Metal, Wood, Water and Fire achieve completion by means of the True Intention.... Soil, which stands for the Intention (yi), harmonizes the four Breaths; it forms one "family" by itself, and is the Golden Elixir.
p. 41, Foundations of Internal Alchemy.
Wu and Ji dwell on their own, their birth number is 5.
 From Xingming guizhi
Circulate the Metal found within the Water in the northern direction, in order to control the Wood found within the Fire in the southern direction. This is called "using the black to see the red."
p. 25, Foundations

So again the Metal found within the Water goes down the front - the northern direction being down. And this stops the wood (the yin qi) within the Fire (the heart spirit) going out the eyes (the southern direction being up).

Spirit is stored in the Heart and is issued from the eyes. in the practice of inner observation, the emphasis is on "observation": When the eyes are used to observe inwardly, one's thinking becomes focused, and the Original Breath surges; one internally illuminates oneself, all concerns become empty, delusive thoughts vanish, and one's Heart is calm and untroubled.
The Spirit of Heaven is issued from the Sun, the Spirit of Man is issued from the eyes. Wherever the eyes go, the Heart also goes.
p. 40, Foundations

So I was asked recently how one is supposed to also circulate or rotate the eyes while ALSO doing quick fire breathing - all at the same time. This is really the Small Universe meditation practice. We rotate the eyes naturally as the eyes are closed and we visualize the energy along the 12 harmonic nodes of the body. And as we know from listening - to locate sound - we listen to the OM and MUA sound of the meditation of the Small Universe - our ears rely on phase quantum coherence as the 5th dimension.

I previously quoted a Tibetan Medical doctor - the "ears collect the energy during meditation" and then the energy shines forth out of the eyes while the eyes are open.

So just to "lay the foundation" - the beginning of alchemy - means to store up the Yuan Qi energy enough so it opens up the channels - through purification as harmonization of yin and yang qi.

With our eyes open then the Sun and Moon are separated as the yin and yang qi are not harmonized (the wood and metal of the left and right eyes).

So most people think that just the reverse breathing is the key but do not realize that also the spirit meditation is also the key to alchemy training.

We put the fire under the water to make the steam as the qi but this also requires the small universe meditation as turning the light around.

The Essence can only be restored as "pre-celestial essence" through purification and the standing active exercises as Quick Fire meditation is what best enables this purification of the energy. As Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality emphasizes ONLY the Quick Fire breathing has the power to purify the essence. And as that book emphasizes, when doing the small universe meditation then we also need to be doing strong reverse breathing.

The Foundations section on "Harmonization" is really about how the practice has to be integrated - with breathing, spirit and purification.

When the breathing is deep and synchronized then it naturally "stops" as the qi fills up the body.
Accumulating the Spirit to generate Breath, and accumulating the Breath to generate Essence: this is going from Non-Being to Being. Refining the Essence to transmute it into Breath, refining the Breath to transmute it into Spirit, and refining the Spirit to return to Emptiness; this is going from Being to Non-Being.
So regarding the question of how can we do all this at the same time - this is the secret of what I call the Double Reversal - it is like two spirals going in the opposite directions as harmonization of complementary opposites (or in Western terms as noncommutative phase).

The spirit as the True Intention is this double reversal as the Wuji.

Laying the Foundation is itself a tremendous task - it is to restore the Essence or life-force to the age of a 16 year old. Then the alchemical process speeds up. So it also requires a strong knowledge of the alchemical process as the process of laying the foundation. I call this "kicking off the rocket booster." Once the Yuan Qi is activated and fills up the body then you are blasted into outerspace and you no longer have your rocket booster. So you better know where you are going.

I achieved this stage but I did not have the proper knowledge, so I did not know where I was going. I "aimed sky high" but I "fell back into worldliness" as Master Nan, Huai-chin says is so common.

