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Noncommutative Phase, tantra and the Bull Durham baseball movie

I had never even heard of this Bull Durham baseball movie before.

I had also never heard this 60 Minute Man song, featured in the movie

The movie stars Susan Sarandon who recently got arrested - protesting against Drumpf. She's a real activist and chose to do Bull Durham not because of the money, but rather because of the material.

What's funny is the film features a "noncommutative phase" teaching - one I've never heard before - but Susan tells Tim Robbins to focus his right testicle on his left nostril and his left testicle on his right nostril. haha.

O.K.  Susan Sarandon:

ANNIE There are two important psychic conduits called the "pingala" and the "ida". The pingala starts with the left testicle (or left ovary of the female) and ends at the right nostril. She touches his left nut through his pants in a matter of fact manner. He stares back. ANNIE The ida originates at the right testicle (or ovary) and terminates at the left nostril. 

So then Tim Robbins is taught by Susan Sarandon to "rechannel his sexual energy" into his baseball pitching. 

ANNIE Breathing through your pingala always works, honey -- NUKE Not that. I mean the re-channeling of my sexual energy. (beat) Maybe we shouldn't make love for awhile.

                         He said his chakras were jammed and 
                         he was breathing out of the wrong 
                         You breathing through the wrong 
                         fucking nostril again?
 Just the other day I was wondering how the left testicle hanging higher - has to fit into the noncommutative phase secret..


The word pingala means "tawny" & is located on our right sympathetic nervous system. It begins and ends to the right of sushumna. Pingala has a Sunlike nature and male energy with a heating effect. It is also known as surya or sun nadi. Its courses from the left testicle to the right nostril & corresponds to the Yamuna River. Pingala is the extroverted (active), solar nadi & controls all the vital processes & manages our physical energy.

I didn't realize that both Pingala and Ida are considered "sympathetic" whereas the central Channel is considered parasympathetic. Interesting.

This source has LOST the noncommmutative phase secret - claiming the left testicle lines up with the left nostril, etc.

ida & pingala Archives - SOLAR LUNAR
... known as ida (meaning “refreshment, libation; stream or flow of praise and worship”), winding upward from the left testicle to right nostril and associated with ...

Less Known Facts About Nadis (The Nervous System) - Speaking Tree
Mar 20, 2014 - It courses from the right testicle to the left nostril and corresponds to the Ganges River. Ida is the introverted (passive), lunar nadi and controls ...

So it seems that indeed it is based on noncommutative phase - but the fact that one "authoritative' source got it wrong - indicates that the more general, basic principle of noncommutative phase or complementary opposites, got lost.

Tantra Vidyā: Based on Archaic Astronomy and Tāntric Yoga
Oscar Marcel Hinze - 1997 - ‎Hindu astronomy
be left out of consideration by us in order not to lose sight of the leading ... Ida winds itself from the right testicle up to the left nostril and Pingala from the left ...

[DOC]Ida, Pingala & Sushumna Nadi & Chakra Systems Nāḍi (literally "river ...
In regard to Kundalini Yoga, there are three of these "Nadis"; "Ida", "Pingala", and ... Its temperature is heating and courses from the left testicle to the right nostril.

Kundalini Yoga - Page 77 - Google Books Result
Ida starts from the right testicle and Pingala from the left testicle. They meet ... Ida flows through the left nostril and Pingala through the right nostril. Ida is also ...

Yoga for Peace - Page 80 - Google Books Result
K. V. Raghupathi - 2007 - ‎Yoga
Breathing alternately through the two nostrils may affect the 'manic currents to a ... Human body has 72,000 na'dis of which Ida, Pingala and Sushumna are important. ... pingala originates from the left testicle and connects it to the right nostril.

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Why Salt is a Drug: The original human culture did not eat salt!

Is Salt really a "power ancient instinct" - or is it more like a modern SALARY? (the word salary is from roman soldiers paid in salt).

Salt appetite is linked to drug addiction, research finds

July 29, 2011
Duke University Medical Center
A team of U.S. and Australian scientists has found that addictive drugs may have hijacked the same nerve cells and connections in the brain that serve a powerful, ancient instinct: the appetite for salt. 

