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Menstrual Spiritualism with conservation biologist Michael Soule, Marisa Carnesky and Dolores O'Riordan
reinventing menstrual rituals for a new era drawing on the hidden power of a forgotten matriarchal past.
She did Anti-McDonald's protests in 1993 - I ALSO did Anti-McDonald's protests around 1994-5.
Now she argues that "sawing a woman in half" (in magic shows) is symbolic of menstruation. If menstruation is NOT hygiene then IS it the magic that has paranormal powers? She made the case that the origin of clowns are menstrual.

new Interview with Michael Soule - conservation biologist who stated "large mammals stopped evolving since the 1970s due to lack of habitat."

 I'll listen - thanks. Dolores was fascinating - she was against females being "tarts" - and yet at the same time she blamed herself about being sexually abused from ages 8 to 12. So then she was subconsciously suicidal and later consciously suicidal. She would sing while blacked out from alcohol - in the bars of Ireland. She the blacked out on her own. Then when her dad died - she dreaded for a year - having to see her abuser at the funeral. When he went up to her and talked to her - then she relapsed into a dark state controlled by her demons. Then a couple years later her marriage broke up and she had to go onto psychotropic drugs. Those do not mix with alcohol and so then she died by drowning during a black out in the bath tub. So her singing was her attempt at self-healing - but she was mad about the rock world being so sexist and she felt extremely sad and alone while on the road with the boys. Yet at the same time she wanted to be like a male to escape the sexism. And so - then she admitted to "panting" in "heat" when she liked one of the Metallica band members - and he was at the MTV stage where they performed. And yet despite her "panting" in heat - she was too shy to talk to him. One of her early MTV announcer vids - she does this "panting" in heat - as a performance while introducing the vids. And so what does it mean to "pant" in heat - she subconsciously had self-hate, thinking of herself as a female dog - a Bitch - because her first experience of lust was from a male sucking off her energy as a psychic black hole - as his ejaculation addiction. So her female power of lunar psychic sublimation, as psychic healing, was stolen from her. As she says - it was difficult for her to have her "female functions" while on the road - living out of her suitcase with constant wrinkled clothing. So she wanted to express her female lust as natural healing energy - as love that is sublimated lust - but she never knew what that meant. So on the one hand she was against females who "let their knockers hang out" - (which is the primate female display behavior) - but on the other hand she had self-hate against her own lust, and ironically tried to display it positively as "PANTING" (a female dog - a bitch). It's quite tragic and yet fascinating. Because truly her singing was her escape - she said she hid in her room with her music and these days people don't do that enough since they are so attached to the internet - which is a visual medium. Yes she is correct - she experienced deep listening and singing as healing. Only she had to do it on her own - and she didn't know any social means of healing. So in the end her attempt to heal herself failed due to the patriarchy she was subsumed in.

Zeno's Quiver, the new book by Joe Mazur: Complex numbers are from noncommutative phase logic, as is Reality

Professor Louis Kauffman proves that complex numbers are noncommutative (as the secret of real Neigong training, as per Oshins)

Why did I post this? Because I had contacted Professor Kauffman about this - before anyone brought it up on this website.
The simplest discrete system corresponds directly to
the square root of minus one, when the square root of
minus one is seen as an oscillation between plus and
minus one. This way thinking about the square root
of minus one as an iterant is explained below. More
generally, by starting with a discrete time series of
positions, one has immediately a non-commutativity
of observations
and this non-commutativi ty can be
encapsulated in an iterant algebra
So this is also what Alain Connes states:
Their spectrum is SO DENSE that it appears continuous but it is not continuous

@ ViYY

Still playing your games:

- Quoting out of context.
- Bragging about supposed relations with famous scientists.
- Misusing advanced scientific jargon to scare off possible critics.
- Writing or rather haphazardly pasting together huge incomprehensible posts to intimidate the reader.
- Not answering simple questions aimed at clarifying your position.
- Systematically ignoring the subjects of the topics you are posting in.
 I thought you "self-censored" me?

You've created a list of ad hominems, none of which engage with the content of the information I posted from math professors.

But there are other people reading this website - so you can't try to censor their ability to read the information from math professor Louis Kauffman. haha. Or Eddie Oshins - both of whom worked at SLAC. Do you really think the STanford Linear Accelerator Center is "playing games"?

As I explained - I discovered the secret of Daoist logic from music theory - in high school. I rejected the Pythagorean theorem in 10th grade since from my music theory training I knew the logic was wrong. I then took quantum mechanics my first year of colllege - and so I learned about entanglement and nonlocality and noncommutative phase logic. I also studied the Tao Te Ching and Gregory Bateson's book "Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity." He discusses logical paradoxes - specifically how Western logic lacks a sense of time, thereby creating the paradoxes. So this is what Louis Kauffman is addressing. The issue of time as a supposed outside parameter in physics is the key issue here regarding "what is truth?" Lee Smolin who also took his first quantum mechanics class from the same professor I studied from, Herbert J. Bernstein, now focuses on this issue of time in Western physics.

So Alain Connes emphasizes this same truth - that time has to be included as the parameter and that the foundation of reality is based on frequency and time - as noncommutative logic. So noncommutative phase creates spacetime - the noncommutative phase is the 5th dimension. Astrophysics professor Paul S. Wesson figured this out as well - from studying Louis de Broglie.