Because of the help of the qigong master I did have an opening of the third eye as psychic pineal gland energy - and this does connect me to the central channel of the Yuan Qi energy. But because of my lack of knowledge I overused my psychic (Metal) Po Soul energy - and essentially became a "ghost immortal." And so I have to "start over" in the training to rebuild my foundation. But to do so is more difficult as now I have to work from either impure yin qi - from food - instead of pure yang qi. Or I have to work from the Emptiness itself - in a pure environment (as energy feasting - directly without the rocket boosters). Both these situations are dangerous.

So instead what I have done is just taken it easy and done free psychic healing, relying on impure yin qi sources, and using essential oils for purification.

So chapter 2 of Foundations of Internal Alchemy is really the equivalent of chapter 6 of Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality.

Once we get a taste of Yuan Qi then this is also the beginning of integrating the yuan jing with the yuan shen - and once the harmonization begins, then we need to keep building up the yuan qi energy.

So this is then the true "gong" or 100 day practice - only after Nirvikalpa Samadhi is achieved (as it is called in Indian yoga).

So this is also called the "Living Zi Hour" (from 11 pm to 1 am) so here the essence is restored but it has to be purified and returned - just as the pineal gland melatonin peaks at this hour. The Yin is at the extreme, so the Yang manifests. The spirit as Fire has the yang qi transformed since it's been replenished by the Yin (with the yang hidden within it).

So the rotating of the eyes is then the secret to keep building up the Yuan Qi from the yang within yin and yin within yang harmonization.
One first circulates the Original Spirit, and joins it in the lower Cinnabar Field with the Original Breath already accumulated there by means of the three hundred cycles of refining. This generates the Internal Medicine, which is finer and purer than the External Medicine. However, as we have said, for the Internal Medicine there is a "collection" followed by a "birth." Unlike the External Medicine, the Internal Medicine is not formed by a process of coagulation: this is an immediate method (dunfa) belonging to the "arts of Immortality." After the Internal Medicine is born in the lower Cinnabar Field, it is joined to the External Medicine already produced, and they gradually coalesce into one another.
The precelestial True Yang comes from Emptiness and Non-Being.
pp. 67-8, Foundations.

So this is what I mean by kicking off the rocket booster - the Internal Medicine is formed directly from the Emptiness, from the spirit light being turned around.

This is then the stage of
the seven days for "entering the enclosure."
So this is the immortal breathing, the Nirvikalpa Samadhi, the Bigu fasting (energy feasting), the conversion of Jing into Qi via Shen.
In the lower Opening, the Yang Breath within the Yin rises; when it moves upwards and finds again the Central Soil, it pauses. In the upper Opening, the Yin Breath within the Yang descends; when it finds the Central Soil, it stops. After their pause culminates, the Yang Breath steams upward; the liquor of Wood transforms itself below, and becomes True Mercury. The Yin Breath flows downward: the Essence of Metal rises above, and transforms itself into True Lead. This is the function of True Soil.
 p. 74, Foundations

 So this quote perfectly captures the Double Reversal secret of alchemy - the Harmonization process:
"The circulation of the Yin and Yang Breaths refers to the practice of the River Chariot."
The River Chariot being the "small universe" meditation aka the Microcosmic Orbit or Small Heavenly Circuit.

So to access the Yuan Qi the "yang qi" is replenished up the skull where it is then "nourished" by the yin qi.

p. 80.

Zi is then from 11 pm to 1 am where the yang qi meets in the Yin cavity to being its ascent to the brain. But Zi is also the Winter Solstice - and  yet the alchemical "firing times" have to be flexible depending on the circumstances.
By means of the circulation of the River Chariot, one first "advances the Fire" and then "responds by withdrawing"; thus the firm Yang is changed into the yielding Yin. It is sent again to the stove in the Cinnabar Field, where "the ore is eliminated and gold is pure." This generates an immaterial Breath, which is "the mother of the Elixir." (danmu).
p. 90, Foundations

So again the Double Reversal is explained clearly.
 If you have not yet refined the Reverted Elixir, then quickly refine it; 
 p. 91

Once the Yuan Qi is built up, the Essence and Breath have coalseced so the "three have turned to the Two" - and now the Two returns to the One as refining the Qi to transmute it into Spirit (shen).