Cooking Practices and Health of Hunter-Gatherers / !Kung San
Food is available in the Kalahari desert, and people spend an average of 32.5 ... The San have no salt and use no seasonings; on rare occasions, however, ...
Advanced level in the Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality book states, NO SALT in the diet!!
And yet the modern diet is all about salt.
 It is quite shocking to believe the original human culture did not eat salt! We are told we will die without eating salt! haha. But plants have natural sodium in them.

You just need to eat tons of plants.

A GIGANTIC potassium to sodium ratio (K/Na): Bushmen cuisine is packed with potassium, and they don’t salt any of their food. They eat three times as much potassium and one sixth the amount of salt as the typical American.12, 13 That’s 50% more potassium and one third the sodium than even official recommendations! The K/Na ratio of 13 we got from !Xe’s Cronometer is very close to the paleolithic Na/K ratio of 16 estimated by researchers.11 It absolutely destroys the average American K/Na ratio of .75

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The N/om hurts, it burns you: Camilla Power: Did gender egalitarianism make us human? or, if David Graeber and David Wengrow won't talk about sex and gender,

The youtube version - better sound - 

The N/om hurts - it burns you.

Morna Finnegan - quotes Healing Makes the Heart Happy book! in her lecture

Motionless Change: Why Quick Fire is transmutation via Concentration as Meditation

But this is the slow fire. Earlier you said that the quick fire is required to convert yin jing to yang jing. The quick fire is certainly not meditation, but the book Taoist Yoga doesn’t mention what it is. The only description I could find about it in the book is that it is a form of breathing.
You are making a claim with no evidence. So I will provide now evidence that debunks your false accusation:

The Fa Chueh says: ‘To remedy this negative state requires concentration of true inner fire which is done by fixing spirit in the lower tan t’ien, the source of foetal breath, by drawing the pupils of the eyes close to each other in order to bring the cavity of vitality into focus and by using the bellows to bring quick fire into action; as a result of pointed concentration a mass of true inner fire will soar up causing spiritual light in the cauldron to illuminate the whole body the four elements of which (see note 3 on page 41) are thereby sublimated. It will eliminate this malefic negative state and restore the brightness of the elixir in its cavity (under the navel)
And so the Quick Fire is the process of alchemy by meditation as concentration (visualization):
‘Shifting’ is motionless change, that is transmutation by quick fire which results in nothing any longer having form or shape whether seen closely or from a distance, and includes the elimination of every impure residue. Only this can be called true efficiency.
quick fires (from regulating the breathing) so that the genital organ will draw in, the inner light will manifest before the eyes,
Inner light - meaning you see something with your eyes closed (or so closed you don't see things externally)....
in so doing you should use your non-discriminative concentration to lift and lower it in order to complete a full orbit.
So what is "concentration" in relation to "quick fire"?
However, if he can unite the element of metal (male) with that of wood (female) and the sun with the moon in one place by drawing his pupils closely together in a squint and if he then concentrates them and looks within, he will see the light of true vitality appearing (between his eyes) in front of his original cavity of spirit which will then hold it to prevent it from running away;
If that is not meditation - then I don't know what meditation is.
should strive to control his heart (the house of fire) by driving his mind into the field of concentration so as to still and disengage it from sense data. When the mind stops wandering outside, consciousness will melt away, and the five aggregates will be empty of externals so that spirit and vitality will gather and stay within and no longer scatter without.
This is also called "subduing the dragon"
by concentrating on spirit to gather vitality he will thereby cultivate (eternal) life;
The practiser should then turn inwards his eyes to concentrate on the lower tan t’ien as long as possible until its inner heat vibrates.
Immortality is attained after the successful cultivation of (essential) nature; this is why in Chapter 1 we began by teaching concentration on the original cavity of spirit (tsu ch’iao between and behind the eyes). For he who succeeds in cultivating nature, can expect to realise (eternal) life as well.
When he inhales postnatal (fresh) air should enter by the nostrils and the throat gradually reaching the lower tan t’ien cavity (under the navel) simultaneously he should lift his concentration from the mortal cavity (at the root of the penis) up the spine until it reaches the top of his head.
So it's not JUST BREATHING - it is breathing plus meditation.

