Thursday, January 21, 2021

Butterflies in the stomach is from Spleen yin qi as worry from descending yin qi of front channel

 So I've now been monitoring my yin qi better since my eyes are open and as per meditation and philosophy - it's the thoughts as yin qi that causes a yang shen "trigger" of the body organs.

So I just had a thought about my business - and suddenly I got butterflies in my stomach. I don't normally get butterflies - so I found this fascinating. I realized it is what the TCM means by WORRY as the spleen qi. 

So the yin qi as thinking had shot down the front channel to the spleen.

So then I rotated my eyes to the left with the eyes closed - to bring more yang qi down to then cancel out the yin qi blockage.

 Current concept of Spleen-Stomach theory and Spleen deficiency syndrome in TCM

 My yellow skin is actually from when I used to eat two BULBS  of garlic a day! haha

Sallow face is the usual manifestation of Spleen disease.
The Kidney-Yang denotes the hypothalamic-pitutary-adrenal, thyroid and gonadal axes, 

Sallow skin refers to skin that has lost its natural complexion. When this happens, your skin may appear yellow or brown in tone, especially on your face.

So TCM is based more on herbs than it is on the pineal gland Yuan Qi central channel.

So Jim Nance said I had the "best mental concentration" of any student he had met.

Qigong master Chunyi Lin said "your mind is very powerful from years of meditation."

All they were talking about is emptying out the left brain thoughts by turning the yin qi around back to the yang qi.

It's not as good as yang qi visualization for real meditation but it's the start.



Matrix Mind Controlled drones, etc. from China 





Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Using Music to heal speech: Revisiting Michael Corballis via Noam Chomsky

 National Poet Laureate SINGS SONG to learn to pronounce the letter "R"

 So I know from Stroke victims if they can't talk then they often can SING the words they need to say.

And then over time they can retrain their brain to use a different part of the brain for talking. But how different is it?

Distinct Cortical Pathways for Music and Speech Revealed by Hypothesis-Free Voxel Decomposition

 This study shows not that different.

Anatomically, music and speech selectivity concentrated in distinct regions of non-primary auditory cortex …

meaning the right brain!

 Two other components were highly selective for speech and music (Figures 2D and 2E). The response of these two components could not be explained by standard acoustic measures, and their specificity for speech and music was confirmed with hypothesis-driven experiments that probed sensitivity to category-specific temporal structure (Figure 4). The selective responses we observed for music have little precedent (Angulo-Perkins et al., 2014, Leaver and Rauschecker, 2010), and our analyses suggest an explanation: the music-selective component spatially overlapped with other components (Figure 6).


Similarly - I listened to the Genius Podcast recently interviewing a blind Professor. He said how the brains of blind people have their vision area rewired so that their perceptions are stronger for other areas.

So we know the brain via our subconscious works by association and Gregory Bateson called this the "Syllogism of Metaphor" as the truth of reality.

Only as a social scientist working for the CIA his research was used for AI Matrix programming so that now the strongest "negative emotional" energy as an Amplitude is WEIGHTED more as a Dopamine feedback algorithm.

So just as Bateson called this a Schizmogenesis as a Positive Feedback so now does our Chaos as modern industrial society accelerate to doom.

So then we are left with the ORIGINAL "association" which is the noncommutative phase logic of the yin-yang-Emptiness resonance that can only be listened to in silence but not heard.

We can access this through meditation and as qigong master Jim Nance states - by turning our consciousness or thoughts back to the "awareness" in the back of the brain - then we can find the answers.

Why is this? Because as Stan Gooch pointed out - it's not just that the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and vice versa but rather that the Crucial Motion of Emotion as Music is a direct cross over.

So the left ear accesses the vagus nerve directly as Yang Qi while the left eye is yin qi.

The right ear hears things as the auditory cortex which as frequency dominant then can CROSS over to the left side of the brain but NOT vice versa. This is why singing as meaning is able to heal the brain so that it can rewire itself.