So Flower in the Snow - means Golden Transformation - the Golden Flower. The word flower is a homophone with the word transformation - so both sound as "hua" and refere to alchemical refining.

So this is the Golden Liquor stage - the Golden Nectar as developing the Yang Shen body alchemically.

The yin qi of the Yang shen has to be converted to yang qi of the yin shen so that the Yang Shen then returns to the Yuan Qi as the Emptiness.
The Embryo is nothing but Spirit and Breath.
p. 101

But since the Yang Shen is developed out of the yang qi transformation - there is an inversion of Zi and Wu (North as water and South as fire) that were the lower tan t'ien and head - now switched around again, not spatially but temporally.
In the Greater Celestial Circuit, instead, the tripod is moved below: the Yellow Court is the tripod, and the lower Cinnabar Field is the stove. 
versus the tripod being the brain for the small heavenly circuit.

p. 105, Foundations

Then as the Spirit enters the Emptiness it is described as "Wondrous." This is what qigong master Chunyi Lin said to me - I could say that he was "wonderful."

When Spirit is wondrous its transformations are inexhaustible,
 p. 114, Foundations

just following ultimate bliss is the direction of Metal. Within all forms and phenomena, only this is real - anything else is unreal and vain to assay.
Direction of Metal (jinfang) has a double meaning: in the first meaning, it represents the West, and in the second one, it represents the Golden Elixir.
 p. 116, Foundations

Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto number 2, the 2nd movement: Adagio, Frisson, Phrygian

30 different recordings so far of JUST the 2nd movement!

This is now my 4th Frisson Phrygian playlist.

1) Ravel's Piano Concerto number 2, 2nd movement
2) Bach's Italian Concerto in F, 2nd movement
3) Dolores O'Riordan's song Dreams
4) Rachmaninoff's 2nd piano concerto, the 2nd movement.

What happens is that in the comments section people like to have their Bourgeois snide "this performance is almost as good as so and so, and not as good as so, and so." So then I just collect all the performer names and do searches and I start compiling all the performances. People can judge for themselves but enjoy the archetypal power of the Phyrgian tuning of this Adagio secret (the Mozart Effect).

My "description" of the playlist:

"Those chord changes at 9:57 - 10:05 are devastating. Not in a bad way. The way that just hits you so deeply it makes the hairs rise" I.E. Frisson (skin orgasm is the French translation) from vagus nerve activation as increase in dopamine (music healing). I used to have this on cassette for Walkman listening while in the desert in New Mexico (Ghost Ranch). I thought it was my secret music bliss when in high school. I did not know anyone else who listened to this music. My piano teacher then memorized this concerto and performed it - I did not see nor hear - as it was after my training. "Pardon my vulgarity, but the section beginning at ~10:25 is an absolutely orgasmic conclusion." Again that is the secret of Frisson as vagus nerve dopamine activation from music. You're going to compose your concerto....You will work with great ease...The concerto will be of excellent quality..." So spoke Dr. Nikolai Dahl, of one of the pioneers of psychiatry in Russia, and in this way he successfully restored Sergey Rachmaninov's concentration during a period of creative despair after the failure of his first Symphony. Later, Rachmaninov himself was to write: "Even though it seems unbelievable, this therapy truly helped me. ..." and "with every note it feels as though Sergei is squeezing out my heart." yes. "The second movement opens with a series of slow chords in the strings which modulate from the C minor of the previous movement to the E major of this movement." The second and third movements were first performed with the composer as soloist on 2 December 1900. The complete work was premiered, again with the composer as soloist, on 9 November 1901, with his cousin Alexander Siloti conducting.

Hopefully youtube algorithm will be providing me with more performances of JUST the 2nd movement....

Friday, November 9, 2018

Photoacoustics and the PHoton Mass Drag Effect: the hidden momentum of light is Now proven in the lab

To solve the momentum paradox the authors prove that the special theory of relativity requires an extra atomic density to travel with the photon.