‘When the sun and the moon without unite (i.e. when the pupils of both eyes are drawn close to each other in a squint for pointed concentration), the heart (the house of fire) and lower abdomen (the house of water) within are automatically linked; only then can prenatal vitality develop gradually.
or this:

Then concentrate both eyes pointedly on the lower tan t’ien centre (under the navel) and breathe deeply so that your breath reaches that centre. If you do this for one hundred days your lower tan t’ien will become hot, your eyes will flash light and you will hear something like wind blowing in your ears;
and this:
raise the tongue to the palate, make pointed concentration to shrink the genital organ, drive the breath in and out of the nostrils and roll the eyes up and down in order to block the duct that discharges the generative force,
and this;
act immediately even before turning away their perverse thoughts. They should concentrate on the mortal gate (at the root of the penis) and breathe in to lift (the vital force there) up to (the lower tan t’ien cavity which is) 1-3 inches under the navel,
and this;
the practiser should unite the two pupils (i.e. draw them together by squinting) to concentrate on and drive spirit and vitality into the lower tan t’ien (under the navel) in order to produce and nurture the immortal seed.
and this:
unsteady concentration has cooled down the inner fire....If he is stirred by sense data and opens his eyes to look outward, his concentration and spirit will scatter damaging the immortal seed.
So clearly the celibacy is innately tied to the meditation AND the breathing.
The master P’eng Mou Chang said: ‘The method of producing the immortal seed consists of “uniting” the heart with the eyes for pointed concentration on the lower abdomen so that if vibration is felt there, vitality can be immediately circulated (in the microcosmic orbit) for purification, but the slightest carelessness on the part of the practiser can cause it to drain away thereby nullifying all previous progress.
The "pointed concentration" is connected to "rolling the eyes" - it is to copulate the dragon and tiger (yin and yang qi) for the purification of the heart spirit energy.
eyes on its flame, rolling them from left to right nine times to vibrate the (positive) vitality in that centre (between and behind the eyes) so that it drops to the cavity of (eternal) life (under the navel) already full of (negative) vitality so that both vitalities unite to thrust open the original cavity of spirit (tsu ch’iao in the centre of the brain).
The union of (positive) with (negative) spirit is achieved by uniting (or drawing together in a squint) the pupil of the left eye which stands for positive spirit with that of the right one which stands for negative spirit for concentration on the upper tan t’ien centre (in the brain).
And so the synchronized breathing - causes Cardiorespiratory synchronization - which means the vagus nerve energy increases - and this is done through biophoton synchronization:

Monkey heart and running horse of intellect: When one breathes in and out, one’s concentration causes the generative force to rise and fall in the microcosmic orbit thus slowly turning the wheel of the law.
and slow fires (i.e. the relevant breath rhythms) 
 should be 
used with concentration on the cavity of mortality  
szu ch’iao) at the root of the penis until the penis is checked 
and brought under control. Yoga Alchemy and Immortality Lu K’uan Yü (Charles Luk)_djvu.txt
Motionless Change - actually means Parasympathetic Rebound.
The Quick Fire is continued until the parasympathetic rebound occurs.
So the rotating of the Eyes - connects the Right side vagus nerve (yang qi) to the left side vagus nerve (yin qi).
And so the sympathetic nervous system pushed to the extreme then activates the right side vagus nerve as yang qi.

Deepening the Mindfulness meditation trend - based on deepening attunement or resonance

Mindfulness and Buddhist-Derived Approaches in Mental Health and Addiction

pdf link

 And so - we find a scientific acceptance and integration via Dr. Stephen Porges - as a 

So - the book emphasizes that for Porges - the key is not lack of fight-flight but rather the active intentional suppression of stress by the left side vagus nerve going down to the heart - via the prefrontal cortex. Another source notes:

 Which is to say - we can "precondition" or "front-load" the parasympathetic energy reaction. This is called the Zong Qi or protective qi.

Science calls this a "resonant circuit" as "attunement" but in fact it is the small universe meditation or microcosmic orbit - and with a deeper right side vagus nerve activation - then the left-side vagus nerve suppression energy is stronger. You can literally feel the brain being "cleared out" as the cerebrospinal fluid builds up first on the right side and then moves over to clear out the left side of the skull.

Science now acknowledges this process through meditation - but without the esoteric details of the actual small universe MCO training.