These data replicate the finding of music selectivity, broaden its scope to include unfamiliar musical genres and rhythms, and show that it is robustly present in people with almost no musical training. Our findings demonstrate that musical training is not necessary for music selectivity to emerge in non-primary auditory cortex, raising the possibility that music-selective brain responses could be a universal property of human auditory cortex.

So our left hand controls timing because timing is a direct left side of the brain function via the cerebellum motion of emotion as Yang Qi energy.

 So we keep a "steady beat" with our left hand but as Michael Corballis discovered it was our right hand dominance that CAUSED left brain language to develop!!

Other animals - even FROGS - are left brain dominant for making sounds as communication.

 the left-hemispheric control of vocalization itself has
been demonstrated even in the frog, suggesting an ancestry that may go
back to the very origins of the vocal cords some 170 million years ago (Bauer, 1993).

 So speech is based on TIMING mainly - but the older speech is then the more it is right-brain dominant based on frequency as singing! This is called "musilanguage."

So when we speech, just as the Left Hand keeps time - this can access the left side vagus nerve directly as yang qi. So then with the left hand keeping time then our listening as the auditory cortex is right brain dominant as music.

But the left side vagus nerve does not cross over to the right side of the brain.

And so human "thinking" as Corballis emphasizes, is a coevolution of our right hand bias in tool use because we then needed to switch from using right handed gestures to using left brain controlled sounds.

 So speech is needed ONLY because of right-handed tool use (because we could no longer use the right hand for gestures).

humans and macaque monkeys in the functional organization of cortical regions implicated in pitch perception. Humans but not macaques showed regions with a strong preference for harmonic sounds compared to noise, measured with both synthetic tones and macaque vocalizations. In contrast, frequency-selective tonotopic maps were similar between the two species. This species difference may be driven by the unique demands of speech and music perception in humans.
frogs also rely on antiphony, meaning the male and female voices are an octave apart as frequency harmonics.

 I corresponded with Noam Chomsky about this recently and he said he is working on a new essay on this topic.

Light is defined by frequency which then reverses the direction of time. So as Aristotle pointed out - without light there is no time yet because light as a zero rest mass then there is always time as infinity.

Different Areas of Human Non-Primary Auditory Cortex Are Activated by Sounds with Spatial and Nonspatial Properties

Wood gives birth to the Evil Fire as Heart's Fire (hsin-huo): Taoist Thunder Magic

 "chun huo" evil fire 

 Taoist Thunder Magic (五雷法), Illustrated with the Example of the Divine Protector Chao Kung-ming 趙公明 


Wood give birth to the fire of the heart. (hsin-huo)

 So as the Taoist Yoga: alchemy and immortality book emphasizes - the "heart's fire" originates from spirit. 

Basic Conditions of Taoist Thunder Magic By Florian C. Reiter

This pdf google preview states the above - "wood gives birth to the fire of the heart"

So that is the same author as the academic article I linked.

the heart’s fire, they all mean fire derived from spirit.
Fire derived from spirit transforms the generative force into vitality.

But the Taoist Yoga book emphasizes that Evil Fire of the heart can NOT be used to create "vitality" from

generative force (yin qi).

Wood is yin qi.

So as I detailed before - the yin qi going OUT of the eyes is the sympathetic nervous system

as a biophoton signal internally - meaning reality is holographic.

So that biophoton yin qi signal then TRIGGERS the creation of the pre-seminal fluid or lecithin 

to be lost via the triggered dilated genital duct (the gate of mortality).

So why does having the third eye open make this worse?

Because the metal has been returned to the heart as Heaven but the metal is also passion 

as the Lung qi.

So the metal is attracted to rejoin its source in heaven with the yang fire.

So now the yin shen (or right eye) has to go DOWN so that the fire goes under the water.

This keeps the yin qi and yang qi from switching places.

So the Taoist Yoga book teaches ONLY the Quick Fire breathing has the POWER

to move the triggered yin qi energy that otherwise causes the lost of the yang qi via the lecithin

and cerebrospinal fluid. 

but in your case your genital

organ is aroused and shaken by the evil fire (of passion) due

to lack of vitality

So again the "passion" as evil fire is AFTER it is TRIGGERED by the Wood yin qi.