 "This prompts for further simulations with realistic parameters for interstellar gas density, plasma properties and temperature. Presently the Hubble's law is explained by Doppler shift being larger from distant stars. This effectively supports the hypothesis of expanding universe. In the mass polariton theory of light this hypothesis is not needed since redshift becomes automatically proportional to the distance from the star to the observer," explains Professor Jukka Tulkki.
The redshift is then from the 5th dimension (rather than from an accelerating expansion of the 4th dimension).

To prove this experimentally - light was bounced between anti-mirrors and the acoustic momentum was measured -
 the shape of radiation-pressure-driven elastic waves gives rich insights into light–matter interaction, which could potentially be used to differentiate various theoretical formulations describing light-matter coupling. To fully understand elastic waveform features, the physics underlying their creation and propagation must be modelled and then compared to a measurable quantity, such as the material displacement induced by these transient waves. Displacements associated with these elastic waves propagate at acoustic velocities and have peak amplitudes of the order of picometers.

Photon mass drag and the momentum of light in a medium

Mikko Partanen, Teppo Häyrynen, Jani Oksanen, and Jukka Tulkki
Phys. Rev. A 95, 063850 – Published 29 June 2017
 We show that a light pulse having a total electromagnetic energy ω propagating in a nondispersive medium transfers a mass equal to δm=(n21)ω/c2, where n is the refractive index. MDW, which carries this mass, consists of atoms, which are more densely spaced inside the light pulse as a result of the field-dipole interaction. We also prove that the transfer of mass with the light pulse, the photon mass drag effect, gives an essential contribution to the total momentum of the light pulse, which becomes equal to the Minkowski momentum pM=nω/c.
 However, the theory applies not only to transparent liquids and solids but also to dilute interstellar gas. Using a simple kinematic consideration it can be shown that the energy loss caused by the mass transfer effect becomes for dilute interstellar gas proportional to the photon energy and distance travelled by light.
The optical shock wave property of the MDW, which propagates with the velocity of light instead of the velocity of sound, prompts for engineering of novel device concepts like very high frequency mechanical oscillators not limited by the acoustic cutoff frequency.

We also want to thank Tomaz Pozar and Nelson G. C. Astrath for the recent communication, where we became aware of the old paper of Poynting [61], the discussion of which has been added in the present work.
 spin angular momentum as part of total angular momentum (includes OAM, orbital angular momentum)


Louis de Broglie discovered the "Law of Phase Harmony" which is the secret pressure of light or relativistic mass of light - it is also called super momentum or superluminal momentum. It is the spin angular momentum of light instead of the orbital momentum of light. So essentially de Broglie realized that since quantum energy is based on frequency then as a particle goes up in frequency towards the speed of light, due to relativity then time as wavelength gets bigger or slows down. This goes against music harmonics since Pythagorean - time is inverse to frequency as basic music harmonics teaches us. So de Broglie realized there HAS to be a second "clock" of time from the future that secretly guides matter - he called it the Pilot Wave. It is a phase wave that is superluminal - faster than the speed of light. So it is in constant phase harmony with matter and the superluminal phase wave actually creates matter from light. So there is a secret harmony to Mother Nature - actually the Cosmic Mother. Some have argued that global warming is due to an increased "photon pressure" due to the changes in the atmosphere. In other words - it's not just from the quantum frequency resonance of carbon dioxide absorbing photon energy but also from the relativistic mass of light increasing as photon pressure.
could you not modify the composition of the atmosphere of your hypothetical Earth so that the surface pressure (i.e. total mass of the atmosphere) remains unchanged, but the concentration of GHG changes ?
That is essentially what I was assuming. The surface pressure depends only on the mass of the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect – as you suggest – depends on the composition.
Unless Nikolov and Zeller have problems with the Planck-Einstein relation, its difficult to see how they could not understand this would result in differing surface temperatures for the same surface pressure ?
What I should have mentioned in the post is that there was a very lengthy Twitter exchange with Ned Nikolov involving Scott Denning, and myself, and others. Things that you would imagine would convince him that he was wrong, very obviously did not.
The greenhouse effect is stronger if the pressure in the atmosphere is higher.