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Druze as a Vedic connection to the origins of Judiasm?

A serendipitous, though intensive, case study of Israeli Druze reveals striking similarities between Vedic and Druze philosophy and culture. This article uses these congruities as a springboard for researching Druze origins. Jethro, commonly known as the father-in-law of Moses, is the greatest saint in the pantheon of Druze prophets. He is a Midianite, a tribe descending from the sons of Keturah who were sent by Abraham to the East. Analysis of the relationship between Moses and Jethro reveals that Moses oftentimes accepted the role of Jethro's student. It is suggested that Moses was the disciple of Jethro in practical as well as spiritual matters. This conforms with the Midianite-Kenite hypothesis about the origin of the Hebrew religious system. The author relates this idea to the Druze connection with India, and suggests that Druze oral and written traditions be studied, alongside a reexamination of the Midianite-Kenite hypothesis, to determine the extent of Vedic influence on Judaic history.
and so - the genetic study of Druze shows they have Indo-Iranian origins....more like Armenians.
 most Druze consider their roots to be Indian. Their beliefs are pervaded by characteristically Vedic conceptions. For instance, their scriptures, like the Vedic puranas and itihasas, and unlike chronicles of Middle Eastern religions, describe history dating back hundreds of millions of years, with incarnations of God in a human form appearing at regular intervals. This is akin to the Vedic idea of regular appearances of avataras. Also, transmigration of the soul is a central tenet of Druze philosophy. In fact, to describe this principle the Druze use the same analogy as Krsna uses in the Bhagavad-gita [2.22]: "As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones, the soul similarly accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones."
DNA study of Druze
 Furthermore, unlike other monotheistic religions, the Druze tenets strictly close their religion to new adherents, thus forbidding admixture with other populations....47% first cousin marriages....
 Holy Smokes!
The populations with the smallest genetic distances to the Druze were: Turks, Armenians, Iranians and Egyptians.
O.K. so what that first study on Armenians demonstrated is that until 1200 BCE when the Iron  Age kicked in - the Bronze Age had a much greater, widespread mixture of populations from West Asia to South Asia and Central Asia....


So this study - is quite fascinating.
 Kamal Jumbalat, the late Druze political hero and renowned spiritualist, often extolled Krsna, the Bhagavad-gita, the Ramayana, and other Vedic books and personalities in his writings (Dasa, 1994, p. 219). He also spoke of Druze going to India and taking sannyasa (Jumbalat, I Speak for Lebanon, p. 34), and Jumbalat was himself a vegetarian and considered himself, in his later years, to be living as a vanaprastha, the retired order of life in the Vedic social system.
 Druze consider themselves as Muwahidoon, which translates as "the one, eternal religion, (Abu-Izzeddin, 1984; Betts, 1988; Firro, 1992)" much as a practitioner of Vedic religion is performing sanatana-dharma, the eternal occupation of the soul, rather than any temporally or geographically based religion (Prabhupada, 1972 - from Introduction).
 Some Druze pundits revealed that the original language of their scriptures was Sanskrit, and indicated that incarnations such as Buddha and Krsna are described in these books. [DRUZE STAR]
In 1928, Richard Gottheil (Hitti, 1928, Foreword) declared: "The Druzes have been the wonder of scholars,... All sorts of theories have been advanced by scholars to account for their particular tenets and customs... The scholars have been unsuccessful... and the Druzes still remain the great mystery." Modern-day research has done little to uncover the origins of the Druze, though Abu-Izzeddin (1984, p. 121) states: "Recently discovered manuscripts throw new light on influences from India," and provides strong evidence of the Muwahidoon culture extending to India during the middle of the 11th Century. Also, the story of the disappearance of al Hakim is vague, and many scholars and Druze believe that he left Cairo and went to India to meditate during the final stage of his appearance on Earth (Abu-Izzeddin).
But the plot thickens....
Jethro, Moses' father-in-law1, is the foremost prophet for the Druze. Their largest annual celebration is held at the tomb of Jethro, near Tiberias (Dana, 1980). Jethro, known as Nabi Schweib by the Druze, was a Midianite (Exodus 18:1), a tribe descending from Keturah, a wife of Abraham (Genesis 25:1-2). Genesis (25:6) describes that Abraham sent the sons of Keturah to the East. Rabbi Menashe Ben Israel (Glazerson, 1984) asserts that Abraham sent them to India. This is more evidence linking the Druze with India, or at least the East. If we examine the relationship between Moses and Jethro, the story becomes even more interesting.
Jethro is commonly understood as an idol-worshiping pagan, a Midianite priest, who converted to Judaism by associating with Moses. If we study the role of Jethro, however, this description seems unsatisfying. In Exodus (Chapter 18), Jethro brings Zipporah and her two sons to Moses, and Moses bows down and kisses Jethro. Then Jethro praises the God of the Jews and "took a burnt-offering and sacrifices for God; and Aaron came, and all the elders of Israel, to eat bread with Moses' father-in-law before God." It is interesting to conjecture why the elders of Israel are eating food that was sacrificed by an idol worshiper.