So they have switched places. The Yuan Qi FIXES this as the Yuan Qi hides the energy.

The Yuan Qi is stored in the "inner cell" of the lower tan tien and not as "separated" 

yang qi and yin qi.

This illusory agent is the generative fluid which contains the evil fire that develops when it is aroused by the vital force.
So what is happening is that the Yuan Qi is deconverting and separating again into yang qi
and yin qi.  So the "passion" as yang qi is triggered or "excited" by the Yin Qi as yin qi is the
yang shen as conscious thinking but that 
now goes out of the eyes with positive spirit.
Heart’s fire is the fire of passion excited by evil thoughts
If the heart is affected by sexual desire the genera¬ tive force becomes sullied and changes into postnatal generative fluid which cannot be used as a (microcosmic outer) alchemical agent.
So the more Yuan Qi then the more fluid can be created by reversing the yuan qi
into yang qi and yin qi. The Yuan Qi is stored as ionized lecithin as 
cerebrospinal fluid.
Such obstructions are caused by perverse thoughts rising in the heart (mind) which change positive into negative (vital) breaths
So the center of the brain - the third eye - then triggers the yang qi as passion or attraction - the
vagus nerve that goes to the pineal gland as the yang qi emitting the yin shen.
But the actual generative fluid is triggered by the yin qi.
Again the yin qi is the sympathetic nervous system as the external loss switch.
So FIRST it is triggered by the evil thoughts from the positive spirit going out of the eyes.
The yang shen and yin qi causes the eyes to "twinkle" in sympathy with the heart.
 So the "inner fire" is the yang shen but it is powered by the yin qi now that it's the thinking 
intellect. The subconscious thoughts as consciousness are from the yang qi as passion. 
But at the age of sixteen his consciousness takes over the control of his life, and his intellect develops gradually. With inner fire soaring up in his body, his (essential) nature is replaced by his heart so that desires and passions fill his being.
If passion subsides the corporeal (soul) is overcome and the element of metal returns.
So again that is the yang qi.
 So ... the yang qi powers the yin qi after they separate. This is the psychic healing
energy but it's NOT the Yuan Qi.
the yin qi can be used for healing ailments.
The Yuan Qi is the FORMLESS REALM which is why Master Nan, Huai-chin
states that Tantra is limited to the lower realm of Form.
So in tantra you can activate the Yuan Qi but can't stabilize in it.
 Most practisers fail in their training because they do not know how to control this fire which intensifies the very passions which they intend to cut off.
So here is the paradox.
So once the third eye is open then the Metal as the Po Soul or yin shen will
cling to the evil fire of the yang shen and yin qi. The yang qi has been separated
out. So the yuan qi is deconverted back into yang qi and yin qi.
Why are the Passions Intensified? Because the Metal has been RETURNED to the 
Heart as Heaven.
Previously the Metal was SUBCONSCIOUS as the yin shen in the 
water of the lower body. So it is TRIGGERED subconsciously via the pineal gland
after the yin qi sympathetic nervous system switch or "excitement." 
 if intellect is not frozen passions cannot be cut off.
So the intellect is the Yin Qi (intellect) that TRIGGERS the yang qi (passion).
 So this is the Pre-switch that has to be REVERSED or else the alchemical pill
is lost even during dreamless sleep!! 
 For the death of the earthly heart exposes the
moonlight of (essential) nature which is always screened
by the dust of passions so long as the mortal mind is allowed to exist.
So again if the THINKING as evil thoughts can not be EXORCISED then the passion
can't be cut off and the qi is lost. 
 Although the passage of the ‘precious gem’ is blocked
and although neither stir in the heart (the seat of the fire of passion)
So post-alchemy now the metal has been returned to the heart as Heaven.
This means the passion now is easily stirred because when the eyes are open
then the metal and wood switch places again.
 The evil perverse thoughts CHANGE the metal back into wood.
Then the yuan qi is separated as the wood as evil thoughts feeds the passion.
And the wood as evil thought has TRIGGERED or dilated the genital duct.
That means no matter what - the damage is already lost.