So there is a new discipline in science - noncommutative geometry - and so here are various scientists who have figured this out:

Sir Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff (I've corresponded with Hameroff).
Basil Hiley (I've corresponded with him)
Lawrence Domash (taught at Hampshire College where I attended my first year and took quantum mechanics).
Herbert J. Bernstein (my quantum physics professor).
Alain Connes (focuses on how music is noncommutative phase logic - just as I also figured out).
Eddie Oshins (worked at Stanford Linear Accelerator  Center and taught Daoist Wing Chun - realized the secret of Neigong was noncommmutative phase logic).
Math professor Louis Kauffman (worked with Eddie Oshins at SLAC, and I've corresponded with him).

So as I stated - there were a couple Chinese electrical engineers claiming you didn't need noncommutative phase logic to understand complex numbers. I sent this research to Louis Kauffman and asked him what he thought - since that is the focus of his research. He said he would publish a response. So then you posted your "complex numbers" thread and so that inspired me to check up on Kauffman's research. I discovered he indeed had published his response. So I posted it here.

It's all pretty straight forward. I've been researching this issue since the late 80s when I did private music training with a former University of Minnesota music professor - while I was in high school. So I tested into third year music theory level at Hampshire College. It's a small private college based on the Oxford tutorial system - or like Cambridge. So i could have graduated early but instead I wanted a more radical populist education. So I transferred into UW-Madison after living in the wilderness and working in Alaska for 6 months.

So I continued my music research - but again I was connecting it to philosophy of science. This became a "monograph" in 1996 called the Fundamental Force - after I experienced qigong master Effie P. Chow.

Wandelaar - have you yet sought out and experienced the energy of a qigong master? Why don't you just do so. This is a great way to "test" your model of truth. haha. In China - as I quoted - after the qigong revolution - they realized that there had to be a revolution in science to explain qigong - something that unified and went beyond just quantum and relativity physics. Qigong master Yan Xin calls it a "virtual information field" that does the healing. Qigong master Zhang Hongbao calls it a "superluminal" yin matter as the "golden key." Qigong master Chunyi Lin whom I studied with directly said he read the book the Holographic Universe and that it accurately portrays what a qigong master experiences.

Michael Talbot's popular book The HOlographic Universe was based on Karl Pribram and the collaborator of Einstein and Basil J. Hiley - David Bohm. But as Eddie Oshins points out - Pribram did not  understand the noncommutative phase logic. Oshins tried to explain it to Pribram but Oshins had to leave Pribram since Pribram could not understand it. In fact Oshins was pissed that his "quantum psychology" field got co-opted by the New Age Freemason types who are indoctrinated into symmetric logistic equations.

So this really is about different worldviews - the Western worldview goes back to Plato and is based on symmetric math. I have also corresponded with math professor Ian Stewart, author of "Why Beauty is Truth: A HIstory of Symmetry."

So there you go - Truth - right in the title! He surveys the whole of Western mathematical logic as based on symmetric logic. Only problem is that it is not! The Pre-Socratic logic was noncommutative (just as Daoist logic is noncommutative) and the relativistic quantum logic is noncommutative.

Western math originates from music theory - as math professor Luigi Borzacchini has detailed. I first corresonded with Borzacchini in 2000. I mailed him a music math equation that I had scribbled down after a dream. He responded - in snail mail - from Italy - yes my math was good but I had no historical proof that it had been used. Fair enough. So we continued corresponding over the years - a few times. But he is retired now.

So some human cultures do not even count past "several" - WEstern mathematics is an artificial construct that ignores the vast ecological destruction from "entropy." So when math professor Joe Mazur published his "Euclid in the Rainforest" book - back around 2000 - I also contacted him, explaining I had studied conservation biology in Costa Rica, where the book takes place, and I did not think Western math was saving the rainforest, but rather destroying it. Professor Mazur's brother is a famous "number theory" math professor - Barry Mazur. Anyway I mentioned my music-math research. Mazur asked me to follow up on a lead that I had mentioned - David Fowler. Sure enough I discovered David Fowler's math book stating that music theory should be able to solve the mystery of how continued proportions were converted into incommensurability - or irrational magnitude real numbers. So this is then exactly what Professor Borzacchini had researched and he discussed this issue with Fowler - in an online math forum.

So then math professor Mazur asked me to submit my research for publication because he said he thought it was very important. I mentioned quantum physics and I was challenging the whole "symmetric logic" paradigm of Western math, from the perspective of music theory - so of course my article was rejected without comment. Now Professor Emeritus Mazur is having a new book published on the perception of time and the logical paradoxes of time. So he told me he was going to include a chapter on music perception. I asked him to include precognition as well since I know precognition is real. So I will now look to see if his book got published.

Torsion noncommutative Time as secret of Qigong - physics article.

yes Anti-Semitism is Platonic philosophy as left-brain dominance paranoia of the Left. So it's based on circular tautologies - Jews have "Jewish" qualities. When cultures become literate and their language takes written form then suddenly they are afraid of the secret Jewish written language. So antisemitism is antiscience - as the logical extreme of science itself from Platonic philosophy (aka logarithmic natural law). There is no escaping anti-semitism just as left-brain dominance is mass mind control. The Hellenization of Judaism changed gematria into a symmetric logic - whereby the solar calendar became dominant over the Lunar (the origins of Christianity is from the Essenes rejecting the lunar calendar). Anti-semitism therefore is an escalation of the Solar Calendar as extreme left brain right hand technology (science). So the attempt for a materialistic liberation of Russia - by Jews - is inherently anti-semitic since science itself is based on eugenics of Natural Law. Each citizen equals 9/8 major 2nd interval (Plato) to be "compromised" for the good of the state (9/8 cubed = the tritone devil's interval = the square root of two, the Power Set Axiom). Therefore SeT is from Egyptian-Jewish battle between Horus and Set as the hypotenuse of the triangle. Just read math professor Abraham Seidenberg on the ritual origins of geometry and the need for mass ritual sacrifice.