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Raymond Smullyan: Famous Logician, realized that the Secret "group of Notes" is the Melody as the Dao of Daoism

You like this dude: Raymond M. Smullyan, The Tao Is Silent:
So this is precisely what I am saying. All human cultures use the Octave, Perfect Fifth and Perfect Fourth and this is what creates melodies - the "group of notes" is this secret with the Octave as the Emptiness, Yang as the Perfect Fifth and Yin as the PErfect Fourth. In alchemy we transform the yin into the yang but this process is eternal as undivided yin-yang - the Yuan Qi - so it is eternal listening to the source of the group of notes.
This is not a metaphor - but the literal logic of Daoism.
And so since Raymond M. Smullyan was a Western trained musician, he was relying on the wrong symmetric mathematics that was created from the wrong music theory. But since he trained as a musician - he realized there is a deeper secret to listening to a group of notes as a melody. That secret is the harmony of the Dao. He says it's the secret of hearing a melody instead of hearing the sounds.

Why can't Daoist Logic be expressed in words? Listening as complementary opposites is the secret.

So logical inference is pretty easy to understand. When you are in deep dreamless sleep then where do you go? Are you a biological machine or do you still exist as your self? If you still are you then who you are can not be defined by the thoughts in your mind or your ability to experience space or time - there is something else.

So we are told that the Dao can not be said in words - but this does not rule out LISTENING as logical inference. So we are told the Dao is a harmony and this is also what music is - a harmony. We are told the Dao is 1, 2, 3 and then infinity - but that even mathematicians can not understand infinity so how could the common person?

This last comment is actually a secret - because math is actually from music theory based on harmonics. So when you meditate - do you use music to guide the meditation? You can use the "small universe" meditation from http://springforestqigong.com - there are 12 points along the body. These 12 points are actually from music theory.

So each note is actually from the opposite direction of time and frequency - so it is yin and yang that reverses as complementary opposites and so just as there are 12 notes in the music scale - in fact the empirical truth is an infinite process of energy creation since the first note and the 2nd note do not line up with each other inside the same octave. In other words if you build the note from the 3 which is the first Pitch that is different than the 1 and the 2 - then the 3 does not line up with the 2 and so the process creates all of infinity.

Now in the West we think of this as normal counting or at best "set theory" and it assumes an equal value of numbers. So we see this philosophy as some kind of primitive simplicity - but in actuality there is a secret that music theory contains - and has been rediscovered in noncommutative geometry as noncommutative phase.

So if you do music training from a young age - this actually causes the corpus callosum to get much bigger - and so with deep listening - you can hear that the Perfect Fifth as the 3 is pulled towards the 1 but that the 1 then changes. This is not acknowledged in Western music theory because the subharmonic was not allowed.