Unless the quick fire reverses the damage. But you can't do the quick fire
as proper purification unless after 11 pm at night and before 1 pm the next day.
 So the demon is the yin qi.
if he does not know how to free his heart (the seat of the fire of passion) from worldly attachments. If he gives rise to the thought of seeking im¬ mortality to delight in it, the demon will seize the occasion to enter his heart. His discrimination and likes and dislikes will cause demonic states to manifest thereby destroying all his previous progress.
So this is why the Worldly or Mundane does NOT mix with the spiritual.
Hall of voidness (hsu shih): The heart devoid of feelings and passions.
The Yuan Qi is BEYOND any feelings.
The steam is the Yuan Qi.
 The fire above should be driven down into the water below, and the water below should be scorched by fire to become steam and be lifted to wipe out passion in order to achieve the stable equilibrium and harmony of fire and water.
Immersion of fire in water: Concentration on the lower tan t’ien to direct the element of fire in the heart to scorch the element of water in the lower abdomen, thus emptying the heart of passion and stopping water in the lower abdomen from flowing down in order to achieve the stable equilibrium of water and fire. See Shui huo chi chi.
So the Yang Qi descends down to the yin qi to create the Yuan Qi - through the central
This is after the yang qi has been returned to the heart as heaven.
 So after the first half of positive spirit is achieved - then 
either the evil fire dominates because the passion has been returned to the heart.
OR the yuan qi is created by putting the Yang Shen of the Yin qi UNDER the water.
 For the cultivation of nature alone ensures only the descent of positive fire without the ascent of (vital) breath from below,
 So that's the ONLY time in the book that "positive fire" or yang shen
is described as DESCENDING and not ascending!!
Why? Because Taoist Alchemy first is based on returning the metal to the heart
and wood to the lower abdomen.
So once the wood or yin qi is returned to the Water to turn it into Earth THEN
the positive fire as yang shen ASCENDS not DESCENDS.
So the mind on its own is too weak for positive fire by descending.
The yin qi instead is added to the yang qi hidden in the water. 
This then causes the yang qi to rise up as floating mercury in the lead of the 
now positive shen or yang shen with the yin qi in Earth.
So by mixing the yang and yin qi then the yuan qi is created that has the power
for the yang shen.
 The rise (of the generative and vital forces) in the back bone is called the ascent of positive fire and the fall down the front of the body is called the descent of negative fire.
 So positive fire is the Yuan Qi.
So you lower the yang qi through the central channel and this causes the yuan qi 
and yang shen to manifest - first as positive spirit moonlight. 
 positive vitality in the lower tan t’ien centre (under the navel) will cause the immortal seed to radiate.
the ascent of the positive (chin yang) and descent of the negative principle (tui yin) and the cleansing and purifying (mu yu).
So here it's called "negative PRINCIPLE" not "fire" or vitality.
 So with the tongue against the roof of the mouth - this causes
the Salvia or cerebospinal fluid to not sully the heart 
because instead of just being digested in the stomach - it 
has the yang qi and yin qi connected so that the yang qi can descend
down the central channel.
The yin qi goes to the lower tan tien. 
The yang qi goes to the middle tan t'ien.
 So that way the yin qi returns to Earth and the yang qi to the heart.
 Then the two combine to create the yuan qi.
So if the Yang Qi is not returned to the heart then
it can not mix with the yin qi to create the yuan qi.
Otherwise in Mind Yoga it's just the yin qi descending.
in order to extract from food and drink the sweet dew (kan lu or pure saliva) which descending in the channel of fimction (jen mo in the front of the body) changes into negative generative force and helps to produce the latter.
yin qi.
 yin qi from blood.
very cool.

  so then


  and so


Finally - the Central Channel and the Vagus Nerve:

So the Neurohormones are literally bioelectromagnetic. 

Right - so the cerebrospinal fluid when ionized by collagen piezoelectric resonance - then stores the charge and re-emits it.

Right - so this is the source of the Yang Qi - stored JUST LIKE AN ELECTRIC EEL.