So for example in Indian music theory it states - the Perfect Fifth as the subharmonic will emphasize the root tonic of the 1 due to the overtones of the Perfect Fourth. So in other words if the 1 is C as the root tonic then the "yin" note as the Perfect Fourth is F as 4/3 but it's first overtone harmonic is also C as the root tonic and the octave of the F is then actually the Perfect Fifth as "yang" as 2/3 subharmonic. So this is covered up in the West since the 2/3 as C to F subharmonic does not line up into the same octave and so only the 4/3 as C to F is allowed. This means C to G is 3/2 but C to F as the subharmonic 2/3 is also the Perfect Fifth and so it is empirically valid and yet if you use C to G then the first overtone harmonic of G is not C (unlike for F where the first overtone IS C) rather for G the first overtone harmonic is D and so it does not resonate as well with the root tonic of C.

So what is going on here is that the value of the 1 gets changed based on which "3" is used - in either case the 1 is changed - geometrically - and so this process of transformation continues eternally as the undivided yin-yang resonance with the Perfect Fifth as being in two different places of G and F at the same time.

So that is the music theory example - it is completely covered up in Western math and yet music theory is also the foundation of Western math. And so Alain Connes rediscovered this secret of music theory by stating (2, 3, infinity).

So for us normal people we see 2, 3, infinity and think it has no secret meaning - but Alain Connes calls music theory a "universal scaling system" as a unified field theory.

So math is still an external measurement and so the logic is limited - but since he derives it from music - then we can take this music theory seriously and realize it is the secret truth of Daoist alchemy philosophy as logic and also the secret of the "three gunas" of India - as their yoga meditation. OM also means the infinite complementary opposites of the "three in one" unity of the octave (Emptiness) and Perfect Fifth (yang as rajas) and Perfect Fourth (Yin as tamas).

So this is why the logic is not understood - it can not be expressed in words. When Alain Connes uses music theory to model the math - then now he has to try to find undiscovered particles to "prove" his math as the external truth. Meanwhile he neglected the secret of the music theory! He practices Chopin at home - but that is not based on the noncommutative phase secret. Western music theory is symmetric logarithmic math - and the foundation of all Western math.

So in Daoism and Pythagorean philosophy - it takes the music theory as the empirical truth of reality that is accessed by practicing the music as mind-body meditation transformation. This is very different - for example for males the right hand is yin while the left foot is yang and so that means there is a secret non-dual 5th dimension energy that connects those two different places in space - nonlocally. And so this is also true for the right hand and the upper body as yang and the left hand as yang and the lower body as yin and then the left foot as yang and the lower body as yin.

So now we have not just a philosophy but a specific mind-body transformation practice - the small universe meditation - the standing active exercises - the full lotus - are all based on this secret. Finally the two eyes - the left eye, for males, is yin qi of the liver and the right eye is yang qi of the lungs - and by rotating them with the eyes closed then you connect with the yuan qi that emanates out of the pineal gland via the heart and lower tan t'ien (the small intestines) - the three brains of the central channel.

And so it is the qi energy itself that is the Logos - called then Harmonia or Aion or the Muses - or Nada in Indian metaphysics - or "Sound-current" as Quan Yin in Chinese Buddhism as the "inner ear method."

The logic is a method - just as you can only talk about music so much but only if you practice music on an instrument - before the age of 7 - is the brain transformed to increase the corpus callosum. this is because the right side vagus nerve connects to the left side of the brain but the left side vagus nerve does not connect to the right side of the brain.

So logic is left brain dominant in the West and so the left side vagus nerve will not be able to transform the right side of the brain. It is listening with the eyes closed, as visualization of sound as a 3D location in the body - this is what creates the quantum nonlocal phase coherence that is faster than the speed of light, as the Yuan Qi energy.

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Cerebrospinal fluid and the small universe aka microcosmic orbit meditation


 Nevertheless, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika is quite clear on this. (See the picture above and references in another article on Amrita/Soma.)

When the amount of CSF (cerebro-spinal fluid) gets over a certain threshold, some of it drips down on top of the soft palate and/or on the back of the tongue. The sensation of the pressure release and the dripping is extremely sweet.
This is what is referred to as:
"nectar", "soma", "ambrosia", "amrita", "elixir", "love potion", etc.

Not that the taste of this liquid is sweet, it is not, it is actually salty, quite alkaline. It's consistency is like  watery Jell-O, or more properly stated it IS the consistency of liquefied jelly fish.

This blog link corroborates what I claimed in my Idiot's Guide pdf - the cerebrospinal fluid overflows out of the sinus cavity and this is the actual "saliva" that is swallowed during the small universe meditation. So this is not made very clear - it is referred to as saliva that recharges the qi energy - so a special kind of saliva....

But western science is now corroborating the close connection between saliva and cerebrospinal fluid!
The miRNAs "altered" in CSF were interrogated in saliva of 60 children with mild TBI and compared with 18 age- and sex-matched controls. The miRNAs with parallel changes (Wilcoxon rank sum test) in CSF and saliva....There were 214 miRNAs detected in CSF, and 135 (63%) were also present in saliva. Six miRNAs had parallel changes in both CSF and saliva (miR-182-5p, miR-221-3p, mir-26b-5p, miR-320c, miR-29c-3p, miR-30e-5p).
So that's one - showing you can just test the saliva to also test the cerebrospinal fluid!

Here's another one - Oxytocin levels:
 Correlation analyses revealed modest to strong correlations for oxytocin between the saliva and CSF compartments while predominantly weak correlations were found between the CSF and plasma as well as between the plasma and saliva compartments. In conclusion, we demonstrated modest to strong correlations between the saliva and CSF compartment suggesting that saliva oxytocin may help to assess CSF oxytocin levels.
 And a third one - predicting Alzheimer's
We accurately identified significant concentration changes in 22 metabolites in the saliva of mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease patients compared to controls.
 And back to that first blog post:
This clear liquid in men and women may well be part of their male or female ejaculate, which, when could possibly become a glandular excretion that does not get ejaculated outside the body but  processed (as though injected) as described above.

When semen is held warm in the testicles, living sperm may not develop and part of the remaining fluid may play a role in 'urdhva reta' - a Sanskrit term for the upward movement through the spine of generative related fluids.
 Yes one time for me - the test was very strong - like the smell. Cuz otherwise I've never tested the stuff - but it was a bit embarrassing to me.
One spot particularly, at the bottom centre of the cranial base just above the uvula at the rear of the soft palate (just where the ''sella turcica'' is, inside which sits the pituitary gland) is the location of ''the nectar drop''.
When the supply of cerebro-spinal fluid exceeds the volume of the cerebro-spinal canal, the ventricles of the brain and the meningeal structures, it seeps out and bathes the nerves, resulting in the experience of an intense sense physical/spiritual bliss.

White Tiger of the Heart: “Take the filled heart inside Kan to transform the yin in the belly of the Li Palace.”

When the blood cake (Xue Bing) is swallowed to go downward, the blue pupils disperse. [16] This is a post heaven event. On the palate there is an acu-point and under the tongue there are two acu-points that produce body fluids (Jin Ye), a treasure of the human body. Saliva goes down 1.2 cun under the heart to the Jiang Gong (Crimson Palace) at the root of the liver and becomes blood. When blood descends 1.3 cun below the navel it changes into Qi.....
 The “blood cake” represents the residual fluids from the umbilicus that, when cleared from the mouth immediately after birth, signal the start of Post-Natal, (Post-Heaven) life, which is characterized by respiration. The Du and Ren channels now can only be connected by the tongue touching the upper palate. This passage also mentions that in the transition from Pre-Heaven (before birth) to Post-Heaven, a baby’s eyes change color from blue to brown (or another color).

 The dark is Heaven, and in humans, forms the nose. The female is Earth and forms the mouth. Through the nose, the breath, and the five atmospheres associated with Heaven enter and form the Hun (“spiritual Soul; ethereal Soul). Through the mouth the five tastes enter and nourish the stomach and form the Po (the corporeal soul). The gates of the dark one and of the female are therefore the gates through which the original breath flows. Ho-Shang-Kung’s Commentary on Lao-Tse, translated and annotated by Edward Erkes, Switzerland: Artibus Asiae, Ascona , 1950, pp. 21-22.


 Black Lead—the Water Tiger—is the root of the emission and development of Heaven and Earth.
Only then is there substance (zhi ) and qi.

Red Lead—the Fire Dragon—is the foundation of the emission and development of Heaven and Earth.
Only then is there qi and no substance.

That which has substance is True Lead.
Ultimate Yin is the essence of the moon.
It is the mother that nurtures the form of Heaven, Earth, and the 10,000 Things.
That which is without substance is True Mercury.
Ultimate Yang is the brilliance of the sun.
It is the father that emits and causes the development of Heaven, Earth and the 10,000 Things.
The substance (ti ) of lead and mercury nurture one another and reproduce in profusion,350 cycling without cease.
It can be said to be the ancestor that produces Heaven, Earth and the 10,000 Things.

Establish the cauldron, then lead [the Essence of Ultimate Yin] to meet Ultimate Yang Qi.
Return them to the Spirit Room,353 where they wantonly (hun hun ) copulate.
Their copulation does not cease; their productive capability is inexhaustible.
The whitesoul is produced in the Wood [i.e., the liver]; the cloudsoul is born in Metal [i.e., the lungs].
The whitesoul and the cloudsoul congeal naturally.
This transforms and becomes the body.354
The copulation results in one hundred treasures.
It is named “Golden Liquid Reverted Elixir.”
 The position of Qian is the cauldron. The position of Kun is the furnace.371 Inside the cauldron is the yin of aqueous silver, which is to say the fire dragon-innate disposition root. Inside the furnace is the yang of the Jade Bud, which is to say the water tiger- lifespan stem. The tiger is below in order to emit the trigger of fire. The dragon resides above, setting the clouds off in a blustering storm. Just as the yang in the furnace ascends, yin invariably descends, then the celestial cloudsouls and terrestrial whitesouls in the cauldron preserve their tranformations. The Green Dragon and the White Tiger contain one another
 People of the world do not understand the procreative work of this dragon. Each suffer its harm. If people understand and fear it, look after it and control it, and they can subdue this hideous and ferocious dragon, then amass the utmost essence of mercury.412 Those who have subdued it control the true fire in the heart-mind. When the disposition of fire does not flare, then the dragon can be controlled and possessed. One can then obtain the time of lead. Therefore it is said: “If you don’t amass mercury, how can you seek lead? If you don’t subdue the dragon, how can you tame its tiger?” Both true lead and true mercury are not easily brought to bear. It is also difficult to tame the true tiger and force the true dragon to submit. If those who study the Dao can understand this one word then all their affairs will become minor concerns.
 Heaven (3) produces wood, which resides in the East Its manifestation is a green dragon
Earth (2) produces fire, which resides in the South Its manifestation is a vermillion bird
Heaven (1) produces water, which resides in the North Its manifestation is the Dark Warrior
Earth (4) produces metal, which resides in the West

Its manifestation is a white tiger
The tiger resides in the North, in Kan-water, but the yang line in Kan originally belonged in Qian.
 The dragon resides in the South, in Li-fire, but the yin line in Li originally belonged to Kun. After the downfall of primordial chaos because Kun received procreation and birth it paired with Qian. The middle line in Kun was filled and became Kan.
  “Take the filled heart inside Kan to transform the yin in the belly of the Li Palace.”
 So Li is yang and resides in the South. Because its outside is yang its inside yin, it is called “True Mercury.” Kan is yin and resides in the North. Because its outside is yin and its inside yang, it is called “True Lead.” For this reason, the Perfected Purple Yang said: “The sun, which resides in the Li position, returned, is woman. Kan resides in the Toad Palace,503 yet is man.”504 That is to say Kan is man and Li is woman, just like: father is essence, mother is blood,
Xing ming gui zhi, 1615